Torch Relay for Peace – Lions Club of Shenzhen launched the “Journey of Peace” theme service promotion activity

To commemorate the 38th United Nations “World Peace Day” and to spread the concept of peace, the Lions Club of Shenzhen held the “Journey of Peace” themed service promotion activity at Lixinhu Cultural Innovation Dream Park in Shenzhen on September 21, 2019.

The erelay继电器vent was organized by Shenzhen Lions Club, gui深圳疫情ded by Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, organizethemeplazad by Shenzhen Lixinhu Mengxiang Cultural and Creative Park and Liu Chunfang Education, and organized by 10 service teams inclulions英语怎么读ding Shenzhen Lions Club Zhengdao and Diwang. Co-organized by Hou Xiuting Art Center, Deailaunched翻译 Association, Sea Securities, Huake Art Scholaunched是什么意思英语ol, Shenzhen Jiande Medical rescue Servicepeaceminusone Operation Co., LTD., Dream smart piano, Shenzhen Genetorch怎么读ral Cultural Research Asspeacebird是什么品牌衣服ociat深圳风险等级ion, Slions是什么意思henzhen Defu Kangtai Biological Technology Co., LTD., Baominli Water Suzuka Shenchang (Guangdo深圳市最新疫情ng) Beverage Co., LTD.

Counselor in guangdolionsng province, shenzhen Hu, forelay怎么记rmer vice clion是什么意思hairman of the Chinese pelionsgateople’s political consultative conference circumference shenzhen lions club President of 2019-2020,journey Du Hengkun WengHua, secretary-general, deputylions翻译 seclub怎么读cretary-general MiaoJun scene, the fclubman是什么牌子车irst twenty district chairman liu the sea, peace cotorch感染是什么mmittee chlaunchedairman Qiu Hongying posterlions怎么读, executive chairman hou keven hsieh, Hou Xiuting, Cui Xianfeng, Wei Qiaozhu, GST, executive chairman of Hualion是什么意思中文翻译ng Shaofang, Zhu Shengjie and Ljourney歌曲iu Chunfang, president of Deai Association, fuhai communitypeace翻译 volunteers, peace po深圳风险等级ster instructor, partpeaceful是什么意思icipating students and parents and more than 300 people participated in the activity.The activity was hosted by Gao Ling and Meng Chun.

The event was highlightpeace翻译ed by shenzhen SATELLrelay raceITE TV, Domestic economic nerelay翻译twork, Shenzhen Commercial Daily, Crystal Daily, Tencent News, Sohu, Shenzhen mobile video and other mainstream media.

Vice President Zhou changhu spoke highly of the significance of thelaunched是什么意思torch火花塞Peace Journey” theme service promotion activity, stressing that peace is the foundatioclubmedn of harmonious coexistence and friendship among people and the highest affirmat深圳天气ion of the meaning of life. She encouragedlaunched的中文意思 children to acttheme和topicively participate in the collection of peace poster works.

Zhou Changhu, Vice-chairman -2. JPG

Weng hua, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, pointed out that shenzhen Lions Club has held the peace poster contest for 14 consecutive years, hoping that the seeds of peaclions翻译中文e will take root andrelay继电器 sprotorch翻译ut ipeaceful翻译n every child’s hearelayerrt. He wished the children good results in this peace poster campaign and strive for international awards.

Weng Hua, President

Liu chunfang shared the ppeace翻译rothemely主题官网cess of making the peace dove screlay继电器ulpture and called on eligible children to actively participate in the creation of peace posters and strive for the international stage for themselves.

Liu Chunfang JPG.

Zhu shengjie expressed the storch感染是什么upport of the Association for peace posters, hoping that everyone loves peace and supports peace.

Tak Ai hui Zhu President

President Qiu hongying expressed her gratitude to the leaders of lion frilions的音标ends for attending the event and affirmed the hclub是什么意思igh speedclub, high standard and high quality of the preparation team. She pointed out that peace posters helrelay怎么读p to cultivate children’s lofty aspirations and broaden their horizonpeacefuls. Shlion是什么意思e hoped thtorch五项是检查什么at children can imagine peace in their hearts and strive to win the global cpeaceful是什么意思hampion of intpeace&love啥意思ernational posters.

Qiu Hongying - JPG

Then, lealion是什么意思中文翻译ders of shenzhen Lions Club, representatives of sponsors, co-organizers and ptorch什么意思eace angels campeacefule to the stage to light the torch. As the first leg of the torch handover, the torch was solemnly passed to the peace Postjourney下载er Committee and clion是什么意思o-organizers. Th深圳e second torchtorch什么意思bearers ran to show their respect for peace and passed the torch to the peace angels, the school teachers and students, anclub用英语怎么说d the German Love Association. The teams passed the torch in an orderly fashion, and the light of peace flowed in everyone’s heart…

The torch relay lighting ceremony

To the music of “Country”, the students and lion friends formed the formation of “70” to express their hpeace翻译igh respect to thepeaceful翻译 70th anjourney游戏niversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Lion fellow, studthemely主题官网ent reprrelay继电器esentativlions英语怎么读es performed “I love my country”, “song ofrelay race peace”, “the African drum ~ I believe”, “why the flowers so red”, “colorful dreamclubmed home”, “spotlight” and “calories”, “in the place o深圳天气f peach blossoms”, street dance performancestheme and other events, frelay raceully expressed the love of the motherland, has won the applause of tpeaceful是什么意思he audience.

Finally, all the chijourney下载ldren colored tlions的音标he dove three-dimensional sculpture together, and painted the colorful peace in their hclubmanearts. At the same time, there wa深圳地铁线路图s also the activity of The Longgang Branch of Huake Art School, whicrelay翻译h was chaired by Xie Wenke. More than 200 lion frientheme下载ds, teachers, students and parenpeacemakerts participated in the prelay怎么读ainting activity of “Love, Peace and Colorful Life”.

[Text] Qiu Peng

[Photo] Qiu Peng

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijuan & NBSP; Lin Yanfen

[Typesetting] Du Shaoheng

[Issued] Shenzhen Liclubmed官网预订ons Club Office

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