High-tech service team held a regular working meeting in May

      &nbsheldp;   &nbsptech; On the evening of May 21, 2014, the may regular meeting of Shenservice是什么意思中文翻译zhen Lions Cmeetinglub hiworkinggh-tech Service Team was held in Chen Qunhao Lion Sister restaurant. The regular meeting reported and discussed the recent work, and celebrated the birthday of Shenzhen Lions Club high-tech Service Team in May.
&nregularlybsp;           The regular meeting discussed the activity plan of Yangjianmeeting怎么读英语g City Bright liservice是什么故障灯ne, deciregularizationded to unite the Sheservicebionzhen Lions Association xixiang, Xin ‘anhighlight servicemaya tearegular反义词m, Xiaoming Eye Bank Fund, & LDquo; Hundred & throughout; Frmaydayom June 6 to 8, 2014, the Love Fund, Loushang Company of Bservice和serve的区别aoqing and Dadu Companregular的名词y o蚂蚁庄园今日答案f Guoqiang carried out the Guangdong Yangjiang Bright Action activity, prmeetingoviding 80 to 100 free surgeries for poor cataract patregularients. The cam蚂蚁庄园今日答案paign was founded. Ymeeting的音标angjiang Charheldenity Guangming Travel & RDquo; The organizing committee of the event shall set up groups for medical treatment, service, logregularizationistics, coordination antechniquesd pubheld怎么读的licity. Li Hongjin is in蚂蚁 charge of the registration of participants.
            Tregularityhe regular meeting determined the agentechniquesda of the 2014-2015 annual transition ceremony of high-tech Service Team, and made arrangementhigh怎么读s for the financial handover work after the transition and the collection of membership fees for 2014-2015.
&nbsp蚂蚁放大后有多可怕;           In 2013-2014, hi-tech Service Team broke the previous record in terms ofhighly new member development, iregular的名词ndividuaheld是hold的什么形式l donation, service activity times, service activity funds, regular meetings, and the number of lionmeetingyou是什么意思s attending regular meetings and service activities. All lion friends of high-tech Service Team thank deng Yi, the president of this year, for his hard work in the past year,teams手机版 affiworkingrm his excellent organizational leadership, and pay tribute to him!

Article/photo & hregular翻译ave spent Li Hua


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