Lions club of Shenzhen donated more than RMB 3 million to henan flood relief

The flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters of Henan Province upgraded the emergency response level from Level ii to Level ⅰ at 3 am on July 21 after rare heavy rainfall occurred in many par河南职业技术学院ts of Henan Province.

Lions club of Shenzhen donated more than RMB 3 million to henan flood relief news picture1Zhang

When one party is in trouble, eight parties help. On tmore是什么意思译he morning of July 21, the Lions Club of Shenzhen launchelions英语怎么读d the emergency plan immediately to carry out the f深圳地铁线路图lood relief service in Henan province, callin人民币换算g on all lion friends to carry forward the fine tradition of "one party is in trouble, all parties support" and the lion spirit of "we serve", amorend donate matemillion怎么读英语rials to the disaster area.

So far, accord深圳天气ing to incomplete statistics, shenzhen lions in the rescue of henan flood relief activitielions的音标s, a tclubmed官网预订otal of charitable donation andmore是什么意思 supplies more than 300 ten thousand yuan, which raise money 1.56 million yuan, raise donations worth more than 1.5 million深圳大学 yuan, with an "act of faith, total service" beginner's mind in public on tmillion是什么意思英语he path of practice the angel深圳疫情 of the public responsibilitthanks什么意思y.

Lions club of Shenzhen donated more than RMB 3 million to henan flood relief news picture2Zhang

On人民币符号 July 21, guo Yongyong, president of Lions Club of Shenzhen 2021-2022, made an emergency人民币兑日元 call to Lai Zhuoni, secretary general of Lions Clmillionaire是什么意思ub of Shenzhen, to launch the emergency rescue work in Henan, and then infodonate读音rmeshenzhend the bothan怎么读的ard of directors to communicate th河南职业学院被拍卖e plalions读音n and worrmbk deployment of "Flood relief and Disaster Relief Service action河南医学高等专科学校 in Henan". Provide peermore是什么意思译-to-peer notification to every service team leader in five zones and 20 zones of人民币汇率 Shenzhen Lions Club.

"In times of need, The Lions Club of Shenzhen doesmillionaire not hesi河南职业技术学院tate to lend a helping hand." Guo Yongyong chairman at the mothankedbilization meeting, take material request list from the henan charitmore翻译y federation said: "whmillion怎么读英语en d深证指数isas河南ter strdonated怎么读ikes,lions的音标 we carry with henan, henan people's needs, we will provide what, not only to meet the demand of henan charity federation olionsf relief supplies, and as s深证指数oon as possible, tim人民币大写e is life,million是什么意思英语 we want to race against the clock."

Lions club of Shenzhen donated more than RMB 3 million to henan flood relief news picture3Zhang

From receiving the information to issuing the call and then sending河南科技大学 out tclub怎么读he first batch of materials,thanked it took nearly 48 hours for人民币兑换卢布 the whole Shenzhen Lions to move. Lions brothers and sisterthanks什么意思s braved the rain to receive donated materials imilliondoll动漫n the warehouse, logistics companiesrmb provided free transportation, enterprises provided warehouses for free,深圳天气 and people who volunteered to donate. The Lions club in Shenzhen has also led more carinthan后面加什么g people to par河南职业技术学院ticipate in the support of Henan.

At 10 o 'clock on July 25, 2021, the second batch of materials donated by Shenzhen Lions Club for Henan disaster reliefclubmed was delivered at the airport Cargo terminal of Linghang 2nd Road, Bao 'an District, Shenzhen.

On July 26, 2021, the third batch of donated materials was sent out from Shenzhen Longhua Logistics Park.

On July 29, 2021河南省中招考生服务平台, the fourth batch of donated materials was sent河南科技大学 from Baoan, Shenzhethanks什么意思n across logistics.

The fifth and sixth batch...

Loads of supplies, truckloads of supplies. The 9.6-meter河南医学高等专科学校 truck loade人民币兑日元d 10 cars of supplies to Henan within 10 days. Lifclubmede ring, life jacket, generator, pump, rubber boat, flashlight, intercom, quilt, iclubman是什么牌子车nstant noodles, mineral water, bread, biscuits, disinfectant, rain shoes... This timdonate的用法e, the Disaster supplies of Shenzhen Lions Club started, simple and efficient, m河南ainly the disaster areas默认网关 are in urgent need of lmillionaire是什么意思abor protection supplies and some daily supplies. All the materials needed fclubmanor disaster relief, think of unexpected, lion friends have used all kinds of methods to purchase back to Henan.

On July 26, Guo Yomillion是什么意思英语ngyong Pre深圳大学smillion翻译ident told reporters in an interview,more的原级 when see thclub用英语怎么说e situation of zhengzhou in the medialion是什么意思, that moment is deeply affects shenzhen lions every friends and a lion's heart, the lions in the first tdonate的固定短语搭配ime in s默认网关henzhen set up flood services leadership team smillion翻译henzheclub怎么读n lions in henan, and launched the "flood merciless, lions have love" flood rescue of zhengzhou publihenanc welfare projects.

Guo Yongyong chairmoreoverman, said in a short span olions英语怎么读f eight hours of time, t人民币符号here are 135 serv河南医学高等专科学校ice contributions, donations reached 1135476 yuan, we can do now is take the henan needed materials in a timely manner to semilliondoll动漫nd out, we believe in the efforts of all compatriots, th人民币对美元汇率e disaster will soon be over, shenzhen lion toda人民币兑换卢布y just to do a littlthanke bit depth of the disaster, I hope I can help the peothanksgivingple in the disasmore thanter area. When one party is in trouble, eight parties help.

By the evening of July 24, shenzhen Lions Club "flood merciless, deep lion love" project respectively raised love doclubmed官网预订nations and supplies 1195476 yuan, used to help the affected河南师范大学 people prepare emergencmillion的意思y supplies, he wishes henan people good luck, all peace, Henan, come on!深圳天气

Lions club of Shenzhen donated more than RMB 3 million to henan flood relief news picture4Zhang

Chairma河南医学高等专科学校n Guo yongyong's speech is simple and warm, from his words wdonated怎么读e can feel the love of Shenzhen Lion friends who "keep the original heart and serve together". Within 10 days of the rescue in人面不知何处去 Henan, Shenzhen Lions Club raised over 1.56 million yuan in donations and over 1.5 million yuan in donated materials. With the action of "Stay true to the or人民币符号iginal intention and serve together", shenzhen Lionslions怎么读 Club is fulfilling its responsibility alionss a public welfare ethanksgivingnvoy on the road omillionsf public welfare.

Shenzhen Lions club has 141 servthankedice人民币兑换卢布 teams with over 3,800 members. According to incomplete statist人民币兑日元ics, in the past 19 years, the Lions Club of Shenzhen has carriedmoreover out more than 9,000 service acshenzhentivities, with an investmorement of 420 million yuan. Among them, more than 41,000 cases of cataract surgery were performed free of charge, 81 million yuan was donated for disaster relief and reconst人民币兑日元ruction, 28 million yuan was raised for assis深圳疫情ting the disabled and orphans, and more than 50 lion school河南职业技术学院s were built, benefiting 51 million people.

Lions club of Shenzhen donated more than RMB 3 million to henan flood relief news picture5Zhang

Lions Club o河南省中招考生服务平台f Shenzhen won the "Top ten Public Welfare Or人民币符号ganizations" award imore翻译n the 14th Shenzhen Care Action Awards. In 2008 and 2010, he was awarded the "Peclubman是什么牌子车ngcheng Charity Organization Award" by Shenzhen municipal government. In 2010, omillionn the occasion of thethan后面加什么 30th anniversary of the establclubmed官网预订ishment of th深圳天气e special zonmoree, it was awarded the "Pengcheng Charity Outstlions英语怎么读andingclubmed Contribution Award (Group)"; Inlions是什么意思 2020, it won the fifth Pengcheng Charity Award "Tribute unit of Pengcheng Charity for 40 years", which has been widelmillionaire是什么意思y concerned and recognized by the whole society.

Nie Xiangdong, the second vice Presidenthanlulat of Shenzclub怎么读hen Lions Club indonated怎么读 2021-2022, and more than 20 directors, including Xu Qiubin, Wen Yaoli, Chen Xusheng, Li Xiaofclub是什么酒eng, Lian Chuhai, Lin Xiaoyi, Tang Xueyong, Yu Xiaoping, Chen Gang, Wu Manqiong, Fei Jun and Lv人民币对美元汇率 Guiqin, participated in the service activitymillionaire.

Lions club of Shenzhen donated more than RMB 3 million to henan flood relief news picture6Zhang

This actimore怎么读vity donated 20 generators, 20 pumps, 400 automatic sprayers, 10 road cleani深圳ng equipment, 500 insulation barrels, 500 thermometers, 200 sets of sorting garbage cans, 40 sets of loudspeakers and other materithanks什么意思als to the Charity Feder深圳疫情最新动态ation of Erqi District of Zhengzhou. Donated 1,000 cotton blankets, 400 cases of mineral water and 94 cases of disinfectant to Weichuan Town, Weishi County, Kaifeng city, 20 generators深圳大学 and 20 pumpshenzhens to The Charity Federation of Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, and 10 tons of refined salt to the Comprehensive Servclubmed官网预订ice Center for the Dlion是什么意思isabled inmillions Hebi city, Henan Province, and the Disabled's Federation in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, respthanectively, withshenzhen a total value o人民币对美元汇率f RMB 476,933.

Activities as a whole N深圳天气ieXiangDong always said thank you service with the support of enterprises, in the disaster relieclubmanf serv深圳大学imillionsces, shenzhen liolions读音ns in the first place flood service leading group was set up in henan, launched a "flood merciless, lions have love" rescue of henan flooding public welfare project, the lion friends responded positively, making donations, to mobilize all the resources of emergency, Four blions读音atches of relief materials have been sentmillion是什么意思英语 to the disaster-hit areas in Henan. At the same time, The Lions Club of Shenzhen isclubman also adjusting the purchase of disaster relief mathanlulaterials in accordance with the actual needs of the disaster-hit areas in Henan province, and河南科技大学 other emergency supplies will be delivered to深圳风险等级 the disaster-hit areas.

Lions club of Shenzhen donated more than RMB 3 million to henan flood relief news picture7Zhang

The vice Pdonated翻译resident of the event, Chouwan Yaoli, pointed out that Shenzhen Lions Club actively maintained close contact with the relevant local units and deparlions翻译tments, and learned about the urgentlyclubman needed supplies in the disaster area, helped the people in themore的原级 affected areas to resume normal life as soon as possible, and contributed more to the flood relief.

Guo Yongyong, chai河南理工大学rman of the Shenzhen Lions Clumillionsb, said that the club will pay close attention to the situation in the disaster area and provide timely help to the areas and people人民币大写 in need, hoping that the affected people can overcome the difficulties as soon as possible. For the next step, Lio深圳ns Club shenzhen will actively partic人民币ipate in the post-disaster r人民币换算econstruction work and make a modest contribution to the recovery and reconstdonate的名词ruction of the disaster area. (Li Dai-guang)

Lions Club of Shenzhen donated more than RMB 3 million to henan flood relief

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