The “Care for the Elderly • Bright Eyes” campaign was launched to “shine” the eyes of the elderly

On the morning of October 30th, “Care for the elderly • Bright action” was launched in Baden Community, Nanyuan Street, Futian District. With the assistance of many caring enterprises and people, and hospital expertselderly和old的区别, the activity went into the community and volunteeredcareer翻译 to ccampaignheck the eyes of the elderly, give professional diagnosis opinions, and give presbyopic glasses as gifts tocampaign ensure the eyesight health of the elderly.


Research shows that people get tocampaign什么意思 outside info室内设计效果图rmation, more than 80% from visual, along with the age growth, the vision probleelderly前面加a还是anms bothering to self-care ability and lower quality of life,care是什么意思 loneliness, powerlessness and even psychological problem, and cause burns hurt and harm, according to t室内装修效果图大全he survey, each five older adults hospitalized for fall one is caused by visualcarefree impairment.

In order to make the elderly eye problems early diagnbright翻译osis and treatment, improve their quality of life, shenzhen Care Office, Shenzheelderly近义词n Lions Club, Shenzhen Nanyuan Street Office guidance, Shenzhen Lions Club Happiness Service Team, Shenzhen Univerwashingtonsity General Hospitalelderly是什么词性, Shenzhen Futian Shangbu Industrial Co., LTD. Puwei Branch, Shenzhen Futilaunchedan Disteyes是什么意思rict, Baden Community, Nanyuan Street, Shenzhen Futian District, baden Community Party service Center organized the “Caring for the elderly • Qingliang Action”. City care office full-time deputy director Li Qingsong, Futian District Nanyuan Street Party Working Committee Depu室内游戏大全100个ty Secretary Wang Yonghong, Badeeyes英语怎么读n Community Party secretary Qiu Qiuhe, Shangbu Industrialcareer翻译 Co., LTD. Puwaswei branch manager Zheng Zhiyong, deputy manager Zheng Shaoqiu, Shenzhen Lions Club president Guo Yongyong, secretary General Lai Zhuoni acarefreend other attendecampaign什么意思d the on-site activities.


The lion’s club in shenzhen, so far has been held successfully for ten years, “care for the old man, eyes bright action” community servieyesce activities, thus benefit froeyesight翻译m the old man’s house more thaneyes翻译 4000 people, improve the old vision, also abrightvoided because ocare什么意思中文意思f visual impairment in old man’s house burns, falls and otherwash problems, to proeyes怎么读motewasn’t fami室内装修效果图大全ly harmony, improve the well-being of society.

Shenzhen lions club, founded in 2002, is under the leadership of the domestic disabled persons’ federation, domestic lion federation of charity service organization, for室内装修效果图大全 many years into the community and difficult areas, christen hong DE, carry forward the socialist core values, extensive charity serviceelderly怎么读 activities, to make a significant contribution to the swashocial harmony, is the shenzhen bureau of civil affairs evaluation for grade 5 a social organization.


In this event, the Lions Club of Shlaunched是什么意思enzheshinen cooperated with ophthalmology doctors from Shenzhen Univer室内设计软件sity General Hocaregiverspital towasp conduct eye examinations for the elderly, give professional dlaunched的中文意思iagnosis abright是什么意思翻译dvice and give appropriate reading glasses as gifts. If cataract patients are found, they can be further refeyesighterredeyes怎么读 to the Shenzhen Lions Club for cataract surgery. The atmosphere was warm and welcomed by the old people.

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