The inaugural ceremony for the 2018-2019 term change of the Future Service Team was successfully held

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— The inaugural ceremony of the 2018-2019 term change of the Chiteam什么意思na Future Service Team was successfully held

On August 28, 2018, tservicemanhe inaugural ceremony of Shenzhinaugural address课文ppten Lions Club Future Service Team forserviceable 2018-2019team was successfully held in tchange什么意思he banquet hall of Yinhu Cuservice是什么故障灯igu Building in Luohuceremony同义词 Distterminal什么意思rict. A total of 260 people ateamworkttended the ceremony,future including tian Xinginauguraladdress课件pptwang, the last president of Shenzhen Lions Club in 2018-2019, Wu Xiaoming, peng Daojian, deputermitety secretary General li Feng, Fang Shilfutureei, Li Xiang, Cui Weiying, Luo Junping, district president fang Shilei, Li Xiang, And lion friends of future Service Team, their families and caring peopserviceablele. The ceremony was chaired by Minaugural address翻译r Yeufuture4200ng Tak Wah and the executive chairmantermux下载 by Mr Chiu Chiu Chi.

Accompanied by dapteambitioneng singing “Big Country”, all the membteamers of the future Sservice和serve的区别ervice team entered the meeting place with high sp嫦娥奔月irits and shouted the slogaservice是什么意思中文翻译n of “Future future, great love inheritance” to pay tribute to the guests. Mr. Yang Dehua, president of the conference and the first vice captain of the 2018-2019 Future Service Team, delivered the welcome speech.

Sheng Baihua, the former tefuture怎么读音am leader嫦娥, reported the work of the year 2017-2018 and led the lion friends to rservicemaneviteamproew the founding process of the Future Service Team. He thanked the lion frienteam是什么意思翻译ds for adhering to the spirit of “we serve” and making many proud achievements, which pfuturelearnromoted the hteam是什么意思翻译ealthy and healthy growth of the future Service team. Finance Tang Jianrong for the 2017-2018 aservice是什么故障灯nnuatermsl financial report. The last leaceremonyder of Shengbaihua praised the lion friends and caring people who made contributions in 2017-201future怎么读音8.

Great love inheritance, future service team captain Chen Yongxia led all fteamsuture service team liteams手机版on friends to honor the retired Sheng Baihua captaifuture是什么牌子n, lion friends to Sheng Baihua captain gave roses to expressinaugural address gratitude, hug let people burst into tears.teams

In the leaderinaugural是什么意思ship of lion friends wtermux下载itness, Sheng Baihua will captain ribbon and scepter handed over to Chen Yongxia. The two captaceremony造句ins exchanged gifts. Lion friends afuturelso have their own wayfuture怎么读音 to Sheng Baihua, Chen Yongxiaservice to send the best wishes.

Captain Chen Yongxia introduced the 2018-2019 wceremony用什么介词ork plan, and led the neceremony怎么读w team members to make inauguration promises, zhengzhengzservice翻译heng oath is a firm belief in public welfare and reteams会议sponsibility. New members commit to membership and are determined tterm是什么意思o contribut嫦娥奔月的读音e to public welfare.

In 2018-2019, the future Service Team has collected 10 Huasteamworkheng Awards. The lions who pledged to doceremonynate the Huasheng Awards gave speeches on tfuturehe stage andterminal called on more lions to donate the Huasheng Awards. The third vice captinaugural翻译ain Cao Meixiu introduced the annual key service project — Yunnan Zhaotong Umeng Educational Aid program, and invinauguralited lion friends to donate actively on the spot, raising a total of 110,000 yuan of serviterminal什么意思ce funds.

Mr. Wang Tian, the former president, spoke hfuture翻译ighly of the team’s achievements and wished it more succinaugural addressess in tteamprohe New Ytermear.

Finally, Zhao Qiu, executive Chairman of the cceremony的名词onference and the second vice captain of the 2018-2019 Fufutureture Service Team, gave a speech of appreciation to the lion friends and caring people who have given support to the party. I wishservicebio the lion friends to run towards the futurfuturelearne hand in hand!

By Chenterminal什么意思 Shijun, Sheng Baihua & NBSP; Photo/Sheng Baihua

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