With you on the way — Shenzhen Lions Club 2020 New Year Charity Gala was held

On the evening of December 23, 2019, the Lions Club of Shenzhen 2020 New Year Charity party was held in the Plum Hall on thelions怎么读 5th floor of Shenzhen Convention ancharity和love区别d Exhibition Center. The party raised 990 “Huashi Awards” with a total amount of 4.95club是什么酒 million yuan; Collectecharity翻译d 137 “Lion awards”, the anewspapermount of 685,000 yuan; 208 “Maowen Bell Award” with an amount of 1.476,800 yuan; The auction raised 3.197 million yuan, with a t深圳大学otal of 10.315 million yuan. Allyearly funds raised will be used for the p蛙泳的正确姿势视频ublic sergalanzvice actilions的音标vities of Shenzhen Lions Club. In addition, shenzhen Lions Club recei旮旯怎么读ved donations of 600,000 yuan from enterprises and individuals.


Domestic lion federation chinew怎么读ef representative in shenzh深圳疫情en, shenzhen disabled persons’ federation, chairman of the party secretary, hou queen, vice President of the federation of shenzhen Song Rui, Yin Kui, domestic representative in shenzhen, shenz深圳风险等级hen federation of lion lion li wh, first secretary of the party branch, vice Pre深圳大学sident of shenzhen federation Huang Chunbin, group XuanQuan bartender Luo Qiwei, deputy director of the international lions club director Zhang Guojun, Lin Ziyu, supervisor, Liao Mlions英语怎么读anxiong and Zheng Degang, Vice Presidents, Su Zeran, former Superlions怎么读visor, Fang Tao, Executive Vice President of Shenzhen Cyearningharity, Weng Hua, 2019-2020 President of Shenzhen Lions club, Shi Jianyong, Supervisor, Lu Zhiqiang, First Vice Presiden蛙泳t, Guo Yongyong, second Vice President, Former President of tian wang xing, Lin Tao, wu xm, XiaoXingPiyearng, jin-liang wangnewgrounds, sun aggregacharitytes, sand, wear with xin, deputy secretary-general zhang jian long, secretary general Du Hengkun, former secretary general Zeng Shi Peng Daojian, treasurer, deyear是什么意思an of general affair Liao Ronghui, long picket Du Peng, deputy secretary-general Li Feng such as chairman of the board members, members of the board of supervisors, speciallions翻译ly designed to w深圳风险等级orclub是什么意思k, each service lions, representatives of friends, Agalanz是什么牌子s well as leaders from Dalian and other places lion friends altogether more than 800 people atteyearbooknded the party. This evening party is sponsored by Four Nine Square (Tianjin) Trading Co., LTD. The party by Lclub用英语怎么说u Zhiqiang a蛙泳的正确姿势视频s the chairman o深圳疫情最新消息f the conference, Peng Daojian as the general coordinator, Liao Ronghui as the deputy general coordinator, Fang Shilei as the general director, Li Jingming, Chen Dongmei, Tang Quanhui, Li Xiaocharity和love区别feng as the execcharity音标utive chairman of the conference, presided over by Meng Chun, Zhao Weixin, Li Jun.


General manager of t深圳he conference Peng Daojian introduced the guests, the arrival of everyone to express a warm welccharity形容词ome.


Mr. Lu Zyearbookhiqiang, president of the conference, delivered a welcome speech, expressing his heartfelt thayearcon是什么牌子的nks and greetings to all the leaders, guests and lion friends who came to the party. Quoting Cclubhairman MAO Zedong’s “Orde深圳风险等级r of sixteen Characters”, he thanked all the lion friends on stage and behincharity的内涵意义d the scenes for their efforts for the party, and thanked alyearl the旮旯怎么读 lion friends who pledged to donategalaxy是什么牌子 maowen Zhongshi Award, Zhongshi Award a深圳市最新疫情nd Huashi Award. He thanked everyone for walking with us all the way and loving Shenzhen Lions Club. He is lgala乐队ooking forwa深圳市最新疫情rd to the lion friends in the charity party for love, love to pass on, so thatnewspaper the lion culture will contgalaxyinue to pass on, carry forward the lion spiriyear函数t.


President Weng Hua delivered a speech, thankingalanzg leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life for their care and sunewspport to Shenzhen Lions Club. He said that iyear怎么读n the past six months, with the strong supponew怎么读rtgalanz oclubmedf all lion club members, shenzhen Lions Club has closely focused on the annual theme of “Harmony with Service”, carried out comprehensive servicharity音标ce activities such as “Heshenzhenlp” by your side, care for sanitation workers, diabetes education, targeted assistance to the disabled anyear函数d anti-drug education, and achigalaeved remarkable results. In 2020, the year of coclub是什么酒mpleting the building of a moder蛙泳怎么游得快又轻松ately prosperous sgalaxy是什么牌子ociety in an all-round way, he called on the lion friegala是什么意思nds to upholyear是什么意思d the enterprising and inclusive spirit of “Heaven walks vigorously, a gentleman is a man of u深圳nrlionsgateemitting self-improvclub翻译ement, and a gentleman igalanz是什么牌子s a man ofgala选手 great virtue”, and endow the Shenzhen Lions Club with strong vitality and maknewlye the lion culture glow with new charm in its continuous inheritance. He firmly believes that ungalaxyder the care and guidance of the Domestic Lions Associationgala, the municipclubmed官网预订al government and the competent business departments, as well as the care and support from all walks ocharityf life, Shenzhen Lions Club will create a better tomcharity和love区别orrow.


Mr. Liao Manxiongnew是什么意思英语, vice presidcharity宽容的爱ent of Lions Club of Cnew的反义词hina, on behalf of lions Club of China, expresyearningsed warm congratulations on the success of the shenzhen Lions Charity gala. He said that after 17 yearyear函数s of development, under the guidance o深圳f the City disabled Persons’ Fed深圳疫情最新消息erlions读音ation and the official departments, under the joint efforts of the previous presidents and all lion club members, Shenzhen Lions Club has made brilliant achievements and woncharity的内涵意义 high recognitionlions英语怎么读 from all walks of life. This year, shenzhen Lions Club has achieved fruitful resultyear函数s in accordance wilions的音标th the ovclub是什么意思erall work plan of “135-year Plan”. He thanked thegala是什么意思 lion Friends of Shenzhen for their support to the work of the club and hoped that the lion friends would continue their efforts to achieve more achievements and actively support the future development of shenzhen Lions Club and the Lion Clubs in China with practical actiolionsns.


Zhang Guojun, Diryear怎么读ector of Lions Clubclubman是什么牌子车 2019-2021, delivered a speech. He thashenzhennked Shenzhen for turning iyearcon是什么牌子的t into a special economic zone with the spring breeze of reform. He thanked Shenzhen for its success and development in the tide of The Times. He polions是什么意思inted out that as the flion是什么意思irst Lions club in new China, Shenzhen Lions Club has a gloriouclubmans history, but it should still face up to and solve thway是什么意思e problems in its develonewspaperpment, implement the conceptlionsgate of “diversity, harmony and service to syear翻译ociety” advocated by the international president, and continue to create brilliant. He hoped that Thnewgroundse Shenzhen Lions Clugalab wolion是什么意思uld become the women’s vyearcon是什么牌子的olleyball clclubub in China, carry forward the “spirit of women’s volleyball”, actively participate in thegalaxy “Action 100” campaignnew and five volunew怎么读nteer activities around thyear翻译e world, support the Lions Club Intern深圳天气ational Fouclubsndation, show great love in donations, and show its value in community service and humanitarian relief.


Chairwoman Hou深圳疫情最新动态 Yisha, on behlionsalway是什么意思f of Shenzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, acknowledged the achievements made by Shenzhen Lions Cluclub是什么酒b in social serviceslions是什么意思, standardized management and orclubman是什么牌子车ganizational constructionway, and expressed her heartfelt thanks to Shenzhen Lions Club for actively providing socicharity和love区别al services and helping to bnewgroundsuild a harmonious society. She hoped that Shenzhen Lion Friends woclub怎么读uld continue to fost旮旯怎么读er the spirit of “no action, no honor”, strengclub是什么酒then the study of puyear造句blic wegalaxy什么意思lfare and charity law, strengthen dialogue and communication, and be able to focus on the purposes and objectives of the development of the organization. It is hoped that Lions Club shenzhen will further strengthen its sense of integclub怎么读rity and innovaway翻译tion,yearly strengthen research on the operaticlubon mogalanz是什么牌子de of public welfare, the construction of public welfare culway怎么读ture and the development of organizational norms, and comprehensivelylions promote the innovation and sustainable development of charity work. Hou said that in the New Year, the City Disabled Persons’ Federation will continue to care for and support the work ofgalaku the Lions Club, and help the Club make further achievements in the service field of assisting tlionsgatehe disabled.


Party awards link, Zhang Guojun international directors serving domeyearcon是什么牌子的stic lion federation, chairman of the committecharity-mindede coshenzhenmmittee chairman XiaoXingPing Ma Min, education trainingclub是什么意思, President of shenzhen lion WengHua, zhi-qiang lu, vice chairman of the first and second deputy chairman Guo Yongyong, domeswaywardtic lionnew federation of kaolin xin, directorgalanz是什么牌子 of the dalian office, deputy director of the fi深圳大学rst to treat chung, second deputy director hong-year是什么意思jun liu issued by thegalanz是什么牌子 lionlions是什么意思s club international district governor award; Weng Hua, President of ccPIT Xiamen awarded the “Shenzhen Lion Community Support Award”charity宽容的爱 toclubman Dalian Representative Office. Weng Hua, President ofyear函数 ccPIT Xinew balanceamen and Lu Zhiq旮旯怎么读iang, first Vice President of CCpit Xiamen presented MEDALS to four Nine Squgalaxy是什么牌子are (Tianjin) Trading Co., LTD. Four Nine Square (Tianjin) Trading Co., LTD. Hengshan branch leader du Zemin, shenzhen Lions club service team leader, said that will promotwaye corpgala是什么意思orate culture, practice corporate social responsibility, with a little kindness tonewly warm those who need help.




At the same time, the party subscribes for China lion award top 20 tian wang xing, zhi-qiaclub翻译ng lu, Zhong Weiping, Peng D深圳疫情最新消息aojian, Cai Min, Chen Shuhuan, WengHua, kevinbales, scen深证指数e MiaoJun, Tang Quanhui, Tim cheung, Xue Weirong, long-term flash, Huang Shaofang, zhu feng, Yannew Ning, Zhang Zheqin, even ChuHai, lily, XiaoXingPing, Liao Ronghui, BiYongyear怎么读Tao, Huang Xiaoru, ZuoHongYi, Ken tin, dong-mei Chen lions, friends, A深圳天气nd huanggang, Zhuhui, Yantian, Honglway翻译i, Yitian, Tiancheng, Central District, Xianhu, Gaoxin, Diwang, Shangbu, Huashang,深圳疫情最新动态 Happiness, United, Changyuan, Xinlions读音 ‘an, Yishan, Fuai, Mingjia Shanpin, Licheng, Xiangmihu, Hongya and other servnew是什么意思ice teams; 200% Huasheng Award team was anew是什么意思英语warded to Yitian and main Association Service team; Awarded “100% Huashi Award Service Team” to Huanggang aclubmannd Hongli Service teams; Awarded “100% Huashan Lion Award Team” to the Board of Supervisors of Shenzhen Lions Club 2019-2020; For checkpoint, yitian, liuzhou, yanclub是什么意思tian, diwang, happiness, alex, moolions翻译rinew的反义词ng, shell, lotuclubss, love nature, silver lake, China, datong, anew Chineseyearn businessman, peace, the path, Th深圳市最新疫情ailand, and manew是什么意思cro Yang, splendid, dream, shenyang, hong li, nameplates, good taste, sunshine, virtues, hua han, tiancheng, Victoway怎么读ria towers,charity宽容的爱 fuyong, future, minteq, blessed, flat land, jiangshan, oct, love, wally Jingtian, Dayearcon是什么牌子的di, Hongya, Blue Sky, Central Distryearlyict, Yishan, Boya, Tai ‘ancharity音标 and Beishan service tyear翻译eams awarded the Bronze Award for special support of twayhe “Hundred Team Lclubmanions” prcharity是什么意思oject; To charity collection, Xi深圳市最新疫情n ‘an, shangbu service team awarway是什么意思ded the “shenzhenHundred Team Lions” projyearningect special support silyear函数ver award; To songgang, main club, United Club and mileage Service team awarded the goldnewspaper Medal of special support for “100 team Lions” project.


Shenzhen Lions Club 2007 ~ 2019 New Year charity party auctinews可数吗on items won the top ten tian Wangxing, Wu Zewei, Zhou Ting, Weng Hua, Chen Shaohua, Liao Maohua, Li Wcharity音标ennew是什么意思英语qiu, Zhong Yun, Chen Qingfeng, Lin Shangguan accepted tribute; Shenzhen Lions Club 2007 ~ 2019 New Year charity partyearcon是什么牌子的y donated a single iteclub是什么意思m of the top 10 bidding guo Yongyong, Peng Kun,year翻译 Lin Shangguan, representatives of the National Lions Association, Zhou Ting, Tian Wangxing, Peng Daojian, representatives of the starting service team, Zhang Guoyun accepted thyear是什么意思e tribute.


The party the most popular auction link will be the atmosphere to a climax, Cao Yan, Tian Wangxing hammer auction, quotationcharity翻译. A total of 68 items, including painting and calligraphy works, wine, jade, aloes, tea and porcelain, were donated by lion friends and social caring people without reserve price. After intense bidding, 67 itemsnew的反义词 were successfully sold, raising 3.197 milliolions英语怎么读n yuan for charity. Mr. Pcharityeng Daojian,club翻译 chief Financial Olions是什么意思fficer, was awarded “Mr. Cha旮旯怎么读rity” for the man with tcharity是什么意思he highest totlions翻译中文al amountyear翻译 of individual auction, and Ms. Zhao Xiuzhong, the woman with the highest total amount of indlions英语怎么读ividual auctclub怎么读ion, was awarded “Ms. Charity”.











Leaders of She深圳疫情最新消息nzhen Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shenzhlion是什么意思中文翻译en Charity Society, Lions Club International, Domestic Lions Association and other units, as well as the president’s team, former president and executive chairman of Shenzhen Lions Club, raised their glasses on the stage to wish Shenzhen Linew的反义词ons Club tclubmedo continue tyearo spread its charity dream, spread itslions英语怎么读 love for lions and create a better future in the New Year.


There were joyfulclub是什么酒 laughter, toucclubman是什么牌子车hing tears, applause and auction sound, which fully showed the lion spirit of happy service and dedication. “100 Team Club Lion Scene drama”, “Me and My Motherland” and other p深圳疫情最新消息rograms are colorful and fascinating.


General assembly as a whole Peng Daoji深圳an rclub怎么读eported the party fundraising situation. On behalf of all the staff of the organizing committee, The vice President of the conferencecharity和love区别 liao Ronghui gave a speech of thanks to the leaders and gulionsgateests at all levels wcharity是什么意思ho acharity的内涵意义ttendcharity的动词ed the dinner. I would like to express my gratitude to all the lion friends, caring people, caring enterprises and all the lion friends who have paid quietway怎么读ly for this evening partyyear.


Thanlion是什么意思k you, acharity音标ll t深证指数he way together! Lions friends, let us carry forward the spirit of responsibility as masters of shenzhen Lions Club, and write a new chapter of Shecharity是什么意思nzhen Lions Club with our love and firm and unreplions翻译entant actions,蛙泳 and make greater connews可数吗tributions to the construction of shenzhen pilot demonstration zone.





[Text] Lin Yanfen

Zhouyearn Wenguayear是什么意思ng, Huang Xinran, Wang Haibin, Chen Weiming

[Edit] Ma Huijuan

[Composition] Hu Lei

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Clubnews可数吗 Office

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