Charity Show: Lions Club to focus on empty Nesters

Charity exhibition: The Second half of the lions Club transition & LDquo; Empty Nesters ”

&nbsplions读音;           Since its establishment in 2012, Lions Club shennester是什么意思zhen has been serving the whole country with Shenzhen as the center in the past 10 years. At present, The Lions Club of Shenzhen has spent about 130 million yuan to prfocus是什么意思ovide free catarshowcaseact surgeryempty的过去式 for more than 16,000 poor patients, donated more than 53 million yuan in donatioshowtimens foempty翻译r disaster relief, and helped the disabllions是什么意思ed and orphans with moshowre than 6 million yuan. It has also donated over 40 schools, nearly 100 lishow怎么读braries and computer rooms, benefiting 40 million people. Most of the lions club‘s members are business executives, lawyers and other social elites, and all of the donations come from them.

&nbsempty怎么读p;           In order to eclub翻译stablish a more rational oclubmedrganizational fraempty造句mework for leadership, all lioclub怎么读ns club staff members are notshowmaker eligible for re-election once a year. Shenzhen Lions club has had ten directors in ten yeaclubrs. Yesterday afternoon, the Lions club unveiled theshow怎么读ir newly democratically elected directors. Su Zeran. The Su Zeran that served 10 years in Shenzhen lion association is the old manager that shenzhen decorates a design company, do director to mean later he is on charity career this, besides want to give money, output, wlion是什么意思ant to give time and energy more.

          &lions的音标nbsp; Su said that in the second half of this year, the Shenzhen Lions Club will open 50 clubs in various communitiecharity宽容的爱s in Shenzhen. Red Lionestersn Costume. Disableempty loved Station & RDQUO; In addition, they also plan to expand care for the elderly beyond the nursing home, inshow怎么读to the community to find some empty nesters, or struggling families with only children.

&nbsplions翻译中文;     &nlions读音bsp;     Related links: Charity Exhibition: Lions Clclubmed官网预订ub clions翻译中文hange in the second half of the yearfocus怎么读 & LDquo; Empty Nesters ”

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