Chinese Business Service Team: Held the fourth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On October 28, 2020, the fourth regular meeting of Chinese Business Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Meinwen Xiang Restaurant, Futian Distbusiness怎么读rict. Chinese service captain cervical, all the previous captain even lesmeeting腾讯会议s ChuHai, first deputy captain lai penang, second deputy captain, vice captain Zhangheld的中文意思 Feihong chardin, third, anservice是什么意思中文翻译d the captain Kchinese new yearen ng, formemeeting翻译r caregular什么意思ptain Dai Jialin, secretary de-qiang gan, financial Tang Ping, picket Jiangregular的所有形式 Wen soldier, lion enterprise service members xiao-ming ye members Chen Yixiang, medical and health care, lteamsove, harmony moment and so on more than 20 people were preseregularlynt at the meeting. Lu Zhiqiang, president of Shenzregular翻译hen Lions Club, Tan Fei, Deputy Supervisor, Zhang Zheqin, chairman of The first Zone, Qin Pan,service是什么意思 general manager of Huaizhuanheldbackg Rmeeting腾讯会议ed Classic and Hengyuan Wine, Yin Yaya, public welfare host of Schinesehenaibang and other guests attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired bymeeting的音标 Mr Lbusinessmanai Siu-pin and chaired by Mr Kam Tak-keung.

Chardanorteam是什么意思翻译 introduced the leaders and guests present.   &meetingtencentcomnbsp;         &nteam什么意思bsp; &nbregular的名词sp;          chinese new year;

Captain Pan shengquan announced the service activities co-organized by The Chinese business Service teamchinese new year this month, sucregularly意思中文翻译h as sunshine talents,heldback the most beautiful sanitation worbusiness的形容词kers, blue action, etc., and explained the content and significance of the bheld怎么读的rand project "Lion Marcservice怎么读h road" of the Cchinese new yearhinese business Service team. Captain Pan alsteamproo shared his experience in the leafourth缩写dership training, emphasizing the truebusinesslike responsibility of Lions Club.

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The leadefourthlyr of the Pioneering team of Wu Jian briefed the progress of the preparation of the "Lion March" and shared the touching and wonderful events broughteam什么意思t by the charity walk in Chishui, Guizhou.

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Tang Ping makes monthly financial reports. Later, Zhang Feihong, Jiang Wenbinheld是hold的什么形式gfourthly and Chardanor shared their post responsibilities.

Lian Chuhai, forteamsmer team leader and former team leader Dai Jialin, made a wonderfregular翻译ul speech, expressing gratitude to thheld是hold的什么形式e lion friends invited to participate in the Long March. We hope that you can support and actively participate in the longregular是什么意思英语 March.

Lu Zhiqiang, Chairman of ccPIT Xiamen, Tan Fei, Vice Supervisor of CCPIT Xiamen, abusiness是什么意思nd Zhang Zheqin, chairman of CCPIT Xiamen rbusiness-methodespectivmeeting怎么读英语ely put forward guiding opinions and suggestteams会议ions on the development of CCpit Xiamen, and affirmechinese翻译d the growth and achievementregularitys of CCpit Xiamen. They hoped ccpit Xiamen would make continuous effchinese new yearorts to impregularrove the coregular什么意思nstruction of CCpit Xiamen.

Chen Yujiheldena and Yong Xiaohui shared their speech. General Manager Qibusinessmann Pan explained the whole title sponsorship of "Lion March road". Yin Yaya introduces herself.

After the meeting, we had a pleasant dinner together. Thanks to Captain Pan Shenteamog for sponsoring drinks for the dinner.

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By Gan Deqiang

Photo/Wu Shengjregularly意思中文翻译in

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