Protect the ecological environment and create a green homeland — The launching ceremony of the 4th “Love earth · Deep Breathing” project of Shenzhen Lions Club was held smoothly

Protect the ecological environment and create a green homeland — The launching ceremongreen怎么读y of the 4th “Love earth Deep Breathing” project of Shenzhen Lgreen轮胎是什么牌子ions Club was held smoothly

On September 15, 201homeland翻译8, the launching ceremony桃花源记翻译 of thomelander翻译he fourth “Loveenvironment是什么意思英语 eaenvironmentrth Deep Breath” project and the Clean Earth Day activity of Shenzhen L栾城ions Club was held in the gate Square of Luohu Gymnasium. Zeng Huiqing party secthinretary of shenzhen luohu district urban management bureau, shenzhen lions club President of 2018-2019, Ma Min, the last President of tian wang xing, seco栾城天气预报nd deputyecological怎么读 chairman zhi-qiang lu, a former President of Lin Tao, dean ofprotect翻译 general affaiprotect的用法r Guo Yongyong, long picket Peng Daojian, vice secretary of Eva, static, Li Feng Liao Ronghui, chairman of the zone, Xu Qiubin, NieXiangDong etc. More than 100 people pceremony的音标articipated in the activities. The lacreate和invent的区别unching ceremony was presided over by Chen Zong and Zeng Meixiang.

In the mcreate怎么读音orning, more than 30 lion club members from 20 service teams of Shenprotect fromzhen Ligreen极光加速器ons Club were dividedecological翻译 into three groups. Under the scorching sun, tprotected访问权限hey picked up litter in every corner of the gate square of Luohu Stadium, putting their environmental protection ideas into practice.

In the afterecological的名词noon, the launching ceremogreenny officially began. Lu Zhiqiang, vice President of CCPIT Xiagreen极光加速器men, read out the 201create怎么读音8-2019 “Love the Earth, Take a Deep Breath” environenvironment的形容词mental prlaunchingotection activity plan, and explained six environmental protection projects, including wetland volunteer service乱成语, “Love the Earth, Take a deep breath” community service, CD action, Red Coral Action, Shiling Community Park, and World Clea褪黑素n Up Day garbage collection actioecologicallyn. He especially thanked Lin Tao, one of the initiators and formerprotect名词 president of the “Love earth Deep Breath” pcreate的名词roject, forceremony怎么读 donating 40,000 yuacreaten to the event. He said that this year, the Environmenhomelandtal Protection Service Committee wilthl set up ehomeland翻译nvironmental gold, silver and bronze awards base栾城北部新城规划图d on the number of environme通货膨胀下什么最保值ntal protection services, tocreate recognize all the service teams angreend lion friends who have made contributioenvironment是什么意思英语ns togreen极光加速器 environmental protection, and encourage more lion friends to participate in environmental protection projects.

Zeng Huiqing, secretary of the Party Committee, pointed out that the Shenzhen Lions Club’s “Love the Earth, Breathe deeply” project is in line with the official initiatives such as waste classification 3.0, which is very worthy of promotion. She called for more people to volunteer as supervisors to support authorities in spreading garbage sorting to communities.

President Ma Min thanked the government for theirprotect guidance and support to the environmen童话故事tal protection activities of Shenzhen Lions Club, thanked the enthusiastic participation of lions club members, and appreciated the careful planning of Lions club members, including Chairman Wang Bo of the Envirenvironment怎么读英语onmental Protection Service Commitceremony造句tee. She called on l栾城区合并村规划图ion friends to protect the ecological environment, create a green home, be a resource conservation and environmentalhomeland翻译 protection propagandist,栾城 advocate and practice; Aprotect是什么意思ctively carry out beac六安城南疫情h garbage collectio桃花源记翻译n action, protect theprotect ocean; We will further promote recycling services of used batteries in commun陶虹从张庭公司3年分红2.6亿ities, publicize environmental protection and adceremony和celebration的区别vocate public wehomeland翻译中文lfare, and jointly protect theprotect是什么意思 ecological environment of the earth.

Subsequently, luohu gymnasium, luohu district Huang Beiling neighborhood office representative, and four years to participate in th乱成语e “love the earthecologically, take a deep benvironmentallyreath,” environmental protection service of high and new, on the step, bijia mountain, oct, riversidegreens, starfhomeland翻译ire, nature, liuzhou, red libo, wally, care, Lord, xinan, blue sky, yitian, grace, yantian 19 seprotect的用法rvice team captain on stage together, Read the environmental protection Proposal. He led the lioecological翻译ns to present awards to 19 service teams for their contribution to environmental protectenvironment和condition的区别ion over the past four years.

After the award ceremony, Zeng Huiqing, secretary of the Party Committee, Ma Min, president of shenzhen Lions Club, Tian Wangxing, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, lu Zhiqiang, vice Presid童话故事ent of Shenzhencreate和invent的区别 Lions Club, Lin Tao andgreenhouse other leaders jointly lit the ball, marking the official launch of the fourth “Love earthceremony Deepenvironment的形容词 Breath” project.

Come on, friend! Please join us, protect thcreate是什么意思e environment, start frgreen翻译omenvironmentalist me; Ho桃花源记ld hands, your feet stay green; Care for the earth, cherish home; Reverence for nature and rgreensespect for life! Let’s take action together!

[Text] Shen Shi Newprotected访问权限s Agency Gao Rui

[Photo] Shen Shi News Agency gao Rui, Huang Junping

[Edit] Zhao Wei, Shenshi News Aceremony是什么意思gency

Office M桃花源记a Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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