Lions Club of Shenzhen post-flood reconstruction study tour in eastern Guangdong

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In orflooding翻译der to promote the successful completioeasternn of the reconstruction work after the flood in eastern Guangdong and ensure the effectiveeastern use of the funds invested by Lions Club shenzhen, from December 27 tclubmed官网预订o 29, 2018, the Lions Club Project team inpostcrossing easlions的音标tern Guangdong westudy怎么读nt to Chaonan and Luhe to inspect the reconstruction project of the villagers shelter in Gangzhou Village and the renovation project of the decapitate houses in Luhe County. Shenzhen lions second deputy chairman zstudy的过去式hi-qiang lu 2018-2019 year, silver lake service captain angiotesin, first deputy captain Dong Jun, former captain Zhou Houliang, shake hanstudy翻译dshandle service capstudytain Steven Lin, first deputy captain Peng Dingkuan, third vice captain Peng Shi waves, transit service captain Su Bing vice captain Chen Weibing, second deputy captain aftpostalcode中国填写erglow, the third and so深证指数 on more than 10 people to participate in the investigpostcodeation.

Investigate the villagers shelter project in Gangzhou Village

On December 27, lu Zhiqiang, the second vice president of The 2018-2019 Lions Club of Shenzhen, Cuiclub用英语怎么说 Jie, the first vice leader of thelions英语怎么读 Silver Lakpostcrossinge Service Team, Dong Jun, zhou Houliang, the former teamtour是什么意思 leader, Zhou Xiuyao and Chen Xiaoxia went to Chaonan to inspect the project of rebuilding the shelter of Gangzhou Village after the flood disaster in eastern Guangdong.

Gangzhou village is sima pu town famous “flood village”, August 30 due to the eastern Guangdong flood disaster, the whole village was flooded, villagers transfer difficulties, serious losses. In order to solve the problem of resettlement of villagers affected by the disastetour怎么读r, the V深证指数illage committee oposterf Gangzhou Village decided tfloodgateo renovate the village office buildings, build villagers’ shelters, and impostcodeprove the comprehensive servicflood是什么意思e efficiency of village organizations. The Shenzhen Lions Club decided to fund the reconstruction project after the preliminary investigation and the second board reclubman是什么牌子车view.

On the morning of 27th, the lion friends set out ftoursrom Shenzhen and arrived in Chaonan at noon. They were warmly received bylionsgate Mr. Zhou, president of Chaonan Charity Assoclions读音iation.

In the afternoon, Zheng Jianwei, the secretary of Simapulions英语怎么读 town, Zheng Qiumingflood是什么意思, the mayor of Simaptour是什么意思u tfloodown and other leading cadres held a discussion with Shenzhen Lion Friends, reported the progress of the reconstruction of Gangpostgraduatezhou Village shelter and the budget of the project, and expressclub用英语怎么说ed their hearshenzhentfelt thanks to Shenzhetourn Lions Club for its sshenzhenupport.

Later, the lionstudy怎么读 friends drovtourist翻译e to gangzhou Village committee for a field trip, and with thelion是什么意思 villalionsgatege leadership in the simple village committee meeting room, the reconstruction of the new rural issues. The villageflood怎么读 committee leader said that Gang Zhou village has establisstudy的ing形式hed a nposterew rural construction promotion associatio深圳大学n, will give full play to thtour翻译e role of supporting, benefiting and protecting agriculture, the reasonable use of funds for effective supervision. Dostudy是什么意思ng Jun, the first vice captain, put ftourism是什么意思orward more reasonable suggstudy和learn的区别estions for the reconstruction of the shelter project from a professional perspecfloodstive.

Standstudy复数ing beside the beautiful riv深圳疫情er in front of the village committee, shiyou are looking forward to the bright future of Gangzhou Village, looking forward to every cent of the donation from Shenzhen Shiyou ctour是什么意思an be used in reality, and sincerely hoppostagee that the new shelter center can let the vilclublagers feel the warmth of the society in the face of the merciless natural disaster!

Investigate the renovation project of dilapidated houses in Luhe County

On Dshenzhenecember 29, shenzhen lions second deputy chairman zhi-qiang lu, silver lake service captain angiotesin, service captain Steven Lin, hand in hand, vice cclubsaptain Peng Dingtouringkuan 1 and 3eastern是什么节日, vice captain Peng Shi waves, transit service cclub用英语怎么说aptain Su Bing, second deputy captain affloodwaterterglow, lion, and tstudy和learn的区别he third, vice captain Chen Weibing friend Liu Minglang line 9 ppostcrossingeople to visiteasternmost Lu He Lu He county wei building renovation project.

Deng Weiluo, deputy director of Luhe Civil Affairs Bureau, reported the dispostcrossingaster situation in Luhe. He said that a total of 36 hopostaluses need to be repaired due to landslides caused by floods ineasterners eastern Guangdong. Luhe County will effectively supervise the use of 300,000 yuan donattouristed by The Lions Club of Shenzhen to ensure that the funds are usedeastern英语怎么读 effectively and live up to the love otouristf all Shenzhen lions f深圳大学riends.

Then, the lion friends came to dongkeng Middle School. The school principal and teachers introduced thepostgraduate situatio深圳大学n of the school, and pointed out that due topostalcode中国填写 the lack of funds, the schoeastern和east区别ol office did not have air costudy的现在进行时nditioning, pflood翻译rinter, need support to improve.

Then, the lion friends rushed to Bujin Primary School, listening to principal Peng introduced the development hiclub用英语怎么说story and teaching ststudy是什么意思atus of the school. Peng slionsgateaid the teachers’ offices have no air condilions英语怎么读tionilions英语怎么读ng or printers and school uniforms are in short supply due to lack of funds. Bujin Village Secretary Chen introduced that therlions英语怎么读e are 49 disabled households in Bujin village, andstudy怎么读 the poor households in the village are mainly poor due to ill深圳地铁线路图ness.

After a field visit to three plaeastern是什么节日ces in Luhe County, the lion friends developed corresponding renovation plans respectively and drove back to Shestudy是什么意思nzhen with love and positive energy, eagerly looking forward to the implementation of the landieastern是什么节日ng River renovatourism是什么意思ttour翻译ion project one by one.easternmost

【 Text 】 Chen Xiaoxia su Bingfloodwater

[Photo] Chen Xiaoxia su Bilions读音ng

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

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[Issued] Shenzhen Lionposts Club Office

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