The 12th National Member Congress of the Domestic Lions Association was held smoothly

The 12th National Member Congress of the Domestic Lions Association was held smoothly

From July 26 to 28, 2017, the 12th National Member Congress of The Domestic Lion Associa褪黑素tion (hereinafter referred to as “the 12th Generation of the Assdomestic读音ociation”) was held in Shenyang Shengjing Culture and Art Center. Nearly 1,000 delegates from 14 regions across the countrdomestic是什么意思y discussed and deliberated various reports and motions of the FEDERATION, and elected members of the federation’s board of Directors and supervisory boarheld的中文意思d for 2017-2018.

Domestic lion fedomestically翻译deration chief representative in shenzhen, shenzhen federation of hou queen, domestic lion federation vice-chairman L褪黑素in Ziyu, snational是什么意思tanding directmembersmark啥牌子or of Su Zeran, President of shenzlions英语怎么说hen lions in 2017-2018, tian wang, the last President ShiJianYong, firstnational是什么意思 deputy chairman Ma Min, second deputy chairman WengHua, former President退婚后大佬她又美又飒 of Z童话故事heng Degang, XiaoXingPinational空调ng, Zhang桃花源记 Guojun, sand), Deputy Supervidomestically翻译sor Lidomesticallyao Rlions怎么读onghui, secretary General Zeng Shiyang and more than 50 people attended the meeting in Shenyang.

The congress is solemnationality怎么读n and grand

On the 26th, th同花顺e 12th generation meeting of the Federation was grandly opened. Jia Yonnational祝庆g, member of the Leading Party Group and Vice President of the Domestic桃花图片 Disabled Persons’ Federation; Shawash Gang, Secretary of the Leading Party Group and President of shenyang Disabled Persons’ Federation; Liu Xiaogang, International Direct童话故事or of Lions Club 2017-2019; You Hong, President of Lions Club Of Chinacongressional; Tang Xiaoquan, founder and adcongresswomanvisor of Lionassociation翻译s Club; Xu Wushun, Liu Lianteng, Lin Ziyu and Huang Wei, Vice Presidents; dai Jianmimembersng, supercongress翻译visorcongress; Fu Jun, deputy ins桃花源记翻译pector of Shenyang Disabled Persons’ Federation and other presidium members took their seats at the rostrum. The conference was chaired by Lincongress怎么读 Ziyu, Xu Wushun and Liu Liantencongressmeng, vice presidents ofheld中文 thassociation怎么读音e association respectively.

On behalf of SHENYANG Disabled Persons’ Federation, Chcongress和conference的区别airman Sha Gandomestication翻译方法g extended his sincdomestication翻译方法edomesticatere welcome andwash怎么读 gratitude to all lead退婚后大佬她又美又飒ers and representativeslions英语怎么说 attending the meeting. He said that shenyangmember怎么读 Disabled Persons’ Federation will continue to support the work of lions Club, give full play to the mutual benefit and puassociation用法及搭配blheld是hold的什么形式ic welfare naturnational daye of lions Club activities, seek cooperation and win-win situation, and promote social harmony. He wished the meeting a complete success.

Representatives attending the meeting listened to the 12th member representatilion是什么意思ve of the Domestic Lion Association confermemberence qualificanationalitytion examination repordomestication翻译方法t, the 2016-2017 annual council work report, finanmembers markcial work report, work report of the Board of Supervisors, The domestic lion federation constitution amendment, amendment of the domesnational祝庆tic lion federation work rules, establish the domestic lion federation rules and regulations, formulate measures madomestic怎么记忆nagement’s instructions, identified “domestic lion federation for charity organizatiowas是什么意思n the bill”, the 12th national fedememberration of domestic lion member representatmember翻译ive assemmembers是什么意思bly total scrutineer, scrutineer, JiPiaoRen suggestion list,upheld Reports on the candidates for the 2017-2018 couheldbackncil members of the Natiassociation什么意思onal Lions Associationational daynassociation and the candidates for the 2017-2lion是什么意思018 Supervisory Board of the National Lions Association. The next day, at the second plenary sesnational是什么意思scongress怎么读ion of the National Member Congress, delegates fromwasp all over the country approved a series of documents inclumembersding tnational空调he work report of the National Lion Asheld的原型sociation 2016-2017, the Finamembership什么意思啊ndomestication翻译方法cial Report of the National Lion Association 201association翻译6-2017, and the work report of the Board of Supervisors of the National Lion Association 2016-2017.

In orderthrough to furtherheld英语怎么读 improve the work report and rules and regulations of t桃花源记he Domestic Licongress怎么读on Association, the conference arranassociation什么意思中文翻译成ged the regional group discussion. The shenzhen group seminar was chaired by Shi Jianyong. Jia Yong, vice chairman of the Board of Directors, attended the group seminar of the Shenzhenassociation造句 delegation and listened to the opinnationality怎么读ions and suggestions of the dewas怎么读legates. The member representatives made suggestions and suggestions on the issues ofupheld membershnational是什么意思ip development and retention, party building, service activities, and blions怎么读uilding lions clubs with domestic characterisheldentics, and discussed in depth the new problems and challenges faced by the development of lioupheldns clubs in China under the new situation. Hou Yisha, president of the Board of Directors, said that she would establish a clionsooperativlions读音e mechanism witwash Shenzhen Lions Club to promote the work of Shenzhen Lions Club. It is suggested that lions club cooperate with internationassociation什么意思中文翻译成al famous universities to improve thheld英语怎么读e core competitiveness of Lions Club. He stressed that the lions club should defcongressmanine itself as “helping others and servinassociation什么意思中文翻译成g the society”. Jia Yong, vice chairman of the board of Directors, pointed out that under the new situation, we should activelionsly explore the exiswasting management mode of lions club, the development of lions club in China ccongressmenan learn from the excellent experience of foreign countries, and we should really build lions club with domestic characteristics. He encouraged the club membercongress和parliaments tothrough work together to promote the developdomestic反义词ment of lions clubs in China.

For the first time, the congress elected 50 directors and 13 supervisors of the nenational翻译w National Lions Associatidomestic是什么意思on by secret bheld的中文意思allot through electronic voting on the mobile informatioheld过去式和过去分词n platform. Five shenzhen Lions cldomestic翻译ub members, incdomestic翻译luding Liwashingtonn Ziyu, Tian Wangxing, Shi Jianyong, Ma Min and Zeng Shiyang, were ellions音标ected as directors of the new board of directors, and Su Zeran and Wu Xiaoming were elected ascongress和parliament的区别 supervisors of tnationalhe new board of Supervisors. Domestic lion federation elected the first meeting of the 2017-2018 the federation in 2017-2018 the President, vice President, treasurer, secretary-general, chinational怎么读ef financial officthoughter, the confederalions英语怎么读tion of Gu Yong elected a nedomestic读音w President, fauve elected vice President and secretary general, Lin Ziyu, Huang Hui, liao with male, ming-fei guo was elected vice President, Mwas是什么意思aiSiMingdomestic翻译 elected chief fwasteinancial officcongresswomaner; The first meeting of the Boardcongressional of Supervisors of the 2017-2018 natcongress和parliament的区别ional Lions Association elected tdomesticallyhe chairman and deputy Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of 2017-2018, and Slions英语怎么说u Ziran was elected as the chairman of the new board of supmember造句ervisors.

In recognition of the assembly to salute the inauguration

On the afternoon of 28th, shi Jianyong won the award of Outstanding Regional President, Su Zeran anassociation翻译d Zheng Degang won the award of Outstanding Cwash怎么读ommittee Chairmawash怎么读n, Lin Ziyu, Su Zeran, Shi Jianyong, Lin Tao, Zeng Shiyang and Sha Haiyu won the medal of association president, and You Hong, president of the Association, presented the award to the lion friends.

You Hong, Vinational是什么意思ce Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen, Xu Wushun, Vice Chairman of CCpit Xiamen, Liu Lianteng, and Secretary General of CCpit Xiamen received the hnationalitiesighest tribute fromlions all the representatives on the occasion of their retirement. The prolonged applause and cheers from the audience were the beslions是什么意思t praise for them.

You Hocongressionalng sanghelden “Let’s hecongressar it!”, and all lion fthroughriends applauded in unison. She was telling a straight story about her journey as the prmember可数吗esident of the National Lions Association since 2015 — the last two years of her busimembersmark啥牌子est, mdomesticateost hectic and exhausting career were also the happiest and happiest years fowas怎么读r her. She thanked morelions翻译 than 40,lions读音000 lion friends in China for their selfless dedicatidomestic翻译on, which enabwaspled her to have a deeper understanding of “feelings”, “service”, “growth” and “harmony”. She also thanked all lion friends for interpreting “life” with practical actions. She also thanked China Disabled Persons’ Federation and lion Friends for giving heupheldr the opportunity to contribute to the society without regret. She said that since the establishment of the Domestic Lion Association 12 years ago, all thnationality怎么读e work has achieved fruitful results, wish the association under the guidance of the new leadership team led by Chairman Jia Yong can make further progress and enhance the social influence of the assocnational怎么读语音播放iation.

The new leadershcongress和parliamentip took the oath of office and accepted the letter of appointment issued by the leadership of the association.

The newly elected president Jia Yong delivere童话故事d his inaugural speech, thanking all the lion friends for their recognition anwashingtond support, as well as all the leaders of the lion Friends who have laid a good foundation for thlions音标e development of the association. He said that under the current circumstances, the lion Club will continue tolions英语怎么说 improve itself in accordance with the requirements of the official authorities on club management and the charity Law, give full play to the talwas是什么意思ents of lion Friends, inherit brand同花顺 projects, focus on social services, and promote the development of lion clubs in various regions.

The edge will be wonderful

During the 12th generwassupation conference, the Lions Association also held a series of side events, including the pe童话故事ace poster award ceremony, the first annual conference odomestic反义词f the Lion Public Welfare Academy (lecturememberr’s night), the Captain forum, the Service Committmembershipee, the Publicity Committee, the Centennialassociation英语 Celebration celebration and exchange Seminar, the Lion Foundation Awarmembersmark啥牌子d Conference, the Majmembersmark啥牌子or Disaster Cocongressionalmmit褪黑素tee award conference and so on.domestic怎么记忆 Shenzhen Lions club member representatives actively participated in various side club activities and wonationalityn awarlionsds in vcongress什么意思arious activities. In orderhelden to further understand the lions Club, promote the work of the Lions Club and enhance the social influence of the Shenzhen Lions Club, President Hou Yisha attended the pelions英语怎么读ace poster award ceremwashingtonony and delivered a wonderful speech on behalf of the representaheld的中文意思tives of the local lions clubs. She says the peace pdomestically翻译oster contest is a professional job, but iwassupt means a lot tocongress翻译 the community andassociation可数吗 the Lions club. The Peace Poster Contest is a global charity even桃花图片t that not only promotes lion culture, cultivates the artistic talent of childlions英语怎么说ren, but also improves the organization ability of lions clubs. She expressed her gratitude to the Chinese Lion Federation and the Peace Poster Committee for sowing the seeds of peace with the spirit of publdomestic读音ic wedomestic翻译lfare and sassociation什么意思preadwash怎么读ing the positive energy of the Chinese nation in building a peaceful world. She hoped that everyone would coheld怎么读的ntinue to support the peace poster and wish the childrheld过去式和过去分词en in China could achieve bettmembersmark啥牌子er results anational翻译nd let the dove of peace fly higher and farther.

The solemn, democratic and wondercongressful 12th National Member Congress of the National Lion Association concluded in the good wishes of the natiomember可数吗nal lion friends, which means that the National Lion Aassociation什么意思中文翻译成ssociation will step step by step to a new level. Guided by the spirit of the twelve gener桃花图片ations of lions Club, Shenzhen Lionswasn’t Club will give full play to its advantages, seek progress in stability, achieve new leaps inlions英语怎么读 innovation and contribute to the development of limember翻译on cause.

[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Lin Yanfen

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Officdomesticatione

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