Notice | about shenzhen lions in 2019-2020 certification guide lion training registration notice

aboutShenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020 certified Lion Guide training registration noti深圳疫情最新消息ce

Dear Lion friend,

Empowerment is the key to sucnotice过去式cess, and lions need more lion handlers. In order to assguide是什么意思ist t深圳大学he healthy growth and development of the service team, tlionshe 2019-2020 Certified L深圳地铁线路图ion Gunoticeableide tnotice翻译raining of Shenzhen Lions Club is scheduled to be held from November 1st to 3rd, 2019. The registration matters are hlion是什么意思ereby notified as follows:

I. Training Time:

Nlions翻译ovember 1st to 3rd, 2019 (Friday to Sunday)

Ii. Training Location:

Kaijing Hotenoticeablel dongguan Zhongtang Town & NBSP; &n深圳疫情最新动态bsp;   Telephone: 0769-88883333

Iii. Registrationlions读音 Requirements:

1. Last captain or former captain

2. Willing to give and accompany the Lions Club

3. The former certified guide liaboutons partguideicipate in the re-trainotice的固定搭配ning 

Iv. Quota: 50

V. Registration Time:

2From 15:00 noon on October 17 to 15:00 noon on October 23, 019

Vi. Registration Method:

Pleabout是介词吗ase fill in the attanoticeched appliclionsation form in detail, sign your name, take a photolions是什么意思 or scan it and send it electronically to

Vii. A深圳疫情dmission Principles:

1. Seats are limited, first come, first served;

2. Applicants whoshenzhen have been a member for more tguide怎么读han five years will be preferred;  

3. Each service team should have no more than one degree in principle, subjlions翻译中文ect to receipt of the completed application form深圳天气 by email; &nbcertificationsp;

4. After sabout怎么读语音ubmitting the application form, guide lion gnotice用法roup will distribute homewlion翻译ork, and the stulion的中文意思dents will be selected according to the completion of homework.

Viii. Student Fees:

Each participanabout是什么意思t is at his/her own excertification翻译pensabout后面动词什么形式e, 1000 yuan/person (including 6 meals for 2 nights and 400 yuan/person for single roo深圳天气m), the rest of the expenses will be borne by Shenzhen Lions Club.lion怎么读

Ix.lion是什么意思中文翻译 Payment Method:

1. After receiving the admission notice, the applicant shall transfer the training fee to the account of the districlion复数t Council or Huashi Olionelnline.

2. Dislions英语怎么读trict Council Ac圭的拼音count:

Account name: Shenzhen Lions Club

Bank: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Shennan Middlelions的音标 Road Sub-branch

Account number: 7913 0155 2600 00178 (Please note in the post鬼的拼音script: Lion guide training fee)

3. Contact person for plion是什么意思中文翻译ayment: distrabout-faceict council officer Yang lili, tel: 25688550

X. Graduation Certlion复数ificate:

Students wholion翻译 have completed the certified lion guide course and meet certain clions是什么意思onditions will have the opportunity to obtain:lion翻译

1. Graduation Certificlions是什么意思ate of 2019-2020 Certified Lion Guide Traininlions英语怎么读g Program of Shenzhen Lions Club;

2. Appointment Letter of Lion Guide For 2019-2020 of Shenzhen Lions Club;

3. Certified Guiding Lion (CGL) Certificate (issued by Li龟的拼音ons Within 3 months, valid for 3 years, but life-long membership of Guiding Lion Club)

Xi. Registration Contact:

1. The leader of the Guide Lion group, Lei Hnotice用法d & NBSP; Telephone:深圳天气 13509691500

2. Cui Wlionseiying & have spent Teaboutcg网站lephone: 13802261023

3. The king & have spent As & havaboutcge spent Telephone: 13802lion的中文意思239062 & have spabout后面动词什么形式ent  

12, & have spent Warm reminder:

1.  Those who have becertification怎么读en enrolled but cannot attend the trainnoticeding, please apply for withdrawal before October 27, otherwise the feelion怎么读s paid will not be refunded anlion复数d will be donated to the district association.

2.  Durinotice用法ng the training, students should participate in the whole process, otherwise it will affect graduation.


Evnotice的形容词eryone深圳疫情最新动态 is welcome to sign up for the training. “Leadershiplions翻译中文 is blioneletter than service, it makes others’ work more effective”. If you have the opportunity to participate in the training, I believe you will lea深圳rn more skills and knowlednotice的形容词ge to guide lions, I believelions you will have a further understanding of the century-old public welfare organizations, I beliabout后面动词什么形式eve you will have a clearer understanding of leadership, AND I believe you will walk more steadily on the road of lion love!

Notice is hereaboutby given.


Attachment:Notice | about shenzhen lions in 2019-2020 certification guide lion training registration notice news 图1张2019-202lion翻译0 Certification Lion Glion是什么意思中文翻译uide Tralion怎么读ining Application Form (1).docx


Shenzhen Lions Club

2019-2020 Presidentcertification怎么读: Weng Hua
It is the honor of the lion Guide

Octguideober 17, 2019

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