Important notice | about the service in accordance with the rules in order to carry out in accordance with the law will be coronavirus pneumonia and epidemic prevention service of the notice

Service teams:

In accordance with the spirit of relevant documents of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, Shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation and Domestic Lions' Associimportant造句ation, The Work Plan of Shenzhen Lions' Club for the Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavserviceirus Pneumonia And the rules and regulations of Shenzhen Lions' Clubcarry的过去式过去分词, we herebyrules英语手抄报 inform you of thoutragee following matters concerning the ordabout怎么读语音erly imnotice是什么意思plementation of epidemic prevencarry是什么意思tion services for Novel Coronaviorderrus pneumonia in accordance with laws and regulations:

I. Provideoutrage services in accordance with laws and regulations

The epidemic prevention service will be led by the government, and social organizations will play a saboutupporting role. All service teams and lion friends shrules英语手抄报ould carry out the charity service in a rational and orderly macarry翻译nner according to relrules34evant raccordanceequiremeservice怎么读nts. Before the event, theynotice should timely understand the requirements of relevant epidemic prevention service in the recipient area, andservice翻译 carry out the servnotice过去式ice legally and in compliance with the law, so as to avoid doingservice是什么意思 bad things with good intentions.

Shenzhen is facing the severe test of the epidemic. It is suggested that future services should adhere to the principle of "basing on local areas and serving the community", and pay more attention to the former service objects of Shenzhen Lions Club, especially the designated service objects, such as: All street health centers connected with "Red Lion Clothing Disabled Support Station", hospitals connected with "Lion Love Post station" and "Special Schabout怎么读语音ool", etc., contribute to the harmonservicemanious and stable development of Shenzhen.

Secondabouttime免费观看, do a good job of advance reporting

As it is not apprrules英语作文opriate to hold meetings during the epidemicabout怎么读语音 period, service teams can communicate abaccordance翻译out epidemic prserviceableevention services through wechat grimportant翻译oups, teleconferencing and other online services, and vote online. After confirmation, the service activity information will be reported to toutbreakhe area liaison officer, other procedures to be completed after the festival.

The content of the report includes: time and place of the activity, target ofnotice过去式 donation, list ofout donated materials (including the name, quantity and unit price of the items), contact and telephone number of the beneficiary, total service expenses, etc.

Contact person: Hu Lei 18926071100, Li Jaboutiangping 13692203512, Huang Xinran 13713667519, Zhou Wenguang 18207534494.

Reqnotice用法uirementscarry怎么读 for service procurementaccordance翻译

Thserviceablee donated materials musnotice用法t meet the standards, and no "three notsorder翻译" or fake and shoddy products should be purchased to ensure that the donated materials can truly help the people in need.

It is not encouraged to purchaaccordance翻译se orserviceman donate materials from abroad.

After the service team has confirmed the purchase of materials, it is suggested that laboutcgion friends pay for the gorules的中文ods by themselves, and then send the purchase inaboutvoice, salesabout翻译 contract and transfer record to shenzabout怎么读hen Lions Club financial Sorder伊莉雅etservice是什么意思tlement Center for reimbursement and verification.

4. Warm tips for service

We mrules思维导图ust strictly follow the relevant fioutstandingnancial rules and regulacarry ontions of Soutfithenzhen Lionservicemans Club, and enaboutcgsure that the funds are used exclusively and disbursed strictly in accordance with the financial procedures. In spaboutecial cases, we can onservice是什么故障灯ly hanrules思维导图dle sperules的中文cial cases after full discussion by the enotice同义词pidemic prevabouttime免费观看ention leadiservice和serve的区别ng group. Private accounts are not allorules思维导图wed to receive donations.

Promote mutual assistance and sharincarryingg of epidemic prevention supplies resouimportant的所有形式rces, but pay attention to not profit, not price gouging,abouttime免费观看 not trusting others, and timely report and curb some acts of malicious speculation and sales by pretending to be lions club membersserviceable. All personal actions have nothincarry怎么读语音g to do with the council.

Contact person for reporting: Du Peng, chairman of disciplinary Committee and picket chief of Sheservicemannzhen Lions Club 2019-202ordering0 brother shi: 18666663371.

V. Timely transfer of dnotice的形容词onations

Please timportant反义词ransfer your donation to the lions Club of Shenzhen as soon as possible so that the club can provide services.

Beneficiary account name: Shenzhen Lions Club; Bank of deposit: Shnotice是什么意思enzhen Shennan Middle Road Sub-Branch, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank; Account number: 79130 1552 6000 0160; Contact perout什么意思son: Finanabout后面动词什么形式cial Director Wang Xiunotice的形容词mei 13554804204.

Epidemic prevention service, safety first. Thank you for your support to the epidemic prevention service.

Notice is hereby given.


       rules英语手抄报;  rules怎么读英语;       &nrules怎么读英语bsp;       &nbabout-facesp;accordance怎么读                     &service是什么意思中文翻译nbsp;               &nbsaccordance是什么意思p;  rules的中文 Shservice的名词enzhen Lions Club

10 February 2020

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