Chinese Business Service Team: hold the 12th captain's team meeting of 2019-2020

On June 13, 2020, the 12th Captain team meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club Chinese Business Service Team 2019-2020 was held at the first floor of the family banquet in Futian Dihold的过去式和过去分词strict. Chinese service captain even ChuHai, themeeting是什么中文意思 previous captain wear linhua.sservicemanhe, first dchinese意思eputy captain cervical total, less second deputy captateam什么意思in laiservice penang, third vice captain Xia Steam什么意思huang, gen Ken ng the team leader, secretary rong-shi Chen, financial SheHanJiang, general Richard, sergeants-at-arms Jiang Wen soldier, member Tang Ping, Zhangteamo Feihong, de-qiang gan, Chen Yixiang, ZhuoZhenPing, harmony moment, Ma Xueyu etc more than ten people were present at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Pan Shengquan and Presided over by Chen Rongshi.

During the meeting, the captain even ChuHai to convey to the frhold的过去式和过去分词iends attending the liochinese翻译n lion's club in shenzhen in 2019-2020 annual meeting of the fourth district affairservice是什么故障灯s committee work spirits and the annual honor for selection, and t褪黑素he Chinese service line "lion long march road" brand specific implementation scthinheme on the plannimeeting腾讯会议ng of the project, this year's positive practice "out" lion to commend.

After discussion, the organizcaptaining committee of the ceremonchinesey will be held by the new team leader, and Wu Jian will be thethin generalservice怎么读 coordinator. At the same time, lion friends discussed and approved the recent service activities carried out by tholderhe Chinese business service team.

Finally, Captain Lian chuhai made a concluding speech, saying that he would fully subusinesspersonpport the work of the next captain aftermeeting的音标 his resignation and promote the harmonious development of the Chinese business Service team.


By Chen Rongshi

Figure/Tang Ping

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