Lions Club of Shenzhen presents first Charity Exhibition

The Lions Club of Shenzhen made its debut. Goodness throughout the exhibition &;

    &nbsplionsgate;       On the morning of Jcharity形容词uly 12th, the first Domestic Charlions怎么读ityexhibition是什么意思英语 Project Exchange exhibition (hereinafter referred to as & LDQUO; Charity fair ”lions读音) Grandexhibition什么意思 opening in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Cecharity音标nter. There are 544 exhibitors in this exhibition,lions是什么意思 covering 31 provinces (autonomous regclub是什么意思ions and municipalities directly under the central government), Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, inclfirstlyudinglions怎么读 260 public welfare and charitpresent是什么意思中文翻译able organizations, 142 enterprises, 104 foundations, 26 provincilions读音al anexhibition的动词d municipal groups, and 12 research and media organizations.lions怎么读 The Lions Club offirst怎么读 Shenzhen was one of the 260 public welfare and charitpresents读音able organizations invited to participate in the exhibition.
            8:30 a.m., “ Goodness throughout the exhibition &; Thexhibition和display的区别efirst opening ceremony was held in the conpresents翻译vention center. Politburo member, guangdong provincial party committee深圳大学 secretary wang Yang, vice chairman of the CPPCC national c深圳疫情最新消息ommittee, the national federation of industry and commerce chairlions是什么意思man huang, kexhibition英语怎么读indness the organizinexhibition的动词g committee of the exhibition, “the guangdong provincial party committee, deputy sexhibition英语怎么读ecretary, governor zhu xiaodan, deputy direccharity的内涵意义tor of the State-owned Assets Superpresent是可数名词吗vision and Administration Commission of the State Council, shaofirstname填姓还是名 ning was born, the guangdong provincial party commifirstname填姓还是名ttee standing committee and shenzhen深圳疫情最新消息 municipal party committee secretary wang rong, kind深圳疫情 to the organizing committee of the exhibition, shenzhen mayor hsu, Leaders from ministries and commipresents英语什么意思ssions, Gua深圳ngdong Province, Shenzhen city and cclubmedentral enterprises attended thlions是什么意思e opening cerefirstlymony.
&nbspcharity;         &nbsplions英语怎么读; At 10 am, the booth of shenzhen Lilionsons club is crowded. Shenzhen Lions club held aexhibition和exhibit区别 grand openinexhibition翻译g ceremony of the booth. The opening ceremony was presided over by the second deputypresents director Lin Ziyu. Su Zeran, director of Lions Club shenzhen 2012-2013, said in hcharity的内涵意义is speech that he hoped the exhibition would promote the conceptlions怎么读 of Lions Club shenzhen, showcase its public welfare projects and strengthen exchanges with other public welfare organizations. Xiao Xingping, chief financial Officer of Lions Association and former director of Lions Club shenzhen, Su Zercharity是什么意思an, director of Lions Club Shenzexhibition的动词hen 2012-201club是什么酒3,first怎么读英语 Lin Ziyu, second Deputy Director of Lifirsthandons Club Shenzhen, Zhanpresents怎么读语音g Xiaowei, Secretary General深圳地铁线路图 and Yu Qian, General Director of Lions深圳地铁线路图 Club Shenzhen jointly unveilfirst翻译成中文ed the booth of Lions Club Shenzhen. Sm to attend the opening ceremony and shenzhen lionpresents用英语怎么说 Chelions翻译中文n Shijun, chairman of tlions读音he seco深圳市最新疫情nd partition Feng Qijiang, 7 partition, xiu-zhong zhao, the 10th division President Wu Jianing, 11lions读音 parcharity-mindedtitionfirst翻译成中文, Ma Min and 16th division President xu zhongmin, li hui, blindness to help blinfirst named commit深证指数tee chairman Xu Fei lifirst青年电影展on frienclubds care committee, executive chairman of Li Zanmei, President of fellowship committee, executive chairman of any salary, such as, etc.

            Through exhibition boardfirsts and brochures, The Lions Club of Shenzhen showcased its aclions英语怎么读hievements in recent years in the fields of light travel,exhibition怎么读 educatclub用英语怎么说ion, assisting the disablelions是什么意思d, povertyfirst怎么读 alleviation, disfirst怎么读aster relief and reconstruction, environmental protection, community service, etc. Red lion suit & throughout; Brand servicfirst翻译成中文e projects, including Red Lion & Bul深圳市最新疫情l; “ Vision filions的音标rst & Bull; Domestic action & RDquo; , Red Lion & Bull; Sanjiao Village Help, Red Lion Clothing & Bull; Red Action, Red Lion & Bull; Spring Breeze Library, Red Lion Clothing & Bull; Lianhua Mountain Planting trees and Red Lfirsthandion Clothing & Bull; Red Lion Clothing & Bull; Guangxi Jinxiu Tree Planting, Red lion clothing & Bupresentsll; Community education and assistance activities for the disabled.
            The exhibition lasted for three days, and enterprises and individuals came to consult. Volunteers of each service team gave de深圳风险等级tailed explanation深圳疫情最新动态s to everyone actively at the activity site. Ge Chun, president of Tongxin Service Team, Zhang Weclub用英语怎么说nya, President of Peace Service Team, Liu Yilin, first vice president of Mangrove Bay Service team, Kuang Hong, second vice president of Earth Service team, Lin Bo, Zheng Zhitian, and深圳地铁线路图 Li Jian, third vice presidcharity宽容的爱ent of Songgang Service tfirst翻译成中文eam, etc. volunteer to stick to their posts and volunteer to help. Many citizens came to conslions的音标ult how to join the association and sexhibition的动词eek help, and somefirst怎么读英语 participating partners came to discuss service projects. Further discussions will be held after the exhibition.

  &nbclub翻译sp;         Texhibition英语怎么读he charity exhibition was held under the banner of & LDquo; Development & bupresents翻译ll; Merging & bull; Transparent & throughout; As the main bcharity翻译ody, focusing o深圳n the latest achievements of domestic social construction and spresents读音ocicharity宽容的爱al management innovation, will provide new channels for domestilion是什么意思中文翻译c public welfare charlions翻译ity resources exchange, display for the public welfare charpresent是什么意思ity and love enterprise image, build a new platform for cooperation, for the public to understand and participate in public welfare philanthropy to open a new window, to promote the development of charity, We will play a new role in social development and innovation in social manlions翻译agement. Thclub用英语怎么说e Charity Exhibition held nearly 100 summits and sal深圳天气ons on theoretical深圳疫情最新消息 research of public welfare and charity, whic深圳地铁线路图h made the partcharity-mindedicipants, visitors and participantscharity是什么意思 experience a rich and innovative feasfirst怎么读t of charity culture, and set ofclub怎么读f an upsurexhibition的动词ge of enterprises, institutilions英语怎么读ons and citizens to actively participate in public welfare undertakings.

By Zhou Jiaolong


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