Notice | about shenzhen lions rescheduled 18th the member representative assembly

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At the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on April 8, regularepresentativelyr epidemic prevention and control was once again mentioned, and General Secaboutretary Xi Jinping also stressedlions翻译中文 the need to be mentally and working prepared to respond to changes in the externassemblyloadcontextal environment for a lonassemblyg time. The State Council, China’s cabinet, made it classembly软件ear that large-scale sports evrescheduleents such as marathons, religious gatherings, exhibitions and exhibitions would not be held for the time being.

According to the current situatiomember造句n of the epidemic, Shenzhen stilabout怎么读l requires citizens to wnoticeableear masks and forbid gathering activities. After communication, the venue for the 18th Massemblyloadcontextember Congress of Cabout-faceFNA to be held in the civic Cenabout是介词吗ter on April 2assembly怎么读5th has not been approved bymembership什么意思啊 relevant departmentassembly软件s.representative翻译中文

After delimember可数吗beration, it is decided to reschedul童话故事e the 18thnotice翻译 Lions Club Congressabout of Shenzhen. The specific date orepresentatives翻译f the 18th Lions Club Congress of Shenzhen will be reported to the competent business unit and the registassembly软件ration department for approval after deliberanoticeabletion by the prenotice作文paratory Committee and the board.



Shenzhen Lions Club & NBSP;    

15 April 2020

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