Lions Club of Shenzhen held the lion business Training and Development Conference in zone 1 of 2019-2020

On July 13, 2019, Lions Club of Shenzhen held the lions Club Training and Development Meeting in Zone 1 of 2019-2020 in the Lions Club office of Shenzhen. The deputy secretary-general of shenzhebusinesswomann liolions的音标n Li Feng, chairman of the first zone Cui Weiying, partition the chairman Fang Shilei, yun-peng zhao, shui-jin Yang, Yi Shumin, rclub翻译ay hd, deputy ddevelopments翻译irector of the guide lion head Zeng Qingsen, deputy head of the party branch full of pine, GST, execlubmedcutive chatraining造句irman ofbusinessperson shenzhen area in wit andpassion, chairman of committee of membershitraining翻译中文p development and retention of LaoLilions英语怎么读Na, branch lecturer Qiu Hengying, And about 80 representatives from service teams in Region 1 attended the meeting. The meeting walionels chaired by Cui Weiying and fang Shilei.


Each service t深圳eam representative self-introdlions读音uclion是什么意思tion, and introduce the service team brand service pbusiness-methodrojects. Participants listen carefully and take notdevelopment同义词替换es to record the joint service projects. Afteheld是hold的什么形式r getting to know each other, the lion friendheld的中文意思s at the meeting had a warm exchange.

Chairman Chui wai ying introduced the four distrtrainingpeaksict chairmen of Zone 1 and made a summary speech on the service characteristics of eheld的中文意思ach team. She hoped that the teams could provitrainingpeaksde joint services as much as posclub翻译sible, either by joining forces with the stronbusiness的形容词g or helping the strong and stclubmedrengthening the relationship between lion friends and promoting the affectionlions读音 between lion friends. Chairman Chui Weiying said, “The eagle chooses the blue sky and has to be close to the wind. The seagulls choose the sea and dance with the wi深圳天气nd and waves; Whenclub翻译 lion friends choose red lion clothes, they choose dedicatiodevelopment怎么读n, giving and love. Chairmheld的意思是什么antraining翻译中文 Cui Weiying’s wonderful speech won warm applause from all lion friends.club怎么读

Li Feng interpretation of “the lion culture” lessobusinessn, from the lions clubheld的原型 international, domestic lion federation,lions的音标 the establishment of the shenzhen lion time, set up process began to explain, introduces the lions club of democrashenzhency and wheel zhuang, inheritance and accompany, diverstraining什么意思ity and inclusion, respect and recognition, cobusiness怎么读mmunilions读音cation and etiqlionsuettclubmed官网预订e andclub翻译 so on five big culture, as well as the servlionkkice of the organization structure, The main responsibilities anbusinesswomand division of work of eactraining翻译h position in the service team are introduced in detail. Through chairman Li Feng’s explanation, lion friends beneflion是什么意思it a lot and feel a lot.


Fong man song explains a lessheld怎么读的on onbusiness “Selion的中文意思rvice of lions Club” for participating lions club members. Course is an introduction to the describe the definiconference中文翻译tion and characteristics of lion social services, to carry out the steps and methods of the social sconference中文翻译ervice, change and effect the three aspects of the serclubmedvice, construct to explain the nature of the service fodevelopment同义词替换r you, not responsibility, more is not to show off, is through the meet baslion的音标ic demand, let the recipients inheld的中文意思ner strength to grow, to be responsiblheld的原型e for his own li深圳市最新疫情fe.


Chen Niadevelopmentnzhong and Lei Qingmingupheld respectively introduced the organizational structure of GST and Guide Lion Group and the work objectives of this year. They said that as the chairman and executive chairman of the speciaclubmed官网预订l work organheld的意思是什么ization, they would participate in every training or lion service work of the region and hoped that the lion friends attending the meeting would bring the essenceheld of the training back to the service team, so that more lion friends could ulions怎么读nderstand it.

The lioclubmann service training meeting success to expand,development翻译 th深证指数ank chairman Cui Weiying sponsorship fruit, mineral water, thanks to the special working melion翻译chanism of support, thank you for the first zone service attendance, it is everybody to continue to practice the “out” spirit, the lion culture to inheritance and development, to promote domestic charconference怎么读acteristic lions will keep moving forward.


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[Photo] Hu Lei

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