The public announcement of the initial screening list of the 10-year member award of the Domestic Lion Association

 Dear Lion friend,
      According to the criteria of the 10th anniversary award, shenzhen Lions Club office has selected the eligible candidates. Ten-year Memberinitialized怎么解决ship Award &awarding RDQUO; List. The full list is as foaward什么意思llows:

The 10th anannouncement和notice的区别niannouncement同义词versarannouncement是什么意思y of the establishment of the National Lionlisten翻译s Association 10 years member award summary table
The serial number The name Remarks (Service Team)
1 YiHui gantaward的用法en
2 Cai Hanqiu baoan
3 Cao Lou High and new
4 Chen Baoxi riverside
5 Chen isyearn c. waring
6 Chun-ming Chen checkpoint
7 Chen Qingfeng checkpoint
8 Chue-faward的用法和搭配un Chen Central business district
9 Chen Shijun The mileage
1award的用法和搭配0 Xiao-fan Chen riverside
11 Xiao-fannouncement同义词eng Chen checkpoint
12 t. Manholes,
13 Chen Ximembernxing yantian
14 Chen Xuelimember怎么读 The four seas
15 Chen YuMing Wenmembers是什么意思 Jin
1awarding6 Chen Yuannouncementhuimembersmark啥牌子 The Lord will
17 Tsscreeningui ping Day,
18 Dmember可数吗aiQun Central business district
19 Wear with xin The color fannouncements是什么意思ield
20 Dong Shige Wen Jin
21 Fan Jianzinitiallyhongaward什么意思 Manholes,
22 peak The Lord will
23 Tube Li Hua The four seas
24 GuanNing Wen Jin
25 Guo tian hai Red li
26 Xiao-dong guo Mpublic404html最新网站r Fukudmembershipa
27 He Lixing baoainitialn
28 Qing-song hu yi
29 hemi The four seas
30 Hu Xiaorong Tmembersmark啥牌子he Lord will
31 Yellow spublicharp Bagua ling
32 Kuo-wen huang The easmember可数吗t China sea
33 huang lscreening翻译onghua
34 Huang Xianzhu oct
35 Vc inducer male Silver lake
36 genger yi
37 LanKangZhong Taoyuan & lt; /membershipfon

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