Join Hands to Create Brilliant Future -- The Chairman's Advisory Committee held the first meeting of 2021-2022

On October 27, 2021, the first meeting of 2021-2022 Advisory Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club chairman was held in Tanggong Seafood Restaurant, Caitian North Road, Futian District. At the meeting, members of the advisory Committee of the chairman listened to the work of the Board of Directors and the Board offuturehendrix Supervisorsfuture糖果 thiheld中文s year, discussed the 20th anniversaryfuture bass celebration offuture4200 the founding of Shenzhen Lions Club andbrilliant怎么记忆 related issues of Huashan Lions Foundation, and put forward constructive suggeshandsome翻译tions and oheldpinions for the healthy and orderly development of Shenzhen Lions Clubjoinmember.

Xiao Xingping, chairman of the Advisory Committee of the President of Lions Club shenzhen, Xie Jianwen, president of lions Club Shenzhen and director of Lions Club Shenzhen, weng Hua, Tian Wangxing, Shi Jianbrilliantlyyong, Lin Ziyu, Su Zeran, Zhang Guojun, Wang Jinliang, Sun Yun, Sha Haiyu, Dai Tongxin andchairman怎么读 other 12 former presidents attended the meeting. Mr. Guo Yongyong, president of Shenzhen Lions Club, and Mr. Peng Daoheldbackjian, first vice president,join是什么意思 attended the meeting. The mefuturehendrixeting was chaired by Xiao Xingping.

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Guo Yongyong, Chairman of CCPIT Xiamen, briefed the recent work situation and tcreate怎么读音he next worhands翻译k arrangement, centering on the theme of "keejoiningping the orcommittee和commission区别iginal aspiration and seheldrving together", carried out the lion workheld是hold的什么形式 in a solid and orderly mannercreate的名词和形容词. He expressed his gratitude to all the former presidents for their continuous support and help, and sincerely hoped that they would give valuabljointe ojointpinions and suggestions on the 20th anniversary celebration activities of Shenzhen Lions Club. This year, we will unite every Shencreate的名词zhen lion friends, under the guidance of the Domestic Lion Association and shenzhen Disabled Persons' Federation, to deliver a badvisor是什么职位eabrilliant读音utiful report card.


Tian wang supervisor report work of the boardjoinmember of supervisors, the board of supervisors into office, conscientious member of the board of supervisors, in strihandsome是什么意思ct accordance with the "shencreate翻译zhen lions of the board of superfuturevisors system" anhandsd sfuturehendrixo on related system to carry out the supervision work, to attend the meetings of the board of supervisors, to attend the standinheld中文g council, the council meeting, conduct internal training, of the board of supervisors to atadvisor是什么意思tend the district will be big activicreateprocessties, etc., In addition, I also communicated with the Board of Supervisors of Guangdhandsome怎么读ong Lions Club about lion affairs, afuture是什么意思nd completed various lion affairheld的意思是什么s of the board of supervisors.created

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Afterwards, the participants discussedadvisory是什么意思 the 20th anchairmanshipniversary celebration of the Lions Club of Shenzhen and related issues of the Huashi Publibrilliant是什么软件c Welfare Foundation.

Xie Jiafuture翻译nwen, the president of the creative Association and the director of the creative area, said thcommitteeafuturehendrixt the theme of the 20th anniversary celebration should be added with "starting again" on the basis obrilliantlyf this year's theme of "keep the originaheldl intention, serve together", and sjointlytrengthen the contact with the news media such as broadcascreate翻译ting group to strencreategthen pcreate是什么意思ublicity, publicity work closely follow the theme of the 20th anniversarcreate翻译yadvisor翻译 celebration. He suggesupheldted that the new leadership of the Huashi Foundation could try new ideas.

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Dai Tongxin, former chairman of CCNA, agreed with the suggestion of Xie Jiaadvisornwen, president of CCNupheldA and director of CCNA. He suggestecreateprocessd that thcreate翻译e 20thadvisory脏标高清大图 anniversary celebration should keep a proper scale, avoid excessive luxury and waste, and advocatjoin翻译e simple sheldtyle.

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Formheld的意思是什么er President Sun Yun suggested that we hold a warm and fruheld的意思是什么gal celebration for the 20th abrilliant英语怎么读nniversary of Shenzhen Lionchairmans Club. The celebration should reflect the summary of the work in the past 20 years and the future planning.

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Zhang guojcreate的名词un, forheld的意思是什么mer president of Shenzhjoinmemberen Lions Club, believes that the 20th anniversary celebration is not just a symposiumhandsome怎么读, but a series of activities to summarize the pcommitteeast, look into the future, and explore new ideas. He hopes that you can put forward suggestions and feasible methods for the transition of the Huasbrilliant名词hi Foundation.

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Lin Ziyu suggested thafuture翻译t we set up a leadingadvisory脏标高清大图 grouadvisor软件p to organize the 20th anniversary celebration activicreate翻译ties, promote the smooth progress of the activities in an orderly manner, anfuture糖果d make the celheld是hold的什么形式ebration activities to keep pace with The Times. She advised Guo Yongyonhands-ong to face up to the shortcomings andcreate的各种形式 weaheld是hold的什么形式knesses ocreate的名词f lion business developmencommittee中文意思t in order to better carry out the five-year development strategy planning.

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Former President Sha Haiyu suggested thatcreate怎么读音 the 20th anniverschairman和president的区别ary celebration should comcreate的各种形式mend the lion friends who have been lionscommittee怎么读 forcommittee和council 20 years and comcreate的名词bine the pictures and videos of shenzhen Lbrilliant什么意思ions club in the past 20 years as the promotion video of the celheld的原型ebration.

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Wang Jinliang, former president of the Shenzhen Lions Club, said that he suggested interviewing and reporting the poor children sponsored by the Shenzhen Lions Club 20 years ago as a publicity Angle of the 20th anniversary celebration.

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Shi Jianyong, foadvisor翻译rmer president of Shenzhen Lions Club, suggested to publish a picture book on thadvisore culture and history of Shenzhen Lions Club in thefuture是什么牌子 past 20 years, presenting a perfectchairman和president的区别 picture of the development history of Shenzhen Lions Clubadvisory是什么意思 to lions friends and the society.

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Xiao Xingping, chairman of the Chairman's Advisory Committee, thanked everyonfuture4200e for their busy schedule to attend this meeting. She fully affirmed and praised the recent work of the Board of Governors and the Board of Superviscommitteesors. She thfuture是什么牌子anked the members of the Chairman's Advisory Committee for listening to the work of the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors, and their suggestions on the 20th anniversary celebration of Lions Club shcreate和invent的区别enzhen and thefuturehendrix trfuture糖果ansition of The Lions Foundaheld过去式和过去分词tion. She believed that these suggestions would provide valuable new ideas for the future development of Lions Club Shenzhen.hands

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