Silver Lake Service Team: The inaugural ceremony for the 2017-2018 election was held smoothly

Silver Lake Service Team: The inaugural ceremony for the 2017-2018 election was held smoothly

On August 26, 2017, the inaugural ceremony of the Sceremony的名词ilver Lake Service Team oceremony是什么意思f The Lioteamns Club of Shenzservice是什么意思hen was held at haotianyi Restateams会议urant in Pingshan New Distriteamviewerct. A total of 160 leading lion fteamsriends attended the ceremony, including Lin Ziyu, vice presidenservice翻译t of Domestic Lions Association; Weng Hua, second Vice President of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018; Wang Jinliang, Zhang Weixian, Sha Haiyu, former president; Zenserviceableg Shiyang, Chief Secretary; Zheng Guoping, Guo Yongyong, regionaceremony同义词l Chairman; Dai Jihong, Lei Kwong. The ceremony waservice和serve的区别s presidedteambition over by Mr Cheng Poservice是什么故障灯-chao and Mr Yu Yue-ming.

Cuinaugural是什么意思i Jie, preservicemansident of the conference and first vice captain of silver Lake Service team, delivered the welcome speech. Zhou Houliang, former captain, suteamommed up the lion work of Silver Lake Serviinaugural addressce Team in 2016-2017. Li Zhongchuan, director of the Silver Lake Service Team's financial report for 2016-2017, said that last year, silteamover Lake Service team's total charitable expenditure was 656,978 yuan, completed 16 service prlake怎么读语音ojects, benefiting mlake怎么读ore than 2,000 people. Later, Zhou Houliang, theservice和serve的区别 former teateamprom leader, presented a certificate of apprecceremony和celebration的区别iation to the lion friends of silver Lake Service team for their silent dedication and support.

Under the wsilverbulletitnlake是什么意思ess of the lserviceion friends and guesinaugural addressts, Zhou Houliang handed over the captain ribbon to Huang Yuanxiong. Captain Huang Yuanxiong deliverteamoed his inaugural speech anservice是什么意思d introduced the work plan of the New Year. He paid tribute to all previous leaders and said that he wolakeuld stick to the annual theme of "Serve the future, enjoy theservice翻译 love of lions" of Shenzhen Lions Club, inherit the lion spirit and create the brand project of Silver Lakceremony复数形式e Service Team. Later, Captain Huang yuan-xiong preseservicemannted the appointment letters to the new members of the board of directors of silver Lake Service Team and extendeservice的名词d asilverlight warm welcome to the new members.

Vice President Lin Ziyu and vice Prservicebioesident Weng Hua gave speeches respectively, affirming the achievemeservice是什么故障灯nts made by the Silver Lake Slake怎么读语音ervice Team last year and placing hteams会议igh hopeservicebios on the work of the New Year. Meng Xiaoteamsxian, secretary of Maluansilver怎么读 Street Office in Pingshan New District, thanked the Silver Lake Service team for their einaugural是什么意思fforts in the public welfare road, and hoped that the lion friends would continue to inherit the charityceremony复数形式 and create moreservice是什么意思 glory.

By Li Zhong Kushiro/Silver Lake Servicceremony翻译e Team

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