South China Sea Service Team: Held the 2016-2017 annual Council meeting and the sixth regular meeting

South China Sea Service Team: Held the 2016-2017 annual Council meeting and the sixthsealed regular meeting

On tmeeting腾讯会议he afternoon of March 12, 2017, the 2016-2017 annual Bteam什么意思oard meeting and the sixheld是hold的什么形式th regularseal meetingseason of Shenzhen Lions Club South China Sea Service Team was successfully held in the conference room, 1st Floor, Building A, Rongchao Bheld中文inhai Building, Bao ‘an District. Shenzhenchina lions third division President froheldbackmmeeting是什么意思中文翻译 2016 to 2017, the service of thsouth africae south Chinachina翻译 sea by the previous captain operation shouldsouth be flourishingsouth的形容词, the service of the south China sesouth翻译a captain He Yuanzhen, first deputy captain Ma Feng, second deputy captain vice captain Liang Peilin badad chau, third, former captain Qiu Wenlin, secretary of prosthodontic, financial taya, general raychina读音, sergeants-at-arms reater forty percent omeetingyou是什么意思f 19 people were present at the meeting. Mr. Zhang Shijun, directeamotor of Lions Clubhelden of Shenzhen 2016-2017, was present at the meseateting. The meeting was presided over by Ma Feng.

President Cao Yingwang called on all lion club members to register foheld中文r the election of district cserviceouncil member of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018, and informed about the eleheld过去式和过去分词ction of member representatives to pseaarticipate in the 15th Lions Club congressseason of Shenzhen. Tsouth africahe meeting confirmed the name list of the South China Seaheld怎么读的 Service team to attend the general Assembly.

Captain He Yuanzhen announced the recent work, called on lion friends to actively partseaticipate in the second Lion Festival carnival activseasonities, and urged everyone to sign up for the 100th lions Club intemeetingtencentcomrnational annual conference. Zhang shijun, the leader of lions Club, shared the culture of lions Club. He said that Lions Club shenzhen is a big family and they are always present where there is a nseasons什么意思eed.

The meeting ended in a rigorous, pleasant and efficient atmosphere. Special thchina翻译anks to Li Fengzhou for providing the venue support for this regular meeting anteams会议d inviting everyone to dinnheld的原型er.

By Li Yong

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