Let lion Enterprises grow into public welfare paving the way — Shenzhen Lions Club Lion Enterprise Yellow Pages platform was officially launched

Let lion Enterprises grow into public welfare paving the way — Shenzhen Lions Club Lion Enterprise Yellow Pages platform wainto1成员s officially laletstalk聊天软件unched




    &nbgrow名词sp;     At 1lionel0:10 am on October 10th, the launch ceremony ofhaving是什么意思 shinto1enzhen Lions Club yellow Pages platform was held ilet’s怎么读n thletter是什么意思e multi-function hall of the office. Lin Taogrowth, 2015 — 2016 President of Lions Club Shenzhen, Shi Jianyong, first Vice President, Yu Qian, second vice President, Xiao Xingping, sha Haiyu, past presidenlet’s怎么读ts of Lions Club Shenzhen, Secretary-gewelfare怎么读neral Zeng Shi BiYongTao, treasureway怎么读r, dean of general affaletstalkir TongXin, deputy secretary-general penkun and Zhang Hongxiang, the third generation of the macro, chairman of the fourthpublic是什么意思 division, chairman of the partition Li Zanmei zhang jian, chairman of the first 12 disinto1成员trict, the chairman Luo Junping 13,lionkk and 15 what salary, chairman of the partpublic怎么读ition and the chairman of tinto1小跟班he committee, each service on behalf of nearly 100 people participated in the activities. The launching ceregrow怎么读mony was presided over by Liu Quanshi, chairman of lion Enterprise Services Committee.



          Liu Quanshi introduced that the lion enterprise Yellow Pages aims to create a platform for lion you enterprises to display information, crinto1小跟班eate opportunities for lion you enterprises to share resources and communicate with each other, develop and grow together, and helenterprises翻译p more people in need of help.
         way是什么意思 In her speletstalk安卓下载ech, President Lin Tao, on behalf of the president team, congratulated the launch of lion Enterplet’srise Yellow Pages platformintolerable and thanked all lion friends for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend the ceremony. She said, iintonationn home, walks already in reconstructing a new era of development model, enterprise, family and individual way of life, hlettuceas been changed because of the Internet, many friends and lion as the undertaker of the enterprise and director, is tpublico do well and to balance the development of philanthropy is very hard, soenterprise是什么车 in order to more diintorect, more meticulouslet care, serve the lions, friends, strengtheenterprise是什么版本n exchanges, deepen the lions, a tip, Tpublicizeo build a resource sharing platform for lipublic是什么意思on friends, Shenzhen Lions Club officially launched lion Enterprise Yellow Pages platform, hoping to implant lion spirit into enterprises and better serve the society through this platform. She pointed out thatinto1小跟班 the platform went through various diffigrow名词culties in the development process, and the smoothgrowl launch of the platform today depends on tpublic是什么意思he persistence and exploration of all members of the Lion Enterprise Service Committee and the development team. She expenterprise是什么意思ressed high respect for such dedication spirit, and thanked the leadership ohaving翻译f the City Disabled Persons’ Federation for thlions英语怎么读eir undlion的音标erstanding and support of the launch蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松 of the Lion Enterprise Yellow Painto1成员ges platform. Finally, under the leadership of President Lin Tao, lion friendsinto1超话社区 put the “love” filled with blessings into the love box, which marked the official launch ofwelfare lion Enterprise Yellow Pages on蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松line ceremony.let




          At the ceremony, Hu Wei Shihaving翻译 Brother of the Peagrow怎么读ce Service Corps, on behalf of the development team of the Llet’s后面的动词用什么形式ioenterprises翻译n Yellowhaving和being Pages platformlions英语怎么读, explained the characteristics, functions, use methods and security of the platform, helping the lion friends to better understand the platform.
        &nlionbsp; Nothing can be accomplished without rules. In order to standardize the construction and management of lion’s Yellow Pages Platform, Secretaryhaving和being General Zeng Shiyang read the “Management Measuletterres of Lion’s Yellow Pages Platform of Shenzheninto1成员 2015-2016″. He said that the plawelfare是什么意思tform will not ohaving怎么读音nly realize resource sharing, but蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松 also provide stanintonationdard and high-quality services for lion Club and lion Club. He hoped that lion Club and Lion Club will abide by laws and regulations, jointly create a good developmeinto1成员nt environment and maintain the reputation of Shenzhen Lion Club.
        &nbgrowingsp; Based on the present, look to the future. Shi Jianyong, the first vice President of CCCHAIRwoman, congratulated the launch of the Yellow Pages platform,ways acknowledged the promotion of the mutual growth ofletter shiyou enterprises, and wished shiyou enterprises continued to grow and inject new energy into the public welfare and philanthropy.






By Lin Yanfen/Lin Wenjie

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