The fourth district Council of Lions Club of Shenzhen was held successfully in 2013-2014

The fourth district Council of Lions Club of Shenzhen was held successfully in 2013-2014

    &nb深圳市最新疫情sp; &fourth缩写nbsfourth的基数词p;     On June 7, 2014, the fourth District Council of Lions Cheldenlub shenzhen for 2013-2014 was successfuwastelly held in the multi-funcsuccessfully patched是什么意思tion Hall of Lions Club office in Shenzhen. Wu Xiaoming, 2013-2014深圳大学 President of Shenzhen Lions Club, Lin Ziyu, president深圳疫情 desiglions读音nate, Lin Tao, first vice president designate, Shi Jianyong, second vice presfourthlyident designate and other directowasrs attended the meeting. Ms Cheng Wai-ling, Chairman offourth的音标 District 4washed,lionsgate chaired the meeting.wasn’t
            President Wu Xiaoming briefed the spirit of the ninth National Congress of the Association and made a detailed interpretation of the work plan of the association in the coming year. Looking forward to the focus of thewas怎么读 work in the coming year, the worklion是什么意思 arrangement in the coming year is to do two major events and do five aspects of the work, two major events are respectively the 10th anniversary of the federatioclub翻译n of commemocouncil词根rative activities and “domestiwassupc lion federation & LDquo; thirteenth five-held的中文意思year & RDquo; develfourth造句opment placouncil和committee的区别nning outline”; The five taskscouncils are as follows: 1. Taking the core value system as the guide, strengthen thdistrict造句e member team constrlionsuction; Second, consolidate the three-level organizational swasn’tystem with the fclubman是什么牌子车ocus on the construction of service teams; Third, take the China Lion Foundation as the starting point to improve the ability of sheld的原型ociawashedl sersuccessfully是什么意思英语vice; Strengthen and improve thlions英语怎么读e training work, improve th深圳天气e leheldvel of conference management; Fifth, strengthen the self-construction of the Federation and strwasengthen the organization and leadersheld的中文意思hip of the work of the plenary sessi深圳疫情最新动态on. In addition, the 9th congress also elected a new leadership group, the last presidenlions英语怎么读t of the She深圳nzhen Lions club Su Zeran shi brother was elected as thedistrict怎么读 vice president of the association. At theclub是什么意思 same time, Shenzhen Lions Club also won various awards in the 9th generatisuccessfullyon of the club,clubman是什么牌子车 for example, five service teams won the title owastef outstanding service team, i.e., Chang Cheng,wasp Gao Xin, Hong Li, Xiao Tong and Tai ‘an. Secretary General Zhang Xiaowei and 26 otherclubss won the Excellent Member Award; Shenzhen Lions Club won the Award of Excellencsuccessfully翻译e in China Lions Foundation;wasn’t Zhao Xiuzhong aclubsnd other three lecturers won the title of Excellent lectfourth用英语怎么说urer and Ma Min won the title of Excellent trainer. The 9th Generationcouncil读音 club highly rlions的音标ecognizedfourth缩写 the outstanding contribution of shenzhen Lions Club this year.
        &nbfourth造句sp;   The mdistrict的中文意思eeting also exsuccessfully是什么意思英语amined and approved this year’s award program, council members have exprlionsessed their opinions awasnd opinions on the award program. As of June 6, 2014, the numbcouncil和committee的区别er of paid members of Sheclubsnzhen Lions Club in 2013-2014 was 3,036, including 2,302 old members and 734 new members. The net growth of the number of members was 276 and the net growth rate of members was 10%. The annual work target was su深证指数ccessfully achieved. President-elect Lin Ziyu saicouncil什么意思d that these frlions翻译uitf深圳地铁线路图ul achievements were made thanks to the joint efforts of the service team leclubmedaders. Shesuccessfully造句 hoped thaheld的中文意思t everyone could continue to support her work anlion是什么意思d achieve thwassupe new annual goals in the coming year.
&nblionsgatesp;      successfully怎么读     Lin Tao, the first vice president descouncil和committee的区别igheld的意思是什么nate, explained about thwassupe delegation of the 97th international Convention. She urged the lion friends who parti深圳天气cipheldatedcouncilman in the convention to actively participatsuccessfullye in the dragon Night activheld的意思是什么ity held by China Lion Federation, aheld是hold的什么形式nd to participate in the delegation briefing on June 18 in order tlionso prepare for the delegation.
            At the end of the meeting, President Wu Xiaoming made a sulions的音标mmary speech. He thanked all the members of the 2013-2014 Council for their strong support ffourth-gradeor his work in this year. Wiclubmanthwaste the joint efforts of all mefourthmbers, the targets of the annual woclubmedrk plan were successfully accouncil翻译hieved. He said that he would pass the baton smoothly to The president-elect Lin Ziyu, and hoped thatupheld the lion fsuccessfully怎么读riends would make unremitting efforts and continue to sfourth翻译upport Lin Ziyu’s work.
            The fourth district Board meeting of Shenzhen Lidistrict什么意思ons Club 2013-2014 came to a succelions翻译ssful conclusion with warm applause.


The深圳疫情最新消息 text/Li Xiao


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