Notice | about lions club international affairs at the 103th annual meeting of the international affairs

Dear fellow lions,

The Board of Lions International decided on 28 March 2020 to cancel the 103rd Lions International Convention, whicclub用英语怎么说h was scheduled to be held in Singaporeclub是什么酒 in June 2020, due to the spread of COVID-19 in many places around the world. In order to do a good job in the aftermath of the relevant work, the specific matlionsters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Registration fee refund

Lions Club International will refund the桃花源记翻译 registration fee in full as soon as possible. After receiving the refund of the registration fee, lions Club Intelions读音rnatiannualizedonal will settle the remittanceaboutcg and refund the refund to the representative office and member accounts as soon as possible. The districtlions是什么意思 council will settle the remittanaffair是什么意思ce andaffair是什么意思英语 refund thclub翻译e money to the registered lion club members as soon as possible after receivin桃花源记g the refund. Please report your name,about翻译 bank card number and bank information to the district council onoticeablefficannual翻译er, and return the information oneinternational是什么意思 by one after verification.

Regisinternationalcupidtration colion是什么意思ntact: Huang Xinran, tel: 25689752

Financial contact person: Peng Li, teinternationalcupidl: 25688519

Cancellation and refund of “Dragon Night” dinner

Due to the cancellation of the international convention, the “Dragon Night”club是什么意思 dinner, which was scheduled to be held in Singapore on 28th June,meeting will be cancelled, and all the registration fees collected will be fully refundedannual翻译.

Althouginternationalcupidh domestic epidemic situation continues to improve, but after thnotice翻译e return to work and productinternational是什么意思ion personnel increased mobility, asymptomatic infection preventiomeetingyou是什么意思n and control tasks, outside the heavy input has more outbreak situation, to better maintain the lion friends health and safety, shenzhen lions consistent with the federation, the initiative lion friendly responoticense country requirement of “normalized” continuing to pay special attention to the epidemic prevention and control of delionsgatelay to carry out international exchainternational英语nges in communication activities, We will work tmeeting是什么意思中文翻译irelesaffairs翻译sly to prevent andclub conlions读音trol the epidemic.


Shenzhen Lionslionsgate Club

20 April 202internationalworkers’day怎么读0

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