Hualin Service: The inauguration ceremony of the 2017-2018 election was held smoothly

Hualin Service: The inauguration ceremony of the 2017-2018 election was held smoothly

On August 11, 2017, the inaugural ceremony of sheservice是什么意思中文翻译nzhen Lions Hualin Service Team for 2017-201hualin8 was held in Tao Wei Xuan华凌和美的有什么关系 Hotel, Ten Mile Silver Beach, Country Garden, Dongguan City. Wang Daoming, chairman of the 17th District of The Shenzhen Lions Club for 2017-华凌2018, Zhang Hongxiang, supervisor and founding team leader of the Hualin Service Team, Dong Xiuling, captain of the Hualin Service Team华丽逆袭韩三千最新章节阅读, Chen Xuanbin, first vice captain Li Jicheng, second vice captain Yu Wanqun, third vice captwasteain Li Xuefei, Finance Wang Zixin,upheld General Affairs Zhong Ping, picket Sun Huajie, Directors Xu Jintao, Li Chao, Yan Jiamheldu and more than 30 lion friends and prospective lion friends, mentally disabled people and their friends and relatives in Longgang District and staff of Shenzhen Vocational Health Service C华凌空调质量怎么样enter for the Disableserviced, morserviceablee than 100 people attended the ceremony. The cerservice是什么意思emony was chaired by Li Jicheng and presided over by Yu Wanqun and Wang Juanli.

Supinaugurationervisor Zwasn'tha花陵ng Hongxiang introduced the leaders and gueshualints, thanked Chen Xuuphelda华林证券股吧nbin for his hard work and had high hopes for Dong Xiuling's work in the New Year. First Vice Captain Li Jicheng gave a welcome swashedpeech and thanked everyone for their support.ceremony翻译

The cerservice翻译emony began with the chorus of "My Country and I." The activity culminated in the recitaservice的名词tion of "Independent Life" by the Han children.

Chen Xuanbin, the last captain, summed up the work of 2016-2017. Huaheld的原型lin Service Twasn'team 2016-2017 financial Wang Zixin made the annual financial report. To thank the lion friends for their support of last year's work, Chen Xuan Bin presented the award to the outstanding lion friends.

At the handover ceremony, Chen Xuanbin handed ovheld的意思是什么er the team leader ribbon and scepter to Dong Xiuling under the witness of all the leadinceremony造句g lion friwassupends and guests花陵. Dong Xiuling cap华林证券股吧tain inauguration speech aheldbacknd communicate annual work plan, inthualinroduservice是什么意思中文翻译ced this year to focus on service projects, saireelectiond it woulceremony造句dservice是什么故障灯 continue to promote "JianYi cup" directionaelectionsl treasure, love silly son project services such as brand, cooperate with the fifth section diabetes propreelectionaganda andceremony用什么介词 education workelection怎么读, improve the council and meeting sign in system, efforts to do a good job of membership development and retention.

Then, the new membersheld的原型 of the council held the inauguraheldl pledge, dong Xiuling, the captain of the board of directors issued the appointment certificate. Ouyawasng Qiugui led the new liwassupon friend oath, Wang Daoming chairmwasan, Zhang Howash怎么读ngxiang supervisor for the new lion friend badge.

Chairman Wang Daoming said华林证券股吧 that in the past tinaugurationhree years, the seceremonyrvice activities of "Snail Independent Living Suceremony是什么意思mmer Camp" have been integrated into the ceremony of the changing of the leadership of the Waring Service team. The purpose is to continuously enha华菱钢铁股吧nchelde "our strenelectiongth, the strength of servicceremony同义词e and the strength of action" in various lion service activities of the Waring Service team and implement the spirit of "four out". Lhualinet "we serve" become the habit of thinking and behavior of lions friends, and let the recipients deeply feel the care of lions Club. He fullceremony同义词y affirmed the great achievements made by Captain Chen Xuan-bin in the pwas是什么意思revious year and sincerely wishewasd the hualin Service team greater success in the Newceremony Year under the leadership of Captain Dong Xiu-ling.

In the end, Second Vicehualin Captain Li Xuefei gave a spelectionee华林证券ch of thanks to the lion friends of hualin Service aheldennd all the guests for their great support, as well as their charitable donatioceremony是什么意思ns and careful planning. The inauguration ceremony ended with a chorus of "Unity is Sheldentrength."

By Wang Qin

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