76 cataract patients in Yangjiang regained sight (source: Monday, June 9, 2014 shenzhen Evening News edition B22)


76 cataract patients in Yangjiang regained sight

            Shenzhen Evening News (monday前面用in还是onreporter Wang Xiaofasightseeingng) From 7th to 8th, the caring people of Xixiang Service t杨绛简介eam, Xi杨绛语录经典语录n ‘an Service team and Gaoxin Service team of Shenzhe洋姜n Lionpatient所有形式s Club, together wisights怎么读th xiaomingsighted Ey杨绛先生的生平简介e Bank fund, came to Yangdong Counmonday是一周的第几天ty, Yangjiang city to ca杨绛的恶邻居是谁rry out the bright action, and successfully let 76 local poor cataract patients see again.

&nbsp杨绛的恶邻居是谁;   &sight什么意思nbremained加什么sp;       The Locremained怎么读al Guangming Eye Hospital in Yangjiang is respsource引擎onsible for cataract screening for poor elderly ppatient是什么意思英语eople in the area andyangjiang has summoned 76 patients found in the screening to thesightseeing怎么读 hospital. Furthermore, Dr. Yao Xiaoming from Xiaoming Eye Bank Fund and other 4 ophthalmologists in Shenzhen provided cataract surgeremained是什么意思ry services for pamonday怎么读音tients. All surgicjuneal expenses were provided bsighty Shenzhen Lions Csource翻译lub, Xiaoremained怎么读ming Eye Bank Fundsource命令, Shremainedenzhen Loushang 100% Fund and otpatient所有形式her shenzhen charity organizations asource车上按键什么意思nd enterprises.

        &nbspatient是什么意思p; &nbspsource翻译; “ It’s exciting to see a 93-year-old man see again. . According to Yi Peijian, pmonday怎么读音resident of xixiang Service Teamremained, the patients treatedsighted by Yangjiang Guangming Pracsource引擎tice range in age from more than 70 to 93. Duesightseeing to economic difficulties and the lack of local medical reso杨绛怎么读urces, some of these elderly pepatients怎么读ople have even been sick for four or five y洋姜ears without treatremained加什么ment.

            Ysightseeing怎么读i peijian said that next, shenzhen Lions Club will hold the Year of Light action & MIDDOT; South Chremained是什么意思ina will continue to maoming, Yunfu, Smonday缩写hantou and other areas of Guangdong province.

76 cataract patients in Yangjiang regained sight.

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