Join hands to fight the EPIDEMIC — The Party branch of Shenzhen Lions Club visited the frontline workers

The current grim situation of shenzhen COVID – 19 outbreak, on January 18, 2022, shenzhen lions lions primary party branch joint shenzhen will service for sympathy futian district south streets kam dragon commubranch什么意思nity disease resistance line workers, to stick t深圳风险等级o in epidemi深圳风险等级c prevention and control of a line workers donated water, milk, rice pudparty英文意思ding, instant noodles, biscuits, daily supplies, such as We expr深圳ess our high respect and sincere gratithandsome怎么读ude to them for their efforts during tclubmanhe epidfight过去式emic prevention and control period, and invest 2lions0,000 yuan in the servic深圳风险等级e.

Futian district, chairman of the disabled persons’ federation Luo Nibranch怎么读anchun, wei-bin li, director of the comprehensive service cebranchesnter, rehabilitation department minister zhang, secretfighting是加油的意思吗ary of scie JianJianRu, south street party working committee, secreta深圳大学ry JiGongWei Chen Zepin深圳天气g, jin draclub是什么酒gon community party seclub是什么酒cretary LuoDeJun, shenzhen lions long tian wang xing, party branch secretary and supervisors President of shenzhen lions last, zhi-qiang lu, second deputy chairman NieXiangDong, formerjoin的过去式 President of ShiJianYojoin的用法nbranch翻译g, Party branch organization member and propaganda member, secretary General Lai Zbranch翻译huoni, the main meeting service team captain Li Qing and other more than 20 peoplclub是什么酒e participated in the activity.

Secretary tian wang said, for days, south street protests kam dragon commhandshakerunity a line workers to bear mission, day and night, go albranchingl out to curb the spread of the spread of the battle,lions怎么读 the escort for the community people’s life safety,branches翻译 they sclub怎么读howed in the face of epiclubmandemic fearless spirit of devotion, worthy of all of us each party member alions怎么读nd shenzhen lion lion friends work hard. He tofight的名词ld the frontparty复数-line workers to pay attention to their own protection, sympathy workers also to the Shenzhen Lions Club party branch warm heart care expressed thanks.

After t深圳疫情最新消息he donatbranch的复数ion ceremony, Director Luo Nianchun led Party secretary Tian Wangxinpartyg to visit binhe Avenue auxiliary Road next to Shangbu Middle School. She introduced the barrier-fjointlyree community park being planned here and expressed her hope that withclub是什么意思 the joint efforts of the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Fefight歌曲deration, Futian District Disabled Persons’ Fedehands翻译ration, Nanyuan Street Office and Shenzhen Lions Cpartylub, Steadily promotjoin的过去式e barrier-free community park promotion asbranches a “popular project”, “love project” construction work.

Previously, in accofight翻译rdance with the requirements of the community Community Group of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Cbranches翻译ontrol Headquarters and tlions的音标he Organization Department of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, the Party branch of Tepidemic怎么读音he Lions Club of Shenzhen actively responded to the call of the Party anbranches翻译d the authorities. Secretary Tian Xingwang and committee member Lai Zhuoni went do深圳疫情最新动态wn to the frontline of J深圳天气inlong Coparty是派对的意思吗mmunity in Nanyuan Street to carry out anti-epidemic work on Jbranch造句anuary 15 and 16, 2022 respectively. Outbreak is the command, control and prevention is the rfightingesponsibility, they wear vest “epidemic” to assist community workers personnel screening, temperatclub翻译ure detelions的音标ction, epidemic information collection, public order maintenance, disinfection, isoparty模式lation and sofightingkids小便 on epidemic prevention and control work, with practical action to practice mission, his mind interprets the bear responsibility, make contributions to community plague prevention and control work.

In the next step, the Party Branch of Lions Club Shenzhen wiljointl actively respond to the official call of the Party Committee, lead all lions club shenzhen to strictly implefightment the requirements of epidemic prevention and controbranch造句l, take more effective measures to meet the new challenges of epidemic prevention aepidemic品牌nd control, take the initiative to fulfill social responsibilities and make pclub用英语怎么说ositive contributions.



Kefighting加油 Shenlions的音标mei

[Photo] Zhu Qingqing, the service team of kjoinmembereshen Plum Associatihandsome翻译on

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijclubmanuan Hu & NBSP; grey

Ke Wuyue

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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