The shenzhen Lions club held a friendly basketball match

On May 16, 2021, the Lion Enterprise Service Committee of Shenzhen Lions Club called on the lion friends who love basketball to hold a friendlbasketball复数y basketball match in The Iron Wolves Club of Bubasketball翻译jiqiushui Mountain in Longgang District, which was strongly supported by the Service深圳疫情最新消息 team of Zhengdao. The event was chaired by Li Xuegang, chairma深圳市最新疫情n of lion Enterprise Service Committee 2020-2021, with Zhou Qing Shi Jie as executive chairmafriendly翻译n and Li Xingyi as general coordinator.

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The two tupheldeams participating in this competition are the Lions basketball team ashenzhennd the Right Path basketball team. The Lion baskmatch翻译etball team was led by Gbasketball复数amatch函数和index函数o Ling, chairmatchman of the fifth zone, who led Brother Wang Shibo, Wang Xiaobo, Wei Weicheng, Tang Xi, Liu Tengwen, Zhang Fulong and Deng Wenfeng to form the Lion basclub翻译ketball team. Zhengdao basketball team is led by Zhengdao Service tlionsgateeam captain Chen Gang as the captain, leading Li Xuegang, He Yajun, Wang Jinj深圳疫情最新消息iang, Zhang Zhibin, Li Jun, Wu Guicheng, Liheldu Zhiqiang, Zhao Bing深圳大学, Zhang Zhihui shi to fo深圳市最新疫情rm zhengdao basketball team.

      &nbbasketballsp; This activity is basfriendly的比较级ed on the principle of "frielion是什么意思中文翻译ndship first, competition second". Before the competitioclubman是什么牌子车n began, President Li Xuegang made a humorous opening speech and explained the rules of the competition, which drew laughter from the scene.lions英语怎么读 Then, the leaders of both sides do a simple and clear strheld中文ategy and formation arrangeme深圳nt.

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At 4 o 'clock in the afternoofriendlyn, a exciting and exciting basketball game officially began. The two sides of the tematch的用法am chased, you rob me, the深圳风险等级 scene is very lively, some sweat, some face red, the basketball players again and again beyond tbasketball-referencehe challenge, they fully show their own style in practical action.

There are also a group of lovely cheerleaders, lioness, who are from the right Way Service team, cheering foclubmanr the whole game.

After 90 minutes of hard workfriendly造句 by both players, the Lions defeated The Right深圳市最新疫情 Way 60-59. After the competition, President Li Xuegang awarded the certificate to the champion group and took a group pholionsto.

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Champion troop captain Gao Ling award speech, thanks toheldback the llion是什么意思ion enterprise service committee to organize thematch函数和index函数 baskeheld过去式和过去分词tball Fellowship tournament, thanks to the right way sheld中文ervicefriendly造句 team to the basketball tournament's strong support, through the basketball friendship game spread lion culture, hope lion friends more participation, plclub怎么读ay together.friendly

New An service team captain Lfriendly的用法i Jun for the friendsclubship tournament into the only 3 ball, speech after the game: because of the path of the basketbaclub是什么酒ll team members in guard febasketball怎么读nce board, to have the opportunity to throw 3 ball without turning back, no pressure, the basketball friendly c深圳疫情ompetition let lion friendsbasketball-reference in the basketball colions怎么读urt to show their abilitfriendly翻译y and charm.

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This competition provides a platform for l深圳疫情ion club members to show themselves and interact with each oclubmed官网预订ther, so t深圳hat lion club memblion是什么意思ers calionsn harvest happiness in the competition, enhance friendship, enhance physical fitness, improve the abillions翻译ity of unity and cooperaclub是什么酒tion, and show the good spirit and team cmatch是什么意思ohesion of Shenzhen Lions Club.clubman是什么牌子车


Thanks to Brother Liu Tengwen for sponsormatchinging the basketball game mineral water, and thanks to the lion friends and sponsors who have been working quietly for this event behinfriendly副词d the scenes. Although the activity was short, the wonderful memories brou深圳天气ght to us will remfriendly副词ain in our hearts for a long time!


Article/photo & have spent Sbasketball是什么意思翻译成中文hen Shi News Agency Chen Xinhong

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