Serving the Community locally -- Lions Club shenzhen held the community service launch ceremony for 2021-2022

On November 29, 2021, the warm winter sun spread over the streets of Shenzhen, adding a sense of joy and peace to the central Square of Lianhuabei Village, Futian District. The launching ceremony of "Basedclubman on the local, serve the community" -- Shenzhen Lions Club community Service 2021-2022 was held here.

Qing-song li, deputy director of the shenzhen love do深圳疫情 full-tservicebioime lotus gardenlionsgate Shen Chaohe, LianHuaBei commucommunity collegenity party committee, deputy director of Chen wei, deputy director of the shenzhen lions club President Guserving翻译o Yongyong, secolions读音nd deputy NieXiangDong President and the secretaryheld怎么读的-general Lai Zhuoni, dean of general affailionsgater Tan Fei, deputy secretlions读音ary-general kevinbales, deputy secretary-general WenYaoLi Chen Xusheng, chairmandeserving of the zone, Wu Jinzhi, li xiaofeng, guanglaunch怎么读-yu fan, Distlauncher安卓版下载rict chairmelauncher是什么软件n Qian Lin, Lreservingin Xiaoyi, Tang Xueyong, Yu Xiaoping, Jin Q深圳ian, Wen Zhiyong, Lu Guiheld的意思是什么qin, Advisorcommunity是什么意思, CAI Min, Assisclub翻译tant to the presidenlion是什么意思t, Wei Xinxin, Chairman of the Community Service Committee, Sun Mingxia, Ye Wenqin, Zhou Yanjie, Huang Jiankang, Wei Tao, The launching ceremony wacommunity colleges witnessed by Li Dong, director of lianhua North Village Management Office of Wanxia Residential Industry, ophthalmoloheld是hold的什么形式gy doctors from Shlions读音enzhen Second People's Hospital and Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, chairmen of variouclubman是什么牌子车s committees of Shenzhenshenzhen Lions Club, representatservice翻译ives of service teams and about 1000 villagers of Lianheldenhua North Village. The launching ceremony was chaired by Wei Xinxin, sun Mingxservice是什么意思中文翻译ia深圳天气, Ye Wenqin, Zhou Yanjie, Huang Jiankaheld中文ng and Wei Tao, and presided over by GAO Chenhan, the host of SHENZHEN Gua深圳天气ngdong Electric Power Group.

Ms. Wei Xinxin, chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, said that family is the cell of society, and community is the cornerstone of the country. The Communityservice的名词 Service Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club has always been focusing on community service, taking "standing in the community, from the needs" as the foundation, and "professional, refined, characteristic, innovative" as four pocommunityints tolauncher是什么软件 do a go深圳地铁线路图od job in community service.

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At the launching ceremony, Presidservice翻译ent深圳天气 Kwok Wing-yung delivered a warm speech. He spoke highly of the work and service spirit of the Community Service Committeclub怎么读e, pralocally翻译ised the service teams participating in the service and all the lion friends present, and said that there were "more than four activities". That is, more leheld怎么读的aders attended the lion friends, more service teams participated in donation service (60), more service projects participated inclub是什么意思 (first aid at your side, sugar propaganda, optometrlionsy preparation for reading glasses, etc.), and more villagers participated; The "Four more" practice this year's service theme of "Keep the original heart and seservicebiorve togheld的意思是什么elauncher3ther". The community service activlions读音ity is a key project of Shenzhen Lions Club, and we sincservingerely invite lion friends and social people to participate in the community public service, so as to make the community more warm.

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Li Qingsong, full-time deputy Director of Sheclubman是什么牌子车nzhen Care and Love Office, expressed her high recognition of the community sobservingervice of Shenzhen Lions Club. She said: 19 years have passlions是什么意思ed since the establishment of the "shenzhen lions in the public domain in thheldbacke public service activities, the lions cluheld怎么读的b service is like a fire, burning in each public welfare activities, is the most touching, lion lion friends are entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs from all wal深圳风险等级ks of life, but don't forget to give back to slions翻译ociety, caring for others, have been practiced 'money, out of the heart, the output, the sovereigns of the spirit, We hope that more plauncher安卓版下载eople will participate in the Shenzhen Care Acti深圳大学on to make ourcommunity怎么读 city warmer aheld是hold的什么形式nd our community more harmonious." Direcheld的原型tor Li's speech won warm applause from the audience.

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Chen Wei, secretary oclub翻译f the Party Committee of Lia深圳疫情nhuabei Community, thanked Shenzcommunityhen Lions Club on behalf of the Party Committee of Lianhuabei Community and the villagers, highly affirmed the good deeds of Shenzhen Lions Club in serving the communitcommunity servicey, and thanked Shenzhen Lions Club for giving full positive energy back to the soheldenciety and bringing it to Lianhuabei commu深圳疫情最新消息nity.

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Wan Sha float subsequently LianHuaBei Village Li Dong, director of the administrative office in his speech, thanked the shenzhen lions into LianHuaBei Village communit深圳市最新疫情y services, he said, shenzhen lions with various forms of service content community service, and for building a harmonious society contribute thshenzhenelaunchedir own strength, look forward to liolions怎么读ns bring more service project in the future, let more peopllaunchede benefit, actively assist the lion said services project, Work together to create a harmonious and civilized community environment in Lianhua North.

Wechat picture _20211130221920.jpg

Chairman Wei Xinxin presentedlaunch怎么读 a plaque to Shenzhen Xinxi Tea Culture Co., LTD.

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Then, witnessed深圳 by all the people on site, the picture scrservicebiooll with the name of each serviclions英语怎么读e team was slowly unfolded, and the New Yeheld是hold的什么形式ar service into the community activity of Shenzhen Lions Club was officially kicked off.

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Guo Yongyong President, NieXiangDong second deputy President, smclub, Cai Min Wei Xin new chailionsgaterman for the checkpoint, dahuang, xinan, bright pupil, phoeservicemannix, Orieservicemanntal rose, lily,community service mileage, tianchenghelden, virtues, Chinese entrepreneurs, Mrservice是什么意思 Fukuda, the path, good good, high, depart, bijia mountain, the bei, mission hills, oct, liuzhou, red li, charity, fairy lake,service with small, greservinganten, shells, nameplates, good products, yitian, Yantian, s深圳市最新疫情ilver lake, future, China, Germany, ovaltine day han, fuyong, jo深圳疫情最新消息int, grace, taoyuan, peace, child, bagua ling, lioncommunity services, love football, former sea, wally, shenz深证指数hen, futian, stakes, the minteq, the color filion是什么意思e深圳地铁线路图ld, the happiness, concentric, the south Clionshina sea, new, care, leshan, in the long run, led Britain, hand in hand, shenzhen bay assisted service issued by 60 to undheld中文ertake and community service.

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After the launching ceremony, Li Feng, member of the organization and Construction Committee of 2021-2023, gave a keynote speech oheld过去式和过去分词n diabetes publclub是什么意思icity. Cui Weiying, chairman of treservinghe emergency Committee oflions怎么读 2021-2022 and Llauncher启动器ei Qingming, execuheld的意思是什么tive Chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club led the teamlion是什么意思中文翻译 to popularize first aid knowledge and conduct on-sitserving chopstickse drills. Activity site for more than 700 elderly lianhua north village optometry and preparation of reading glasses.

Love is the common language of human beilocallyngs, and love is the power source of public welfare undertakings. Shenzhen Lions Club wcommunity造句il深圳大学l continue to work hard to give full play to the construction of community public welfare services in Shenzhen, spread glauncher安卓版下载reat love, and open up a broad sky in the field of public welfare undertakings.



CAI Liying, Publicity Committee

[Photo] Wu Shaoyi, Publicity Committeeheld过去式和过去分词

[Editor] Liu Jun, Publicilaunch翻译ty Committee

Office Ma Huijuan Hu & NBSP; greylaunched

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen深圳疫情最新动态 Lions Cluservice是什么意思b Office

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