Baoqing Service Team: hold the inaugural meeting and charity auction party

Baoqing Service Team: hold the inaugural meeting and charity auction party

On December 11, 2016, the foundin包青天之碧血丹心g meeting and charity evening of Shhold键是什么功能enzhen Lions Club Baoqing Service Team was successauction怎么记忆fully hemeetingtencentcomld in Hubei Buildinginaugural address课文ppt, Futian District. Su Zeran, executive Director of thold的过去式和过去分词he National Lions Association and Chairman of China Lions Foundation; Shi Jianyong, president of shenzheauctioneern Lions Club 2016-2017; Yu Qian, First vice President; Tian Wangxing, second vice President; Zenmeetingg Shiyang, Secretary General; Chen Xiaoan, founding captain of Baoqing Service Team; Zou Daishu, first vice captain; Yuan Jisong, second vice captain; More than 300 people attended the party, includinmeeting是什么意思g leaders of Shenzhecharity是什么意思n Humeeting的音标nan Longhui Chamber of Commerce, volunteers of Dshao Charity Longhui Branch and poor stinauguraladdress课件pptudents. The evening was hosted by Meng Chun.

A wonderful performance of waist drum kicked ofteamf the confereauctioningnce. Mr. Zou Daishu, chairman of the conference, delivered a welcome speech, expressing his gratitude to friauction是什么意思ends from all walks of life for theiinaugural address课文pptr long-term attention and support to Baoqing Service Team.

After the welcome ceremony, under the leadership of Captain Chen Xiaoan, all lion friends of Bahold onoqing Service teservicebioam solemnly held the pledge of joining the club, ameeting怎么读英语nd received the card, certificate and flagmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 awaservice是什么意思中文翻译rded by President Shi Jianyong, marking the official birth of this energetic, positive and loving team!

Captain Chen Xiaoan delivered a speeservice翻译ch on the founding of the team, solemnly expressed that baoqing service team will always practice the founding team’s purpose and concept, attend, heaserviceablert, effort, money, committed to the launch of educational assistance, red action, community respect for the elderly and other service projects. The ceremony of student assistance activities was officially launched. Baoqing service team promises that it will contteam是什么意思翻译inue to carry out educational activities for 10 years, wauctionsith an annual subsidy of 200,000 yuan, an annualteam什么意思 subsidy for 100 poor students, starting to raise 1 million charitable donations, and launchininaugural address翻译中英对照g 1 millhold onion people tparty是我家o participate in the lions Charity activities within 10 years. All donations will be 100% naked, and all charitable donations will be 100% used for the recipients.

Charity is a warm and supartypportihold键是什么功能vemeeting embrace of humateamviewern beings. Baoqing service t包青天之开封奇案eam specially arranged the charity auction session, to charity action, transfer th宝清天气预报e warmth of love, pcharity是什么意思ractice the service purpose of helping others and serving the society. More than 40 items were donated by members of the Boqing Service Team, other service team members and caring members ofhold的过去形式 the community. A total of 211,800 yuan was raisedcharity-minded on theteam是什么意思翻译 spot, which will all be donated to the studyinaugural是什么意思 of children in the poor mountainousinaugural address翻译 area of Longhui, Hunan province.

In the end, the party came to a suserviceableccessful end in laughter. A new chauctionaritable force was born, in the winter of 2016 blowing warm pengcheng a wisp of spring breeze, I believe that after the event, there will be more people of iteams会议nsight to pay attention to, join in t包青天主题曲he public welfateam什么意思re cause, for the real need to help people generously, xiangxiang good work.

Article/Contributed by Tubao Qing Service Team

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