Shenzhen Air Sichuan 1000 Love bag (source: Monday, June 9, 2014 Shenzhen Evening News page B22)

Shenzhen Air Sichuan 1000 love schoolbag & NBSP;

          &nbs深圳p; Shenzhen Evening News (reporter: Wang Xiaofang, cor八哥犬respondent: Dong Xiuling, Wang Daoming, Xiao Haiyan) 6th, Shenzhen Li八国联军ons Club Earth Service team, Hualing Service team and Sichuanshenzhen Lions Club Dongpo service team joined hands with Hong Kong East China Group, came to Sichuan Meishan city for love to helpairpods3 students, for the loc深圳疫情al students to provide dalove直播破解版ily necessities and school supplies.

            A八国联军侵华战争fter the 2008 earthquake, The Lions Club of Shenzhen donated money to build the Lion Hope Primary School in sichuan. Recen深圳天气tly, a member of the Lions Club of Shenzhen proposed to visit the children in Sichuan again, which was immediately responded positively by the Dongpo sesourcedrvice team of the Lions Club of Sichuan. Say dry dry, explore, survey, evenmondaytually, sichuan local Meishan City Dongpo District Yongshou Town Shi四川大学flovealarmo Lion Central primary school, Meishan City Dongpo District Fuxing Town Five Emperor Lion central primary school and Memondayishan Citsource是什么意思y Danlingair County Dalove最新版官方下载nling Town Lion primary school were includlove直播破解版ed in the team to help.

    &nairportbsp; &nbs四川外国语大学p;     On The 6th, due to the late flight, 1,000 schoo拔罐有什么好处l bags from Shenlove直播软件安卓下载zhen to Sichuan arrived at 2 am, and拔罐有什么好处 the liomondaysns club members waitedairpods at the airport until early morni四川大学ng, and then delivered the donated school bags to tsource insighthe sch四川师范大学ool. The materials were transferred thousands of miles and eventua拔罐黑紫色说明什么lly sent to the students in Sichuan. Stude爱人nts at Seokbu Lion Central Elementary School拔罐有什么好处, Ohwangdong Lion Central Ellovely什么意思ementary School, and Dangryeon Lion Elementary School received their own bags and深圳 daily necessitsichuanies yesterday. A total of 200 mattresses, more than 800 three-piece bedding sets and 1,000 schoolbags were donated tolovely local scmonday的中文意思hoo八哥犬ls.



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