Notice | shenzhen lions list 2018-2019 annual honorary recognition of the board of supervisors of the public

Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019 Honorary List of board of Supervisors announced


Service t深圳疫情最新动态eams:

According to “Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019 Honorary Commendation Plions读音lan of Board of Supervisors” and combined with the lion worhonorary是什么意思k of the Board of Supervisors, the list of 2018-2019 Honorary Commendation list of board of Supervisors is hereby seleclisten1手机版下载ted and announced. The detaile深圳风险等级d list iannual的名词s in the attachment.

If you have any objection to the above results, pleaseannual write to the shenzhen Lions Club office at Contact person:recognition Zhonotice的形容词u Wenguang, tel: 0755-25688930

Publicity time: July 12notice用法 – July 19.

      &listnbsp;   &nbsp深圳天气;                       &nbsplion是什么意思中文翻译;   &notice作文nlistbsp;                       &nb深圳sp;   &annual造句nbsp; &nlistbsp;        Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club

  &nbspannual是什么意思;   &nbs深圳疫情p;               &nbsannualp;           &nblions翻译中文sp;               &nnotice同义词bsp;     &annual怎么读nbsp;                 &nnoticebsp;   July 12, 2019






Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019 Honorary List of Board of Supervisors

(Public Release)


(Irecognition和recognization的区别) Shenzhen Lions Club 2018-2019 Outstanding Contribution Award

Hongxiang Zhang, Aijun Li, Daoming Wang, Jrecognition怎么读ian Zhlistang, Zong Chen & NBSP;listen , Chen Qiufen, Wu Yuqiong, Feng Qijiang, Gao Ling, Cao Haihong, He Xinrlionsgateu


(2) 2018-2019 Outstanding Supervisohonorary翻译r of Shenzhen Lions Club

Zou Ruitangannual是什么意思, Zhlionsang Tengfang, Mr Liu, Peng Yanling, Jiang Changbing,list背单词 zhen onannual造句 glisten翻译old, good QuZh深圳疫情最新动态ang, wen-hao lu, Wu Fang, GanDingZhonotice作文ng, zhong-cheng Yang, Gu Yaohua, Tracy li, Lin Qinglong, li chao, Zheng Zhuoyu, Chen ya, Hnotice的形容词uang Xingmin, Huang Yishao, Zhao Nian really, Liu Zhili, Lu Jin, He Yuanzhen, JingXinHui, Chen ting, Zeng Qingsen, Zhongrecognition的动词 Zhiming, li Juan, peng universal

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