The Lions club of Shenzhen held a special air recital to fight the epidemic

This year’s Spring Festival is different from previous years. 1.4 billion Chinese people are concerned about the spread of the epidemairlineic and coshenzhennstantly upairpods3dated dclubmanata. In this special New Year, lion friends feel a diffight的名词ferent power of lion love. This strength is full of lion friends “are helping others, serving the society”held怎么读的 purpose and belief; This strength, full of lion fspecial是什么意思riends in the face of disaster together to ovepidemic是什么意思中文翻译ercome the difficulties of confidence and detlions翻译ermination; This strength, full of the fight against the time and the epidemic befor深圳市最新疫情e the cr深证指数ispecialized自行车tical battle, shenzhen Lionairpodss club lion friends brave the wind and raiclub用英语怎么说n, selfless dedication feeliclubmanngs.

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Isolate the virfighting是加油的意思吗us, but not the lion friheld的原型endship. In order to welcolion是什么意思me this unusual Lantern Festival and keep lion friends informed of the latest progress of epidemic prevention and controairpodsl, at 20:00 on February 8, 2020, the Pub深圳风险等级lic Relations and Publicity Commairdropittee of Shenzhen Lions Club and Shenzhen Lions News Agency jointly planned and organized an oclub用英语怎么说nline activity in the publicity and exchange Group — “Lion Love Ju Lspecialtyi, Air recital on “Concentric batfight过去式tle against epidemic”. In the recitation, a moving p深圳疫情最新动态icturfightingkids小便e showing the “rebels” charging in the front line of the fight agafightingkids小便inst the epidemic is presented again in front of the lion friends; Sharing guests spoke in emotional voices about the effortclub翻译s madfightere by Shenzhen Lion Friends to support epidemic preventclubsion and control, and once again pairpodsromoted the correct epidemic prevention methods to lion Friends. Theld中文his event is planned and hosted by Annie Zhclubman是什么牌子车ao.

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Before the air recital officially began, lion friends who listened online took the initiat深圳地铁线路图ive to change their wechat profile pictures to the theme of “Chelions读音er forrecital China, Unite as one, Defeat the epidemiheld是hold的什么形式c” deslions读音igned by the Chinesefight Lion Association for ep深圳天气idemic prevention and control. All oepidemic和pandemic的区别f a sudden, the blue pictures gathered into a blue sea,clubs lion friends havclub翻译e used wairlineords such as “come on for Wuhan, comclub是什么酒e on for Cupheldhina” to express their wishes and aspirations.

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After Yang Yang, a member of the Sino-Han Service team, read aloud “The epidemic spread across the country, photos from the front were exposed, and the first one was in tear深圳大学s”, the recital officially begclub是什么酒an. Xu Qiubin, deputy Secretary general of Lions Club shenzhen and deputy general coordinator of the Leadfighting Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control, introduced thairlinee structure and division of the working group for epidemic Prepidemic是什么意思中文翻译evention and control. He said that if lion friends have any needs, they caairdropn immediately contalions是什么意思ct the working group for epidemic Prevention and control, and the group members will do t深圳疫情最新动态heir best to provide guidance and assistance. Classical service team Wang Wenjun, as a staff member of Longgang Volunteer Union and a front-line community worker, read “Salute the Angel in White” with emotion, and the audience were deeply moved and sent blessings to the most beautiful re深圳bel.

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Du Hengkun, secretary general of Lions Club shenzhen and head of the secretary group for Epidemic prevention and control assilions英语怎么读stance, reported the publicity plan and progress of the secretary group during the epidemic prevention and cairlineontrol period, introduced relevant laws and regulations, and read a letter to All lilions的音标on friends from Chairman Jia Yong. He paid tribute to the深圳疫情ir selfless dedication and praised them. He said that the district office was a strong support center for them at all tspecialized自行车imes. Luo Yan of Huatian Service team recited “Major Disaster, Is a demon mirror”, which made lion friends think deeply about the value of life anfightingd once aaircraftgain felt the country’s actio深圳地铁线路图n power andclub翻译 the firm belief of compatriots all over the country to fight the epidemic together.

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Guo Yongyong, second Vice Pairresident of Lionheldbacks Club Shenzhe深圳疫情最新动态n and g爱人eneheld是hold的什么形式ral coorheldbackdinator of epidemic Prevention and contspecialistrol Assistance Leading Group, introduced the latest progress of epidemic prevention and control work of Lions Club Shenzhen. By 17:00 on February 8, 108 teams of Lions Club shenzhen had rairlineaised more than 3.epidemic和pandemic3 million yuan for e深圳疫情pidemic prevention s深圳市最新疫情erclubvices, and more thcluban 440,000 yuan of materialsspecialty weraire collected, and donated to CCF, hubei, Wuhan, Shenzhen and othefighting是什么意思r charitlion是什么意思ies, hospitals and institutions. Hclubmane sincerlions的音标ely thheld是hold的什么形式anspecializationked all team members and all sheclubmednzhen lion fairdropriends forepidemic品牌 their hard work in recent days. Liu Ming of taoyuan Service team recited “2020,深圳疫情 W深圳疫情e firmly believe Wuhan must be Romantic” with a magnetic voice, expressing people’s good wishes and ardent expectationspecial翻译s forlionsgate Wuhaclubmann, which left lion friends witheld怎么读的h endless memories.

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Lu Zhiqiang, theld怎么读的he first vice president of Shenzhen Lions Club, shared the attention of lionfight过去式 f深圳疫情最新动态riends on personal protection and attitude adlions怎么读justment during the critical period of epidemic prevent爱如潮水ion and contspecial翻译rol. His kind words and meticulous care made lion friends feel warm. Wei Xinxin, chairman of the 10th Distriairpods连接不上ct, recited “To the New Year:specialize Happiness, Health and Protection from all disefighting加油aseshelden” in a sweet voice to send New Year wishairpods连接不上es to the lion frienairpodsds.


Ma Min, chairman of theheld的中文意思 service Committee of the Domefighting是什么意思stic Lions Association aairlinend the last president of the Shenzhen Lions Club, spokepidemicse highly of the form and effect of the event. She introduced the work of the Domestic Lions Association in epidemic prevention and control and thanked the Shenzhen Lions Club for its immediaterecitals是什么意思 donation of money and materials for epidemic prevention and control. “The theme of lions club is service,” she saairdropid, adding that donations should be put to good use. She called on lion friends not to be by深圳standers or spectators, but to start frfightingkids小便om themspecialtyselves, be realistic and pragmatic, and contribute their own strength to epidemic prevention and control.

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Annie Zhao, chairman of shenzhen Lions Club public Relatispecializeons andairdrop Publicity Committee and Shenzhen Lions News Agency, recited her ospecializeriginal prose poem “Despecialistar Lions, Please Promise me” to remind lions of thspecializede good times when they served together, attended meetings and worked together on lion affairs. A sentence “dear lion friends, please promise me, although can not meet, also ofight歌曲ften sen深圳疫情最新动态d wechat to the lion frecitalriends to call, evshenzhenen if just ask a sentence ‘lion brother, how are you’, ‘lion sisairportter, how are you'”, aroused the lion friends deep feelinheld的意思是什么gs of missing.

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Mr. Wenepidemic和pandemic的区别g Hua, president offight歌曲 The Lions Club of Shenzhen, congratulated the lion friends on the success of the air reciting and summarizedepidemic怎么读音 the recent achievements of the epidemclubmedic prevention anfight的名词d control working group. “Sfighting是什么意思ervice is important, butepidemic和pandemic的区别 the safety of lions is more important,” he said, calling on lions to take personal precautions to protect themselves and tepidemic和pandemic的区别heir families.

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Slams finally, shenzhen lions club champions in the second staglion是什么意思e of “mos深圳天气t bairpodseautiful” diair是啥意思sabled speech cepidemicompetition, alex service of the first disabled recitation contest champion ryosuke recited “how much do you have a winter, it is destined to have how many spring, and on behalf of the disablepidemic是什么意思ed friends, lions and lion friends to shenzhen for a long time for the residufightingal friends help and care in the feeling oflions deep gratitude.

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It was the first planned and th深圳疫情最新消息emed online recital of Sepidemicshenzhen Lions Club since its establishment. This is not only an online activity, but alsairpods连接不上o a sharing meeting on epidemic preventiclubmanon and controspecial是什么意思l. A seclubmed官网预订ries of shining nulion是什么意思中文翻译mbers and sincere words made lion frie爱人nds feel the power of lion lspecial是什么意思ove again in the world of sound, and made lion frienspecializedds feheld的中文意思el very proud of their membepidemicsership of Shenzhen Lion Club. Although we haven’t seen each other for a long time, our hearts are never far away from each other.helden There is such a passage ilions翻译中文n the book “Recall Lu Xun” : “Those who can do things can do things, and those who can speak out can speaheldk out. Have a hot, send a spectral, make firefly general, also can send a little light in the dark, do not have to wait for the torch fire.” No matter at any tispecialtyme, lion friends are that a beam of lighaircraftt, illuminating the way forward!

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【 Tefight歌曲xt 】 Sepidemicshenshi News Agency zhao Annie

[Editor] Ma Huirecitals是什么意思juan Lin Yanfen

【 Composition 】club用英语怎么说 Hu & NBSP; grey

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Offupheldice

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