Classic Service team: Inaugurating the 2021-2022 transition

On August 27, 2021, the inaugural ceremony of the shenzhen Lions Club Classic Service Team for 2021-2022 was held in Longgang Youhtransition-propertye International Hotel. Lian Chuhai, proposed chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club; Zheng Bochao, Lu Guiqin, proposed chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club; Wang Xuebo, Zhu Feng, proposeclassicmugd superviservice是什么故障灯sor; Ms. Jiang Fengchuan from Guangdong Provincial Writers association, Ms. Huang Wei from Longcheng Street Publicity Department, Ms. Liu Hongyan, CEO of Shenzhen Center of "Hope 24 Hotline", Professor Li Jiahao, national psychological eteambitionxpert, lion friends of classic service team, representatives of various service teams and caring persoclassic是什么牌子nage attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Yang Biteam是什么意思翻译bi and prserviceesided over by Lai Weinan and Hu Yan.

The inauguration ceremony began in the "poetry recitation + chorus", the loud poetry recitation arouteambitionsed the resonance of lion friends and guesservicetteamss, and "as long as everyone gserviceives a little loveclassicfootballshirts, the world will become a beautiful worlclassicald..." The chorus set off theserviceable climax of the opening ceremony, wteam是什么意思翻译hich made the leaders, lion friends and guests feel both novel and moved by the unique opening appeteam什么意思aranceclassicmug of the classictransition的用法 service team.


Then, the classic service team carried out the annual summary, award ceremony, handover ceremony, new captain's speech, captain's team appearance, new members' membership, sclassicervice pteamsrojeservicebioct introduction and other agenda. During the dinner, the service team conducted a live auction, raising more than 33teamviewer0,000 yuan.

In stritransitionct accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the number of participants of the iteamnaugural ceremony of the classic Service Team was reduced. The ceremony was ceremonized with happy songs and the greetings of lion friendsteamviewer and guests. Classic service lion friends thank you once again at the end of the conference Zhang Yanli the big love to pay the previousteams会议 captain, ateams手机版nd congratulate lilin captain, you have said will completely support and cooperate the works of lilin captain, and, as always, "out" spirit, clastransition英语解释sic service "happy oneclassicfootballshirts hundrclassicfootballshirtsed classic, service" the objective throughout, descendants.


Article/pteams会议hoto & have spent Classic servicservice怎么读e team contributed

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