A new chapter on the warm Heart visit of Shenzhen Lions Club

A new chapter on the warm Heart visit of Shenzhen Lions Club

            On the afternoon of September 9th, 2012, the lions club of Shenzhen held a warm heart visit activity in the multi-function hall oheart是什么意思中文f Shenzhen Lionschapter02 Club. Su Zeran director of shenzhen lion lion brother, first deputy director wu xm lions, bnew的反义词rother,visit怎么读 second deputy director Lin Ziyu lions, elder sisteheartbreakingr, the secretary-general Zhang Xiaowei lion elder sister stanheartbeatdwarminging director, chairman of the first four to nine plion是什么意思artitions and six partition for the President,club怎么读 vice President of the first service, second deputy President, vice President of the third, secretary, finlions翻译ancial and other 50 lions, friends took part in thclub怎么读e activity.
            The event was presnews可数吗ided over by Deputy Secretary-General Xu Wenxiong. He said that the heart-warming visit activiclub用英语怎么说ty is one of the fivewarm的名词 key tasks ofnew是什么意思 this year. He hoped that lion friends could speak freely and puclub是什么酒t forward valuable opinions and ideas. Director Su zeran expressed his welcome and gratitude to the liwarm怎么读ons club, and said that although the lions Club has achieved fruitful results afwarmerter ten years of development, it still needclubmeds to strengthen its care for the lions club. To useclubman是什么牌子车 acchapter的意思tion, heart and lion friends close to evisit怎么读ach other, so that lion friends can be close to each other, as family. For more thanlion是什么意思 two months, the hearhearteningt-warming visit project has received strong support and warm response from lion friends. The warmhearted visit activity in the first to thirdheartening zones was very successful, and the follow-up work was carried out in an orderly manneheart什么意思英语r. I hope that each service team cclubmed官网预订an continue to carry out the warmhearted visit activity, listen to everyone’s voice and collect a lot of valuable opinions tchapternexthrough visivisit名词tin深圳风险等级g lion friends and lion friends enterprises.

  &nbclub是什么酒sp;         The chairmen of each dnews可数吗istrict and the backbone members of the service team made speeches and made suggestions respectively, and put forward many valuable opinions on this activ深证指数ityheartbreaking. The lion friends all gave affirmation and support to this work, andchapter02 suggested that we should set up the liolions的音标n friends care Day, carry out mountaineering competitions and other social activities on tvisit是什么意思英语he activitlions的音标y day, expand the content of lion friends care, and continue the lion friends care project. Mr. Xue Guowan, chairman of the fourth district,lionsgate said th深圳疫情at the plan of caring for lion friends was very good and feasible, so more efforts should be made to publicize it. Brother Cao Yan, chairman of district 6, said it was important to strengthen the friendship of lions. Only when the friendship between lions is consolidated,club怎么读 can we truly care for each othchapter什么意思中文翻译er.
            Finally, the governorslions怎么读 spoke separately. Lin Ziyu, the second deputy director talked about the need to improve the team’s centripetal force and cohesion, as soon as possclubible to formulate & LDquo;clubmed Hclubmed官网预订ouse of Lion Friends & RDquo; Listing qualifications. Wu Xiaoming, the fwarm怎么读语音irst depulion是什么意思中文翻译ty directovisit是什么意思英语r, said that caring for lion friends was an attitude and hoped that the pro深圳疫情最新消息ject would become more mature in the coming year. Director Su Zeran expressed his gratitude to everyone for their enthusiastic commheart什么意思英语ents. He said that all the work would bclubse implemented as soon as poheartilyschapter翻译siclubmedble. Through VARIOUS channels such as QQ group, we would increase publicity efforts to let every lion friend know about the heart-warming project. He added that at least three social gatherings will be held this year to promote friendship and give lions a chance to g深圳市最新疫情et to know each other better. Golwarm怎么读语音f team, yacht club, badminton team and other cultural frienclubmed官网预订dshilionsp platform will be gradually established. Through the joint efforts of lion friends, thchapter怎么读e warm heart project will be made into a real li深圳疫情最新消息on fnew是什么意思英语riends home!

By Zhou Jiaolong

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