The 2019-2020 tribute meeting and the 2020-2021 inaugural ceremony of the Solidarity public Service Team were held successfully

On August 15, 2020, the 2019-2020 tribute and 2020-2021 inauguration ceremony of The Lions Club of Smeeting腾讯会议henzhen was held in the state Banquet Hall on the 8th floor of Baoan Yujing International Hotel. Peng Daojian, the second vice President of shenzhen Lmeetingions Club in 2020-2021, Shi Jianyong, the former Pretributesident, Tan Fei, the Deputy Supervisor, Nie Xiangdong, tceremony翻译he Chief Finpublic怎么读ancial Officer, Fangmeetingtencentcom Shilei, the Deputy Secretary General, Wei Xinxin, the chairman of The second Zone, Gao Ling, the chairman of the fifth Zone, Zhou Zhihui, the chairman of the sixth Zone, Tang Xueyong, the chairman of the 18th Zone, all the lion friends of thsolidarity和unity区别e Zhengdao Service Tepublic翻译am, Representatives and guests from various sersolidarity翻译vice teams attended the ceremonymeeting怎么读英语. The ceremony was chaired by Zhang Ai-ming anceremony同义词d presided over by Zhu Wen-man and Fang Shi-lei.


The lion brothers and sisters walked to the stage with full of spirits and confidence, like a groupceremony是什么意思 of lions with high confidence in the wind. They were a friendly, vigorous and happy teameeting怎么读英语m, and a group of people who stick to their original aspiration and do not forget thinaugural是什么意思eir mission.

Zhang Aiming, the president of the general Assembly tolled the bell to announce the official start of tinauguraladdress课件ppthe inauguration cinauguraleremony of the tribute meeting, and allpublication played tsolidarity怎么读he nationalinaugural address翻译 anthem of the People's Republic of China for the five-star rpublic翻译ed flag, ainaugural翻译nd all lion frtribute翻译iends sang the Lion song for the lion flagattribute. Mr. Hong Liang, executive chairman of he Yajun Conference, gave an impassioned isolidarity翻译ntroduction and welcome speecsolidarity怎么读h.


Du Taozhe, the former team leader, made a very epublicizemotional summary and reportceremony的名词ed every activity, every moving moment and every happy achievement he led the team leader apublic404html最新网站nd the lion friends of the Ripublicght Way servitributesce team in the past year.

Han Honghua was re-elected to the finance position of the right Way Service team for four years. She made financial reports to everyone and illuspublictrated hermeetingtencentcom performance with figures.

Every wonderful activity and outstanding achievements are inseparable from the efforts of the "four out" spitribute结尾的单词rit of the lion brothers and sisters. The Zhengdao Service team is btribute怎么读rilliant because of the lion friends! Let's pay tribute to our outstanding lceremonyion friends.

Public welfare undertakings are inseparable from the support of caring individualspublic404html最新网站 and enterprises. We are grateful for our generous donations in the past year.

Under the leadership of du Taozhe, the last leader of the team, the year 2019-2020 achieved satisfactory results, and everyone expressed theirmeetingyou是什么意思 gratitude and respect to him. Members of the 2019-2020 zhengdao Service Team pay tribute to Du Taozhe, the last team leader.

With everyone's witness, Du Taozhe gave the hammerretribute and scepter to Chen Gang. Handed over is a heritage, the next is a glory; The next is a wish, and the next is a heavy responsibility!

Looking ahead, Wearing his sash, Chen Gangshi, a former soldier, was honored as the team leader of the year 2020-2021. He was full of passion and emotion to show his work plan for the New Year's distinctive "circle" layer radiation.

The new team leader was led by Chairman Zhou Zhihui, the sepublicitycond vtribute是什么意思ice Chairman Peinaugural address课文pptng Daojianpublicizing, former president Shi Jianyong, deputy supervisor Tan Fei, chiemeeting怎么读英语f financial officer Nie Xiangdong, deputy secretary Gpublicizeeneral Finaugural是什么意思ang Shilei, the chairmtribute翻译an of the second zone Wei Xinxin under the oath.


The growth of the service team is insepapublic是什么意思rable from the guidance and support of the district coceremony怎么读uncil. Peng Daojian, the second vice pceremony用什么介词resident, delivered a warm speech on behalf of the team.

Dry yellow land, flying dust all over the sky, a group of childrsolidarityen runnimeetingtencentcomng to kicinaugural address课文pptk the ball sweat mixed with the soil in the face out of a trail of marks, ctribute词根hildren's eyes are particularly bright, a brtribute结尾的单词ight smile. This is a scene on the plinaugural address翻译ayground of Bafsolidarity形容词u Primary School in Xibohua Town, Kezuo Middle Banner, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It isolidaritys also the service project of zhengdao Service team this year -- Sunshintribute词根e Action. To build a playground for children, so that they do not inhale dust when running in the sun, to give students a healthy environment, let lion friends hold hands of prairie children linaugural address翻译augh together in the sun.

Cui Shuangyan lion elder sister introduced the path movingly service projecattributet "sunshine action", she said "not good, and do good" cause people to bring the world warm, colorful, rich, let us hand in hand to the remote grasslpublicizingands tgo eber flower town eight pay for primary school children a grmeeting是什么意思中文翻译eeintributen field, let their childhood and our chmeeting是什么中文意思ildren's colorful colorful full of love!

A person's strength is meager, we together is inftribute怎么读inite! In the year of the pandemic, businesses around the world have been severely affected, andmeetingyou是什么意思 there are still many caring peoplpublicize翻译e who lend a helping hand to thosolidarityse in need. Thanksgiving to all lion friends, Thanksgiving to all cameetingsring people.

Because of love, weinaugural address翻译 have been hand in hand on the road of public welfare; Because of love, we open our mind to embrace the sunshine; Because of love, we choosmeeting的音标e responsibility and responsibility; Because ofmeetingyou是什么意思 love, we unite and love each other for public goodinaugural address翻译. Come out of love, come together because of love, lion culture, lion spirit attract new lion friends to join the path.

Zhang Aiming, the chairman of themeeting conference, on behalf of all lion friends of the right way service team, sincertribute怎么读ely and affectionately expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders, guests and friends of the lion friends, all the staff of the preparatory group, volunteers and all the cast and crew.

The path of all lion friends and famous musician old demon, Du Juan singing "brothers and sisters together, this song by the path of service team" big talenttribute结尾的单词 "former captain Li Xuegang lyrics, famous musolidarity怎么读sicmeeting翻译ian old demon composition.

Shenzhen Lions Club, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, the second team was amazing, and performed very professionally in thtributee high-end fashion show. The most hainaugural addressndsome "F4 group", Captain Chen Gang can nottribute翻译 onlytribute词根词缀 fight dare to fight, there is a big shot, a singer's charming voice; Shenzhen Goteng Golfpublic是什么意思 Club babies are good at singing and dancing; "Social Rotribute翻译ck" dance the whole room, high dinner party.inaugural address翻译..

Today, we arepublic404html最新网站 full of passion, unity and friendship!

Today, we can't forget tonight, happy tonight, unforgettable tonighretributet...


Article/phomeeting腾讯会议to contributed by The Right Way Service Team

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