70 disabled orphans in Northern Guangdong celebrate the festival (source: Monday, June 9, 2014 shenzhen Evening News page B22)

70 disabled orphans in northern Guangdong celebrate the festival.

  &nbsourcedsp;         Shenzhen Evening News (reporter Wasource车上按键什么意思ng Xiaofang, correspondent Zhang Zhiqiang, Wang Yongxiang) Recently, the Shenzhen Lions Clnorthern的名词ub tiande service team came to the l广东海洋大学echang social welsourcefare home in the northern mountainous area of Shaoguan city. They sent toys andfestival前用on还是at daily necessities to the children in the mountainous area and spent a happy children’s day withdisabled怎么读 the children.

            On the same day, tmonday是一周的第几天he charity members of shenzhen Lions Tiande Service visited 70 disabled chilorphan什么意思dren in the welfare home and delivered a batnorthern印迹ch of food and toys to them. At tnorthern翻译he same time, the lions club also provided a number of chairs, projection, audio equipment, TVS, computers ansource翻译d other sudisabled是开启还是关闭pplies for the lfestival发音解读echang Social Welfare Center. Shenzhen’s love was wmonday的中文意思ellnorthern杂交原理及步骤 received by the local people. The relevant official of the local civil affairs department广东财经大学 expressed his gratitude to shenzhen Lion Friends and caring people, andmonday缩写 hoped that more caring entrepreneurs could exte广东nd a helping hanfestival怎么读语音d and provide help for these orphacelebratedns and disdisabled是开启还是关闭abled children.northern怎么读

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