No road is longer than feet and no mountain is higher than man -- The stamp Club held its second regular meeting

On December 19, 2019, the second regular meeting of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2019-2020 was held in Nali Center Building, Nanshan Distrinormalct. At the meeting, the activitiefeet的中文翻译s of the stamp Club in Hangzhou and the financiastamp怎么读l report of the Shenzhen Lions Club were reported, and guests were invited to share stamps and health knowledgemountainside, which further enhanced the cultural cufeet什么意思中文意思ltivation of thefeet的中文翻译 members.

Shenzhen lion of wear with xin, deputy secretary-general zhang jian lonroadx轮胎g, stamp collecting club chairman xiao-feet英尺wei sun, executive chairman of t., Fu Wenroadx轮胎qiang, lions clubs international fund committee, executive chairman of TongXin, vice chairman of shenzhenlonger什么意思翻译 operation should bmountains是什么意思英语e prosperous, the Chinese medical association Li Dec农门婆婆的诰命之路hu nature, domestic group, shenzhen lo wstamp是什么意思英语u bureau of postal yue-smountainsidehan chang and deputy director of the Zhu Hong, More than 20 people attended the meeting, such as huang Lixin, special lecturer of domestic phthankedilatelic corporation, speaker of Shenzhen Philatelic Association, Lmountainsideiang Xiaoqing, lunoohu Post Office and other pnormalhilatelic clfeet和foot的区别ub members and guests. The meeting was chastamp怎么读ired by Chen Heng.

President Tong Xin introduced the actimountainsidevities of the Stamp Club in Haroad翻译ngzhou. Chairman Chen Xin gave the financial report. President忙组词 Sun xiaowei thanked all the members of the stamp Club for their support and dedication, and thanked everyone for coming together because of the s农门婆婆的诰命之路ame hobby.

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Huang Lixin, special lecturer of China Philately Corporation and lecturer of Shenzhen Philately Assfeet和foot的区别ociation, mademountain怎么读 a wonderful sharing with the ththanks怎么读emethan后面加什么 of "No road is longer than feet, no mountain is higher tha龙二n man", focusing on the topics omountain的形容词f "Duan Zi, health, Internet celebrity, aircraft carrier, new Post" and so on. Everyone listened with interest and enthusiasm.

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Li Decchu, presidenhighert of Chinese Nat慢性咽炎urlonger是什么意思ahigher-endl Medicine Associat农家小福女ion, advocated "prevention is better than treatment and prediction is better than prevention" fthanlularom the perspectives of heahigherlth knowthankfulledge sharing in precision medicine, precision health management, cancer gene detection,农村信用社 healthy liferoadstyle and smart diet. Everyonmountainsidee benefited a lot.

Finally, on behalf othanksgivingf the Stamp Club, Mr. Sun xiaowei presented a souvenir tstamp怎么读o Dr. Li Decchu, president of Chinese Natural Medicine Association. He thanked everyone for their support and hoped that more lion friends could join the club and grow up together inthankful troadshis platform of "collecting predestination, friends, afflonger怎么读ection, thoughts, knowledge, hishigher是什么意思翻译tory and love".

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The restamp是什么意思英语gular meetimountain的缩写ng ended sfeet怎么读uccessfully in a warm and pleasthanant atmosthankfulphere芒果tv. As Mr. Huang lixin said in his theme "No road is lonstamped翻译ger than feet and no mountain is higher than man", I hope we can forge ahead and create a better life in the future.

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【 Text 】 Chen Meihong

Stamp Club

[Editor] Ma Huijuan Lin Yanfen

【 Composition 】 Hu & NBSP; grey

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office


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