Lions will notice | about shenzhen coronavirus pneumonia and epidemic prevention work division of maintaining arrangement notice

Service teams:

The Novel Coronavirus Prevention Working Group of Lions Club Shenzhen is the implementing body of the Leading Group on Epabouttime免费观看idemic Prevention and Control of Lions Club Shenzhen. The working group consists of a comprehensive group, a secreta深圳疫情最新消息rial grouppneumonia翻译 and a finanepidemic怎么读音cial group.

In order towill后面动词什么形式 make the whole prevention and control work efficiepidemic翻译ent and orderly, the comprehensive group assigcoronavirus翻译ned tasks to each region, with the chairmen of each region leading the work and the chairmen of each region assisting in the work. The group tried its best to make its goals and responsibilities clear. The division of work of the Integrated Group is hereby notified as follows:

I. General division of labor of the comprehabout是什么意思ensive group

Genwilloweral coordinator: Guo Yongyong 13802570660

Deputy General Manager: Xu Qiubin 135 1071 4708

Team mecoronavirus翻译mbers: Cui Weiying, Li Zhou, Cainotice作文 Min, guang-深圳疫情最新动态xi Chen, RuChunXu, Fang Shilei, yun-peng zhao, shui-jin深圳地铁线路图 Yang, Yi Shumin, zhu feng, Zhang Zheqin, lily, Tang Quanhui, kevinbales, new, li xiaofeng, Wabout是什么意思u Jinzhi Wei Xin, Huang Xiaoru, li Ming, ChiMingHui, Ye Ning, ZuoHongYi, dong-mei Chen, deng mei heart, the sea,lions读音 Wang Yi soldier, jian-hua su liu

Job & have spent Responsibility:

To coordinate epidemic prevention and controllions是什么意思 services; Organize and hold relevant special meetings; To convey and implement thewill instructions and opinions of shenzhen Lions Club; Strict discipline of prevention and control work to ensure a smooth and orderly prabouttime免费观看evention and control work; Co-ordinate district clepidemicsub fundraising; With the approval of the leader of the lwillingnesseading group, materials for epidepidemic翻译emic prevention shall be purchased; Twill的过去式imely inform the purchasing situation of district materialswill; Support service teams to carry out epidemic prevention services.

Division of labor:

There are six groups including the first group, the second group, the third group, the fnotice用法ourth group, the fifth group and the logistics group.


Ii. Division of labor andepidemic是什么意思中文翻译 responsibilities of each group

(1) Group 1

Group leader: Cui Weiying rong

Deputy growillingup leaders: Fang Shilei, Zhao Yunpeng, Yang Shuijin, Yi Shumin

Responsibilities: Responsible for the overall planning opneumoniaf the service team, social caring people’scoronavirus读音 donations and materials summary statistlions读音ics

Division of labor:

Cui Weiying is in charge of area 1 Service Team (Tel: 1380226will的过去式1023)

Fang Shilei is in charge of tlions翻译he Second Areaaboutcg Service Teaabout-facem (Tel: 13510009990)

Zhao Yunpeng is in charge of the service team of the Thirlions读音d Zone (Tel: 13922840228)

Yang Shuijin is in charge of the Servicabout-facee team of Zone 4 (Tel: 13808851786)

Yi Shumin is in charge of the Service Team of Region 5 (Tel: 18818688580)

Ms. Hu Lei is responsible for all data tabulation and summary


(2) Group 2

Group leader: Li Zhourong

Deputy group leaders: Tang Quanhui, Zhu Feng, Zhang Zheqin, Li Li;

Responsibilities: Responsible for ccoronavirus翻译olnoticeablelaboutecting dcoronavirus读音onations from hospitanotice同义词ls in Shenzhen, surrounding areas and epidemic areas received by Shiyou

Division of labor:

Tanpneumonia是什么意思g Quanhui is in charge of a regional service twill是情态动词吗eam (Tel: 1392344about-face2806)

Li Zhou is in charge of the Second Area Servilions怎么读ce Team (Tel: 18664910788)

Zhu Fenoticeng is in charge of the service team of The Third Zone (Tel: 13923442806)

Zhang Zheqin is in charnotice的形容词ge of the service team of zone FOUR (Tel: 189386lions怎么读69899)about后面动词什么形式

Li Li is in charge of the service team of The Fiaboutfth Zone (Tel: 13603032546)

Li Jiangping is responsible for tabulating all donation needs


(3) & h深圳大学ave spent The third group

Group leader: CAI Mwill是什么意思inro深圳ng

Deputy group leaders: Zhao Hui, Wei Xinxin, Li Xiaofeng, Wu Jinzhnotice的固定搭配i

Responsibilities: Responsible for collecting and summarizing variouepidemic和pandemic的区别s material procurecoronavirus翻译ment channels, proprevention是什么意思duct quality verification, price comparison a深圳风险等级nd procurnotice作文ement recommendation

Division of labor:

CAI Min is responsible for the division of labor, arrangement and overall planning of the third group, including the collection of various material channels, price compaprevention翻译rison, quality check, summpneumonia怎么读ary and recommendation (contact number: 13902921244)

Zhao Hui is responsible forshenzhen medical items such as isolation clothes, 84 disinfectaaboutcg网站nt, alcohol, waterless hand sanitizer, antibacterial hand sanoticednitizer, infrared external gun, air disinfection equipment and articles, oxygen cyli深圳市最新疫情nder oxygen melions的音标ter, oxygen pillow, iodor, novel Coronavirus test kit (Contact npneumonia记忆方法umber: 13590424028).

Wei Xinxin is responsible for protective clothing, medical isolation clothing, medical boot covers, disposable shoe covers, disposable latex gloves, medicnotice同义词al latex gloves, etc. (Tel: 13590289456)

Li Xiaofeng is responsible for goggles, protective eye mask, protective face screen, protective head cover, medical anti-fog and anti-spnotice的形容词lash mask, disposable surgical cap, etc. (Teepidemic和pandemicl: 13005481338)

Wu Jinzhi is responsible for meabout-facedical protective masks N95, mewill怎么读dical surgical masks, medical disposable masks, etc. (Contact number:coronavirus音标 13825284358)


(4) Group 4

Group leader: Chcoronavirusen Guangxi Rong

Deputy group leader深圳疫情s: Li Jingming, Yenotice作文 Ning, Huang Xiaoru, Chi Minghui

Responsibilities: Responsible for assisting the logistics material logistilions读音cs scheduling of the distrinotice作文ct committee and collecting and summarilions读音zing the material demand of the service team.

Division of labor:

Ccoronavirus读音hen Guangxi was responsible for coordinating the work ofcoronavirus翻译 the fourth group (contact number: 139 2370 8835)

Li Jingmabouttime免费观看ingepidemic和pandemic is responsible for the dockabout是什么意思ing of tlions是什么意思he first and second zones (Tel: 13925244899)

Ye Ning is responsible for the dabout是介词吗ocking of the third Zone (Tel: 13828842568)

Huang Xiaoru is responsible for the docking of the Fourth Zone (Tel: 13802pneumonia记忆方法583429)

Chi Minghui is responsible for the docking of the fifth Zone (Tel:lions是什么意思 13922846401)


(5) Group 5

Team leader: Ru Cnoticehunxu (Kexin) Wen

Deputy group leaders: Zuo Hongyi, Chen Dongmei, Deaboutcgng Meixin, Liu Qihai

Responsibilities: Responsible for landing service and深圳市最新疫情 material donation docking, etc.

Dipneumoniavision of labor:

Ru Kexin is responsiblabout怎么读e for landing service docking of the service team in The First Area (Contact number: 133 1681 6336)

Zuo Hongy深圳疫情最新消息i is responsible fnoticeor landing service docking of the service tecoronavirusam in thecoronavirus怎么读 Secondlions的音标 Zone (Tel: 13751155995)

Chen Dongmei is responsible for landing service docking of the service team in the Third Zone (Tel: 13823371283)

Deng Meixin is responsible for landing sabout怎么读ervice docking of the service team in the Fourabouttime免费观看th Zone (Teaboutl: 18664566513)coronavirus

Liu Qihai is responsible for landingwill是情态动词吗 service docking of the saboutervice tlions读音eam in The Fifth Zone (Tel: 13823663978)


(6) Logistics team

Group leader: Wang Yibing

Deputy group leaders: Su Jianhua, Li Chunchang, Yu Xiaoepidemicping, Li Bizhen

Responsibilities: Responsible for assisting each group to collate data, summarize andwill correct, and edit the epidemic situation on the day of rewill后面动词什么形式lease to ensure effinoticeablecient, transparent, time深圳地铁线路图ly and open, and accept the recoronavirus怎么读view and supervision of Lion friends.


All service teams are requewillingsted to communicate with the chairmen anlions翻译d recoronavirus是什么意思levant persons in charge of each region in accordance with the apreventionbove divi深圳疫情最新动态sion of work, so as to ensure the efficient andpneumonia记忆方法 unified prevention and control work and help thlions的音标e epidemic prevention and control workcoronavirus怎么读 achieve an early victory.


Working Group on Epidemic Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia of The Lions Club of Shenzepidemicshen

                10 February 2020

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