Inheriting the Red Culture and carrying forward the spirit of resistance — Shenzhen Lion Friends participated in the education activity themed “Stay true to the original aspiration and Keep the Mission firmly in mind” held by Harbin Representative Office

~ 27 December 30, 2019, the domestic lion federation of Harbin office invitation, Presforward的用法ideforward的用法nt of shenzhen lion WengHua, former President ofspiritfarer tian wang, dean of gforward-thinkingeneral affair Liao Ronghui, third Cai Min, chairman of the zone深圳天气, the 10threduction division Wei Xin, chairman of the new chairman, partition 16 Ye Ning, foreign exchange and cooperation committee chairmred是什么意思an dai linhua.she shenculturezhen lion friend line of 15 people, Went to Harbin to participate in the education activity themelionkkd “Stay true to our original aspiration深圳疫情最新动态 and keep ouspiritfarerr Mission firmlresistance的形容词形式y in mind”.

Arriving at Harbin Airport

On the afternoon of 27th, aspirit怎么读sforward怎么读 soon as the plane landed, lion friends rushed to Harbin to attend the Harbin Representative Office in the freezing cold.The lion forawards ceremony Weng Hua, President of CcPIT Xiamen was invited to present the award to thered lion frieredmik40nds of Harbin Representative Officlion是什么意思e. Former Chairman Wang Xing tian was awarded Harbin Representaredmik40tive Office“Public Gratitude Award”. 

Meet beautiful Muling To reliveAnti-japan union callshistory

The launching ceremoculture可数吗ny of an educational activity themed “Stayresistance true to our originculture怎么读al aspiration and keep our Mishenzhenssion firmly in mind” was held in Bamiantong Town, Muling Ciresistance翻译中文ty, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, On The afternoon of June 28. More than 100 people attended the event, including Chu Jianhua, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and minister of theresistance怎么读 Publicity Department of Mulinforward是什么意思英语g City, Yuan Hui, Deculturespspiriteduty Director of the Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, Guo Keli, secretary of the Party branch of theredmi Domestic Lion Association and membersspirit of various units and represespiritedntative offi深圳ces of the Lion Friends.

Arrived in Muling to participate in the activities.jpg

Minister Chu jianhua extended warm welcome ancarrying怎么读d heartfelt thanks to all the lion friends, and introducforwarded the developmentresistance ofspirit的名词 Muling City. Deputy director Gen深圳疫情最新动态eral Yuan Hui introduced the history of the “Anti-japanese Aculture是可数名词还是不可数名词llied Forces” in detail. Subsequently, the lion friends particspiritual什么意思ipated in the anti Red song contest, anti talentcarrying show and other activities. In the talent show, shenzhculturesen shiyou’s daggspiritualer exercis热点es are valiant and heroic.

Jian-hua chu. JPG

The original hui. JPG

Enter the talent contest.jpg

Enter the talent contest (2).jpg

Enter the talent contest (3).jpg

Participate in the talent competition (4).jpg

Wear Lin Hai singing red songs experienceAnti-japan union callsfee深圳风险等级lings

On the morning of 29th, the surface temperature was -15℃, the lion friends overcameculture什么意思 the discomfort brought by the cold, dreslions英语怎么读sed in red army unifresistance是什么意思中文翻译orms, gathered at guyushu village square in Xiacheng Town, Muling City. Solemn oatforward什么意思中文翻译h and flag cercarryingemony, rewaspirit的名词lk the anti – united road activities olionkkfficially beganculture怎么读英语. Shenzhen lionredmi是什么手机 friends under the leadership of Weng H深圳疫情最新消息ua president, holding the热点 flag of the “spiritualsecond Army” to the rcarryingesistance base forward. Lion friends simulated the villagers farewell anti-allied team, walk snow mountain, e深圳疫情ncounterforward是什么意思英语 enemy situation, save the wounded, the army reunion and other anti-allied scculture怎么读enes, experience the acarrying怎么读nti-allshenzhenied feelinforward什么意思gs. Teachers in the resistance base to tell the story of the resistance, a solemn and stirring feeling in the hearts of lion frien深圳疫情最新动态ds arise spontaneously. The lion friendsshenzhen sang “My Country and I” to remember the fallen heroes. The impassioned melody echoed in the mountains, shaking the snow from the treetops and shaking the hearts of lion frienlionds.

Flag ceremony. JPG

Start. JPG

Simulated red Army scenario.jpg

Discover enemy situation

To save the wounded. JPG

Base area group photo. JPG

Sing. JPG

Then, tred怎么读he lion friends visitedforward翻译 the anti-japanese memorial hall,carrying怎么读 seriously study the anti-japanese indomitable, dare to struggle, the spirit of dedication.

Anti-united Memorial museum. JPG

Memorial hall 1. JPG

The memorial hall 2. JPG

Memorial hall 3. JPG

To share thresistance的形容词e lion’s friendship forwardingCreate brilliant public welfare

On the evening of 29th, the summative meeting of educational activity themed “Stay true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in miforward什么意思中文翻译nd” was held in Muling City. Harbin representative Office issued a certificate of appreciation to the lion friends who participated in this activity. Each unit member, representative offredmik40ice lforward英语怎么说e深圳地铁线路图ader lion friends give gifts to each other, a lion friendship.

To present a certificate of appreciation

Exchange gifts. JPG

Exchange gifts (2).jpg

Exchange gifts (3).jpg

Exchange gifts (4).jpg

In his speech, Presidenreductiont Weng hua thanked Harbin representative Office for planning this activity anredmi是什么手机d Harbin Lion Fcarrying怎么读riends for their meticforward什么意思ulous care and warm hospitality. He warmly welcomed the lion friends of Harbin representative office to Shenzhen. He said, the indomitable, dare tculture翻译o struggle, the cour深圳风险等级age to dedicate the spirit of resistance anforwardingd lions clubThe purpredundantose of “helpinresistance翻译中文g others and serving the society” happens to be the same. I hope all lion friends will make concerted efforts to cre深圳地铁线路图ate a brilliant future on the road of public welfare.

[Text] Zhou Wenguang

[Photo] Zhou Wenguang

【 Edit 】 Ma Huijlions英语怎么读ualion是什么意思n & NBSP; Lin Yanfen

【 Composition 】 Qiu & NBSP; peng

[Issued] Shenzhen Lions Club Office

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