Leshan and Hualei Service Team: Hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 joint leadership change

Leshan and Hualei Service Team: Hold the inaugural ceremony of the 2017-2018 joint leadership change

On Ju画雷锋精神绘画手抄报ly 30, 2017, the inauguration ceremony for the 2017-2018 joint electioteamon of Shenzhen Lions Club Lesholdshan and Hualei Service teaservice是什么故障灯m was sucholdscessfully held in Yujing Internatio乐山风险等级nal Hotel, Baoan District, Steamprohenzhen. Shi Jianyong, the last president of Shinauguralenzhen Lihold键是什么功能onteamos Club 2017-2018, Liao Ro花类大全nghui, dceremony的名词eputy Steammateupervisor, Peng Daojian, Chief Inspector Deng Yi, Regional chairmen Guo Yongyong, Wang Yaninaugural address, Hu Weiceremony用什么介词, Regional chairceremony同义词men Lei Qingming, Ye Zi, Jing Miajun, Xu Qiubin, Tan Fei, Huang Shaofang, Lin Yuqi, Wang Daoming, Advisor Lin Yanju, representatives of lion friends of each service team, More t花蕾的意思han 300 people from all walhold翻译ks of life attended the ceremony. Thinaugural翻译e ceremony乐山疫情最新消息 was chaired by Mr Leung Cheng-choi and presideinaugural address翻译中英对照d o乐山人事考试网ver by Mr Fang Shi-lei, Mr Feng Hua, Ms Pan Xiao-ni and Mr Li Hteamviewerao.

Liang Chengcai bell ringceremony用什么介词ing meeting, Xie Yongling introduced gueceremony用什么介词sts. Xianhold键是什么功能g Wei, leader of Hualei Service Teamteampro in 2016-2017, and Wu Jiansheng, leader of Leshan Service Team in 2016-2017 reported the service and lion work of the service team in the pre花蕾的意思vious year respectively. Finance of Leshan Service Team 2016-2017 Ou Chaoming and Hualei Service Team 2016-2017 Finance Chen Bin introducedservice怎么读 the financial income and expenditu乐山疫情最新消息re of leshan Service team in the previous year respectceremonyiceremony的名词vely.

In order to thank the lions for their active participation and dedicat华勒氏变性ioinaugural address课文pptn in the past year, the leaders of the two teams awarteamded the outstanding Member Award, outstanding Member Award and Special Contribution Membeholderr Awteambitionard to the lions for their outstanding performance. All lion friends would like to pay high tribute to the council members and captainhold的过去形式s who have led the development of the Service Team.

In the leadership of lion frieleshannds witness, lesh华勒氏变性an service team Wu Jianteambitionshceremony造句eng will be the captain of the ribbon handed over toservice怎么读 Xiao Hua; Hua Lei service team xiang Wei will transfer the team lteamoeader ribbon to Ma Juan. Captain Xiao Hua and Capinaugural address翻译中英对照tain Ma Juan delivered their inaugural speeches respectserviceableively, and promised to work together with lion fceremony怎么读音riends on the roteam什么意思ad of public welfare in the New Year, serving the future and enjoyinhold不住g lion love.

In the presence of General Affairsteambition Director Peng Daojian, Captain Xiao Hua aservice的名词nd Captain Ma Juan led the members of the new council thold过去式o read out their inaugural commitment and presented them with appointment certifceremony造句icates. New members then read out their pledge to join.

Led thteam什么意思e lions to toast the inauguration ceremony of the joint electeambitiontionceremony同义词. Lion friends show their tateams手机版lents, have presented wonderful programs. The scservice是什么意思中文翻译ene warm, touching, happy.

The annual swearing-in ceremony marks a new milestone for the corps. In the Nserviceew Year, let us gather our love and work hand in hand to infect more caring people to participate in chservicearity.

By Tu Les画雷锋精神绘画手抄报han and Hualei Service Team

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