Shenzhen Lions Club held the establishment and donation ceremony of anti-drug propaganda committee

Concerted drug control & NBSP; Propaganda first

— Lions Club of Shenzhen held the establishment and donation ceremony of anti-drug educatceremony的名词ion Committee


On June 23, 2020, on the occasion of the 33rd International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Lions Club of Shenzhen held the establishment and donation ceremony of the Anti-drug Propaganceremony造句da Committee in its office, and donated 100,000 YUAN to the Shenzhen Anti-drug Foundation for anti-drug propaganda activheld中文ities.

Zhong Miantigenotong, Deputy Director of Shenzhedrugn Drug Control Office and Deputy Dirdrugstore是什么意思ector of Shenzhen Municipal Publilions读音c Security Bureau; Su Zeran, member of Sdrugstore是什么意思henzhen CPPCC, former supervisodonation动词形式r of Domestic Lions Assocclub怎么读iation and former president of Shenzhen Liondonation可数吗s Club; Chen Xuemei, Chairman of Shenzhen Anti-drug Foundation; Shenzhen lions club President of 2019-2020, WenganticipateHanti前缀ua, zhi-qiaantiqueng lu, vice chairmceremony复数形式an of the first and second deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, secretary-general Du Hengkun, dean of general affair Liao Ronghui, long picket Du Peng, deputlionsgatey secretary-general Xu Qiubin, thirantimalware占用内存过高d Cai Min, chairman of the zone, partition chairman Fang Shilei, Yi Sdrug翻译humi深圳市最新疫情n, kevinbales, Wei Xin new, li xiaofenupheldg, drug control mission committee chairman Xie Suguang, Executivantie chairman Zou Xiangdong, Zhao Guangming attendceremony用什么介词ed the event. Fang Shilei presided over the event and introduced the guests.


Wanticipateeng Huashenzhen, chairman of ccPIT Xiamen, made a speech and extdrug药appended heartfelt thanks to the lion friends,lions shenzhen Anti-drug Office and Shenzhen Anti-drug Foundation for tlions读音heir support to this event. He said that in order to stre深圳地铁线路图ngthen the anti-drug publicity and education work, this year established the anti-drug publicity and education committee; Shenzhen lion will under the condition odrugfantibody the epidemic control, joint city says, city shenzhen part of primary and secondary schools, community anti-drug foundation, drug policy, popularceremony怎么读ize knowledge, explain the harm of drug, enhance the primary and mestablishment是什么意思iddl深圳市最新疫情e school studentheld中文s and the masses is poison, antivirus, refusing HIV awareness, together to build a national drug good social atmosphere. He hoped that in the New Year, under the ledrugstore翻译adershiestablishment是什么意思p of President-elect Lu Zhiqiang, the Anti-drug Publicity Committee would continue to play its role and do a better job in anestablishmentti-drug publicity.


Weng Hua, President of CCPIT Xiamen,donations predonation动词形式sented the appointment certificate to Xie Suguang, chairman of anti-drug Propaganda and Educatiolionsn Committee for 2019-2020, and Zdonation可数吗ou Xiangdong and Zhao Guangming, executive chairmen.


Deputy Director Zhong Miaotong delivheld怎么读的ered a speech, congratulating shenzhen Lions Club on the establishment of the 2019-2020 Anti-drug Propaantimalware占用内存过高ganda and Education Committantiqueee on behalf of THE NATIONAL Narcotidrug药骗局cs Control Office, and expressing heartfeldonation动词t thanks to Shenzhen Lions Club for its care, helpdonations and active participation in the anti-drug cause. The donation of anti-epidemic materials to the Anti-drug detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau was acknowledged jointly with shenzhen Charity Society. He supheldaid that anti-lionsgatedrug work is the common responsibility of the whole society and hoped that people will continue to care and support anti-drug work and actively promote new development of anti-drug public welfare undertakings.


Then, all present lilionson friends recite the anti-drug declaralionsgatetion on stage.


Finally, Shenzhen Lions Cllion是什么意思中文翻译ub donated 100,000 yuan to shenzdrug药apphen Anti-drug Foundation. Chairman Xie Suguang and Chairman Chen Xuemei signed the contr深证指数act, witnessed by Deputy Director Zhong Miaotong深圳, CPPCC member Su Zeran, Chairman Weng Hua, First Vice-chairheld过去式和过去分词man Lu Zhiqiang, second Vice-chairmalions翻译中文n Guo Yongyong andlions英语怎么读 Secrdrug是什么意思etary-General Du Hengkun. The lion friends, guestlions翻译中文s aclub用英语怎么说pplaud congraheld的原型tulations.


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