Spreading good Voice and Promoting Positive Energy -- The Public Relations and Publicity Committee held the second training session for publicity members in 2021-2022

On October 28, 2021, the second training for public Relations and Publicity committee of Liovoice和sound什么区别ns Club shenzhen was held in the multi-function Hall of Lions Club office. Li Jun, chairman of the Publigoodlec Relations and Publicity Committee of Shenzhen Liopositive和optimisticns Club, Li Zhou, Tong Yan, Gao Rui, Wang Haipublic翻译bin and Yuan Yuan, executive chairmegoodbyen, the thirdrelationship可数吗 vice captains andvoiceless secretaries of each serpublic怎么读vice team and more than 40 people attended the training, which was presided over by Li Zhou.

Chairman Li Jun rang the bell, the one-day training kicked off.

Figure 3. JPG

Chairman Li Jun gave the first lecture "The Social Value of publicity", stressing the importance anrelationship可数还是不可数d necessity of publpublicize翻译icity. At the same time, presided over the ice-breaking game, active atmosphevoicere, stimulate students' enthusirelationship可数还是不可数asm for learning.

Figure 4 b. JPG

President Wang Haibin explained mobile phone photography skills and prarelationship是可数名词吗ctical experience, stressed that the photos used in the press release must have a clear theme, clean picrelationship怎么读英语ture apublic404html乱nd lively; Basic principles anenergy名词d matters needing attention of shootenergy翻译ing,voice翻译 as well as snapping skills, etc., and invited the staff present on stage as models for students to pr微博spreadingacticpublicizee various shooting skills. Brother Wang Haibinpublicity commented on each student's work. Students said that after practical operation andrelationship翻译 comments, filming technology hapromotion的动词s been greatpositive是什么意思英语ly improved.

President Yuan Yuan gave a lecture on three major pagoodbyerts: first, poster making, learning how to make posters, selecting the cvoice什么意思lassification opromotion自适应刷新f posters, and matters needing attentpromotion自适应刷新率技术ion in making posters; Second, the video shootipublicityng structure and video clips, to understand the structure of news broadcast videopublication, the Angle of news viderelationship怎么读英语o shooting, aspositive怎么读 well as the specific application and casepromotion自适应刷新s; The third is video editingpositive的反义词, which is the last and most complicated but crucial process of videnergyring官方下载eo editing, including video editing, dubbinggoods, soundtrack, adding subtitles and other visual effect ppublicity什么意思rocessing. President Yuan Yuan and the teaching assistants gpromotionuided each student patiently and hand in hand. The students were vgoodsery inpublicityterested in learning, serious andpositive的反义词 focused. They made posters and videos on the spot.

Cgoodshairenergyring呼吸灯下载man Gurr微博spreadingy introduced the standards and writing skills ofrelationship是什么意思翻译 the press release, as well as the requirements and notes of the press release: one is the standard requirementspositive是什么意思英语 of publicity work, the other is the practical operationgoodnotes of publicity copywriting, and the third is the skills of character interview. The purpose of the training is to increase the scope of knowledge, to avoid the risk of wpublicity翻译ripromotion是什么意思ting, to use professional writing, to carry forward positive energy, and to send out a good voice of communicatigoodon. Chairman Gurry's lectures are designedenergy to be "dry", and he also teaches students the "ways" of publicity copywriting. The students put what they learnedgoodluck into pracpublic404html乱tice andrelationship可数吗 performed well inenergyring官方下载 the 15-mpublicityinute press release exercise.

After a day of training, the studenpublicity什么意思ts apromotionsre eager to learn, open-minded to learn, harvest full, have exprespromotingsed the sense of unfinished learning, looking forward to the nerelationship翻译xt training opportunity.


[Text] Liu Meijiao, He Jianpingpositive是阳性吗, Luo Xiaoman, Publicity Committee

[Photo] Wang Haibinrelationship怎么读英语, Chen Weiming, Publicity Committee

[Editor] Gao Rui, Publicity Committee

    &nspreading怎么读bsp;   &nbrelationship可数还是不可数sp;     Office Ma Huispreading什么意思juan Hu Lei

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Officgoodlucke

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