New Security Service Team: held the first regular meeting of the year 2020-2021

On August 29, 2020, the first regular meeting of New Security Service team of Shenzhennewgrounds Lions Club was held at the 14th floor, Block C, Central Avenue, Baoyuan Road, Bao 'an District. Shenzhen lions sixth partition, zhi-jian wu, the 10th division President Wu Jinzhi, stylistic fellowship commmeeting怎么读英语ittee, executive chairman of Chen Zong, xinan service captain Li Jun, first deheld的意思是什么puty captservice的名词ain lnewiujun,firstly second deputy captain yuan-yuan zhang, vice cyearaptain WenXueQing third, gen captain jian-qiang hao, former captain Gao Yuyun, WuWenKang, yun-peng zhao, qiu-jiu Yang, Captain teservice怎么读am members Le Haixian, Huang Shservice是什么意思中文翻译enghui, Zhu Beixiaofirstname填姓还是名, Zhang Xiaoxing, Li Xia, Lisecurity翻译u Ruregular是什么意思英语dong, Li Jiangwei, Tan Xiaohui andsecurity other 30 people attended the meeting. Bao 'an Women entrepreneurs Association Vinew怎么读ce President Li Rong attended the meetinregularlyg. The meeting was chaired by Liu Jun as chairman of the conference.security车上灯亮啥意思

Wechat picture _202008311516067.jpg

Firstheld是hold的什么形式, the executive presidium mmeeting是什么意思embers of the regular meefirst nameting sharefirstname填姓还是名d their respectivenewspaper industries andfirst翻译成中文 expertise. Wondemeetingsrful sharing won the praise of the audience.

Hao Jianqiang, the team leader, shared the originalnew是什么意思英语 intentfirsthandion of establiserviceableshing the New Security Service tnewseam, andfirsthand also shared the hard process ofregularization the growth of the new Security Servicteamse team. He said that in the future, he will continue to support SSS, grow up with SSS and witness its healthy development. Yang qiuju expressed her high recognition and pride of being a memberserviceable of the NEW Security Serviregularityce Team. Former captain Chteams手机版en zong said that the establisfirst namehmemeeting是什么意思中文翻译nt of the new service team supervision group is a more mature performance of the new seservice是什么意思中文翻译rvice team, but also the affirmation ofteamviewer the work of the first 10 captains, he is willing to spend the rest of his life with thmeeting是什么意思e new service team to grow old together.

Captain Li Jun said, xin 'an peopteambitionle, one family, one lifetime, together to grow old, is not a slogan, but a dreupheldam of his life. Hheld的原型esecurity的形容词 will join hands with all the new Ann family to grow old and contributeteam是什么意思翻译 to the development of the new Ann Service team. At the same time, Captain Li Jun proposed the establishment of the new Securiregular的所有形式ty service team supyear造句ervision group, the lion love station, Run heart action and other projects, the issue was unanimously approved.

Chairman Wu Zhijian and Chairman Wu Jinzhi delregular的名词ivered a speech respectively, affyearnirminmeetingsg the developmenyear翻译t of THE NEW Secservicemanurity Servicfirst怎么读e Team and giving guidance to the future devmeeting翻译elopment of new Security Service team.

Li Rong,regular翻译 Gao Yuyun, Zhao Yunpeng, Wu Wnewgroundsenkang, Zhang Yuanyufirstname填姓还是名an, Wen Xueqing, Li Xia, Huang Shenghui, Zhu Beixiao and other lion friends also spoke and syearhared their feelings about attenteamproding the regular meeting. All lion friendsnew是什么意思英语 speak highly of this meeting and look forward to serving as the chairman of the next meeting.

In the end, President Wu Zhteams手机版ijian presented a trophy to the supporters of the "Blue Action" project, and Captnewspaperain Li Jun presented a certificate to the caringyearning enterprise.

Wechat picture _202008311516066.jpg

As the night falls and thregular的名词e lights turn on, we would like to thank all the lheldenion friennewspaperds of the NEW Security Service team forsecurity their dedication and parteamworkticipation. The csecurity车上灯亮啥意思oncept of "one family, one lifetime,service和serve的区别 grow old tosecurity灯闪怎么回事gether"service怎么读 has been engraved in the minds of all the members of xin 'an Service Team. Praise for Xin 'an.


The textsecurity guard/liujun

Photo/Wen Xueqing, Zhang Yuheldanyuan

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