Notice on the list of social organizations eligible for pre-tax deduction for Public Welfare Donations in Shenzhen in 2013

Finance Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, State Taxation Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Local Taxation Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Clist翻译ivil Affairs Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
Notice on releasing the list of social organizations eligible for prnotice是什么意思e-tax deduction for Public Welfare Donations in Shenzhen in 2013

Author: 2014-05-09&NBeligible和qualified区别sp;

           Finance Commission of Shenzhen Municipality
Stapublicizete Taxation Bureau of Sorganizationsheligible翻译enzhen Municipality
Shenzhen Local Taxation Burlisten的ing形式eau
Shenzhen Municipublic404html乱pal Civil Affairs Bureau
No.list翻译9 of Shencai Law [2014]

District Finance Bureaus (Development and Finance Bureaus of Guangming, Pingshan, Longhua, Dapeng New Area), sub-bureaus of Municipal State Taxationlist背单词 Bureau,ineligible sub-bureaus of Municipal Local Taxation Burepreferau, Civil Affairs Bureauspreserve of all districts (Social Administration Bpublic怎么读ureaus of Guangming, Pingshan, Longhua, Dapeng New Area) :
Accpublicize翻译ording to the Circular of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Civil Affaieligiblers of the State Admeligibleinistration of Taxation on Issues Concnotice同义词erning The Pre-Tax Deduction of Public Welfare Donations (No.160 [2008]) and the Supplementary Circular of thpreparee Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the State Administration osocialf Taxation on Issorganizations翻译ues concerning the Prlisten的ing形式e-Tax Deduction of Publsocial名词ic Welfare Donations (No.45 [2010]), The Finance Committee of Shenzhen Municipality, The Taxation Bureau of Shenzhen Munpreicipality, thedeductions Local Taxation Bureau and the Civinotice同义词l Affairs Bureau jointly examinelisten1手机版下载d the materials related to social organizations with pre-tax deductions for public welfarenotice同义词 donations that were newly declared in 2013 and confirmnoticeableed in previous years’ audits. The list of 71 social organizations that are eligible for the pr他笑时风华正茂e-tax deduction for publipressurec welfare donations in 2013 is hereby published (see the attached list).

Attachment: Lpressureist of Social organizations eligible for pre-tax deduction for Public Welfare Donations in Shenzhen in 2013

Finance Commission osocial翻译f Shenzhen Municipality State Taxation Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality
Shenzhen Municipal Borganization是什么意思英语ureau of Civildeduction是什么意思 Affairs
May 8, 2014


List of social organizations eligible for pre-tax deductionlisten的现在分词 for public welorganization是什么意思英语fare donations in Shenzhen in 2013

1. Shenzhen Tolisten的现在分词n踏星最新章节gxin Charity Foundationpressure
2. Shenzhen Chen Yidan Charity Foundation
3. She他笑了作文nzhen Jlistened怎么读iayuan Cdeduction是什么意思harity Foundation
4. Shenzhen Forde Charity Foundation
5. Shenzhen Pasocial翻译ttern Year Charity Foundation
6. Shenzhorganization是什么意思en Chinmingde Charity Foundation
7. Shenzhenorganization是什么意思 Voluntary Service Foundnotice翻译ation
8. Shenzhen Meorganization是什么意思英语dide Medical Foundation
9. Shenzhen Aokanda Charity Foundation
Xu Sen Charitable Foundation of Shenzhen
Shenzhen Smart East Publilisten1手机版下载c Welnotice翻译faprere Foundatiodeduction翻译n
12. Shenpublic404html乱zhen Dongfeng South Charsociality Foundineligibleatiorganizations翻译on
Education Developmentsocializing Foundation of Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen Rongge Power of Love Public Welfare Foundation
15. Shenzhen Beautiful Gardnotice过去式ener Education Foundation
Yuanju Charity Foundation of Shenzhen
17. Shenzhen Mingde Experimental Educatiopren Foundation
Shenzhen Zeng Shaoqiang Charity Foundation
Shenlisten的现在分词zhen Grepredicten and Low-carbon Developmesocial怎么读nt Foundation
Shenzhen Yunlong Education Development Foundation
Shenzhen他笑时风华正茂 Boya Cpublic怎么读ulture Rprepareesearch Foundation
Shenzhen Association of Social Workers
Shenzhen Autism Research Seligible词根ociety
24. Shenzhen Lilisten翻译ons Club
Shenzhen Charity Assosocializeciation
Shenzhen Informatipresentationon Accessibility Research Association
Shenzhen Collection Associatipublic404html最新网站oorganizations翻译n
Yu Pengnian Social Welfare Association of Shenzhen
Buddhist Association of Shenzhendeduction是什么意思 Municipality
30. Shenzhen Glorious Enterprise Promotion Association
Zheng Weininprepareg Charity Foundalisten的ing形式tion of Shenzhepressuren
32.socialize翻译 Shenzhen Songhe Growth Care Foundation
Shenzhen One Foundation Public Welfare Foundation
Shenzhen Love Reading Public Welfare Foundation (former Shenzhen Tiantu Eorganizations是什么意思ducation Foundation)
Shenzhen Zero Lead Project Charity Foundation
36. Shenzhe他笑了作文500字n Mother Canteen Caretax Foundation
Shenzhen Jing ‘an Spiritual Care Fosocial什么意思undation
Shenzhen Caring Action Public Welfare Foundation
Shenzhen Kaisa Public Welfare Foundation
Shenzhen Shenzhoutong Charity Foundation
Shenzhen Universiade Foundation for Studying Abroad
Public Welfare Foundation of Fuzhou Chamber of Cosocialmmerce, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Mahong Economic Research and Development Foundation
Yatu Culture and Education Charityorganizations Foundation of Shenzhen
Shenzhen Fancy Prime Year Charity Foundation
Artron Art Foundation of Shenzheprefern
TCL Pubnotice是什么意思lic Welfare Foundation of Shenzhen
Shenzhen Rotary Passion Bicyclesocial什么意思 Sport他喜欢的omega会读心s Foundation他笑了作文500字
Shenzhen Sunshine Mental Health Foundation
Shenzheineligiblen Huaqiang Public Welfare Foundation
Shenzhen Mangrove Wetland Conservationsocialman Foundation
Shenzhen Yuehai Charity Foundation
Shenzhen Jieshun Leshan Foundation for Povepublicizingrty Alleviation
Shenzhen Taoyuanju Community Education Development Foundation
Shenzhen Bendakang Charitable Foundation
Shenzhen Tongwei Charity Foundation
Zhueligible Shuhao Memorpreial Charity Foundation opublicf Shensocial mediazhen
Education Foundalisten翻译tion of Southern University of Scienorganization是什么意思英语ce and Technology, Shenzhen
Shenzhen Longyue Charity Foundation
Innovation And Development Foundation of Shenzhen Peking University
Education Development Foundation of Longgang District, Shenz踏星hen
62. Char踏雪itydeductions是什么意思 Associationlisten of Nanshpresentationan District,public翻译 Shenzhen
Shenzhen Bao ‘an Distrnotice作文ict Charitlisty Association
Shenzhen Bao ‘an District Volunteer Federation
Charity Association of Yantian District, Shenzhen
6listen的现在分词6. Charity Association of Funotice翻译tian District, S他笑了作文500字henzhen
Shenzhen Luohueligible是什么意思英语 Charity Assocsocialmaniation
68. Cpreharity Association of Guangming New District, Spublicizehenzhen
Shenzhen Longgang Pinghu Women’s Volunteer Association
70. Shenzhorganizations翻译en Lorganization是什么意思中文onggang Charity Association
71. Longgang Volunteer Workers’ Federation

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