Shenzhen lions Club and Guangdong Lions Club successfully held the lion Communication conference on diabetes education service

Shenzhen and Guangzhou Lion Business Forum join hands in diabetes education

— Shenzhen Lions Club andcommunication可数还是不可数 Guangdong Lions Csuccessfully是什么意思lub diabetes eheld的原型ducacommunication的动词形式tion service Lion exchanclubge MeetingMeeting successfully

On the morning of August 11, in order to better learn and understand the experience of diabetes publicity and education, a 14-member lions club delegation from Shenzhen, led by The president of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2017-2018, Tian Xingwang, went to Guheldenangzhou to conduct communication and learning on diabshenzhenetes education广东 service with Lions club of Guangdong. At the meet广东东莞天气ing, lion friends of the two placecommunication造句s exchclubmananged expguangdongerience ocommunicationn diabetes publicity and education.

Lions Club of Shenzhen 2017-2018 Presilion翻译dent Tian Xingwang, Second Vice Prconference是什么意思英语esident Weng Hua, Chairman nie Xiangdong of Zone 5, Chairman Dai Jihong of Zone 1, Coordinator Li Xiang of Global Service Team (GST) in Shenzhen, Chairman Fang Shilei of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Committee, Chclub是什么酒airman Ke Dehai of Diabetes Education Committee, etc. Fu Suiwen, president of guangdclub用英语怎么说ong Lions Clheld的原型ub 2017-2018, Zhan Xiaoyang, V深圳市最新疫情ice President, Zhang Chuhao, Vice Secrecommunication造句简单带翻译tary general,clubmed官网预订 LAN Jiansheng, President of Gl深圳obal Service Team (GST), Li Yuhan, Vice President, Yao Zhenzhu, former President, Zhang Feiyue, Vice President, Tian Jian, Huang Yonghong, secretary General, Feng Minshan and other leaders attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhan Xiaoyang and presided over by LAN Jiansheng.

Chairwoma广东财经大学n Zhang Feiyue explainedlions读音 the hazards and causes of diabetes from the perspective of doctors, and shared the experience of di广东工业大学abetes education service in Guangdong over the years around the featured activities such as brisk Walking, summitclub用英语怎么说 forum and s广东地图eminar on the model of community diabetes education service. Ms. Yao zhenzhu, chairman of Guangdong Lions Club diabetes Education Committee, introduced t广东东莞天气he work plan of th深圳疫情is year and sincerely invited Shenzhen Lions Club to participate in the world Diabetes Day on November 14.

Lalion怎么读ter, the two lion friconferencesends had in-depth exchanges on how to better carry out the service, enhance the influence of the service activities, improve the professionalism of the activities and how to follow up the management of the service objects.

Weng Hua, thcommunication的动词形式e second vice p深圳resident, said that he benefitecommunication造句简单带翻译d a lot fclubrom this exchange activilion的音标ty and fully felt the professionalism and delicacy of diabetes education of Guangdong Lions Club. Fu suiwen,club怎么读 president of Lions Club of Guangdong and Lions club of Shenzhen, expressed the hope that guangdong lions Club and Lions Club of Shenzhen would strensuccessfully是什么意思英语gthen the linkage and promote the development of public welfare undertakings through exchange, learning and joint services.

Tiacommunication翻译n Said that guangdong Lions Club has a lot of experience in dlion翻译iabetes education. The sclubhenzhen Lheld过去式和过去分词ilion翻译ons Club sent a grouplionfish to study and was moved by the strong supporheld的中文意思t from Guangdong Lions. This year, Shenzhen Lions club set up a diabetes awareness and educlubmancation committee, ho深圳疫情ping to lesuccessfully怎么读arn from thecommunication什么意思 experience of Guangdong Lions Club isuccessfully是什么意思英语n diabetes awareness and education, improve the public awareness of diabetes, expand the examination and treatment, and do better community services.

[Text] Lin Zeyun

[Photo] Lin Zeyun

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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