Solid, Steady, standardized and orderly – Shenzhen Lions Club held the third board meeting of 2019-2020

On December 25, 2019, the third Lions Club Board meeting of 2019-2020 was held at the Lions Club office in Shenzheld是hold的什么形式hen. The participating directors reviewed and approved the relevant documents of the 18th Member Congress, learne深圳疫情d the spirit of the symposium on party building of lions Association in China, listened to the situatioheldn of the 103rdclub是什么意思 annual meetin深圳天气g of Lions Club International and the implementation of funds frthird怎么读英语om July to November, ansteady和stable的区别d discussed the fifth China Lion Festival.


Shenzhen Lions Club President Weng Hua, firsorderly翻译t vice President Lu Zhiqiang, secondthird怎么读 vice president Guo Yongyong, se深圳疫情最新消息cretary General Du Hengkun, Chief Financial Officlubmedcer Peng Daojian, General affairs Director Li深圳市最新疫情aclub翻译o Ronghuiheld的原型, picket chief Du Peng, executive deputy secretary General Li Feng and other 35 directors attended the meeting. Domestic representative in ssteadyhenzhen, shenzhelions读音n federation of lilion是什么意思on lion li wh, first secretary of the party b深证指数ranch and the municipal disabled persons’ federation group XuanQuan bartender Luo Qiwei, deputy director of the domestic lion federation supervisosteady是什么意思rs before long, the annual meetclubman是什么牌子车ing of the committee chairman S深圳疫情最新消息u Zeran lions club in shenzhen area, shenzheheld中文n lions club supersolidworks新手入门制图visor Shlions怎么读iJianYongheld的中文意思, the district conference commitstandardizedteeheldback executive director liu guoliang, dlions的音标irector-general Ma Huijuan attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Liasteady和stable的区别othird的基数词 Ronghui.

Liao Ronghui JPG.

Group, disabled persons’ federation XuanQuan bao, deputy director of the Luo Qiwei announced that for theorderly implementation of the comprehensive governing party’s strategic deployment, according to the requirements of domestic disabled persons’ federation, strengthen the shenzhen lions party work,orderliness give full play to the shenzhen lions cuttingthird的缩写 edge exemplary role of party members, party committee appointed comrade li wh of mechanism of shenzhen city disabled person深圳天气s’ federation official lionsorderless, first secretary of the party branch in shclubmedenzhen.

Luo Qiwei JPG.

In order to promote theldenhe election work of the 18th General Assembly, Chairman Su Zeran read out the relevant documents of the election, and Chaisteadyrman Liu Guoliang made a key interpretation of the election work plan, elesolidworks新手入门制图ction discipline and other contents. The participating councithird-partyl mem深圳bers examined and approved thlions怎么读e nlion是什么意思ame list of the preparatory Committee for the election of the General Asclubssembly, the election work plan, the schedule of the election preparation work, the membership list of the qualification review gupheldroup, the election method for the candidates of the presstandardizedident, vice president and director of the genclub翻译eral Assembly in 2020-2021, anheldbackd the electsolidion method for the candidates of the chief supervisor, deputy chief supervisor and supervisor in 2020-2021. About shenzhen lions 18th the decisions made by the congress election and their qualifications, regarding the service transition asteady副词nd the election member represelions的音标ntatives to participate in shenzhen lions 18th member representative assembly work not深圳疫情最新动态ification, about to do a good job of shenzhen lions sthirdlyervice trheld的意思是什么ansition from 2020 to 2021 of the notificatorderly翻译ion, informed about serious shenzhen lions general election discipline and olionsther documents .

Su Zeran JPG.

Liu guoliang. JPG

Vote. JPG


Li Weihua, the representthirdlyative ofheld lions club inclub是什么意思 Shenzhen and the first secretarylions英语怎么读 of the Party branch of Lions Club in Shenzhen, conveyed the spirit of the symposisolidworks2020安装教程um on party construction of Lions Clusolidb in China. Hethird的基数词 put forward three requirements for the party construthird怎么读ction of Shenzhen Lions Club: first, strengthen the leadership of the Party with a clear banner; Second, uphold unity and harmony with a clear banner; Third, we clearly emphasize responsibility. He pointedorderly翻译 ouclubt that strengthening the construction of the Lions Club is not oorderlessnly the requirement of the party organization from all walks of life, but also the nsolidworkseed of the situation深圳天气 and tasks. He called on everyone to adhere to the leadershithird音标p of the Party wholeheartedly, fulfill their responsibilities and fully support the development of the Lions Club in Shenzhen.

Li wh. JPG

Mr. Shi jianyong, director of the B深圳地铁线路图oard of Supervisors, expressed his opinions on the supervision, congratuthird怎么读lated the successful passage of all the topicthird怎么读s, highly affirmed the rigor ansolidworks是什么软件d efficiency of the board of Supervisors meeting, and said that he would lead the Board of Supervisors to earnestly perform the supervision duties and escort the Shenzhen Lions Club.

ShiJianYong JPG.

Chairman Su Zeranorderly是什么意思 made a speech, expressing his full support for the work of the 18th General Asssolidworks和cad区别embllions翻译y. At the same time, he put forward suggestions on holding the fifth Lions Festivlions的音标al, hoping that the organizers ca深圳疫情n make a clear posisolid翻译tioning, enrich the cclubmanontent, and hold a tasteful and distinctive Lions Festival, which fully reflecthird翻译ts the culture of lions Club.

Su Zeran JPG.

President Weng Hustandardized是什么意思a made a concluding speech, congratulating Mr. Li Weihua on his appointment as the first Secretary of the official Shenzhen Lions Club branch, thanking the directors for their active suggestions and wisdom for the development of lions Club, and thanking ethird什么意思veryone for their support to the lion work this year. He hoped that the council members wouldthird音标 earnestly convsteady怎么读ey the spirit of the symclub是什么酒posium on party construction work of the National Lions Association and assist in the election of the 18th Member congress.

WengHua JPG.




[Text] Lin Yanfen

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

【 Composition 】 Hu & NBSP; grey

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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