Xin 'an Service Team: Hold the third regular meeting and team leader meeting of 2020-2021

On October 31, 2020, the third regular meeting and captain team meeting of new Security Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club was held in Daya Bay Longwan Villa. Shenzhen Lions Club sixth district chairmeeting翻译man Wu Zhijian, 10th district chairman Wu Jinzhi, Xin 'ahold的过去形式n service team captain Li Jun, first vice captain Liu Jun, second vice captain Zhang Yuanymeetingsuan, third vice captain Wen Xueqing, former captain Gao Yuyun, Chen Zong, Wu Wenkang, Zhao Yleader是海尔吗unpeng, Yang Qiuju and other 42 people atten行程码健康码怎么合并ded the meeting. Tteamworkhe meeting was chaired by Wen Xueqing aservicend presided over by CAI Jingwei.

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This rregularizationegular meeting, the new Security Service team broke the traditteamproionaregular是什么意思英语l regular meeting form, in the forteams会议m of visthird的基数词iting members' families, m星座ainly visited the former new security servicmeeting的音标e tmeetingyou是什么意思eam captain Chen Zong and Wu Wenkang's family.third的缩写

When the two former captains learned of the visregular的名词it of the lion friends of the星座运势 New Security Service tealeader什么意思啊m, they hteam什么意思appily went to purservicechase seafood dishes early in the morning and prepared a sumptuous seafood meal for the lion friends guests who came to the meeting.

At 5:00 PM, the regleader翻译ular meeting officially began.hold键是什么功能 New liothird是什么意思英语n frservicebioiendsleader是海尔吗 Yang Qiuju, Hong Danni, Zheng Ziyu and Li Rong shaserviceablered their feelings about being a新浪微博 member of the New Ann service team.

Later, Chen Zong spoke on behalf of the prservice是什么意思中文翻译esidium of the regular meeting, warmly welcomed and thanked everyone for coming, affirmed the innovation of the regular meeting form of the New Security Service Team, and praised the new Secregular的所有形式urity Service team as a united and lovleader什么意思啊ing service team with its own unique connotation.

Captain Li Jun spoke and thanked everyone for their sserviceableupport. He reported the resolutions passed by the team leader meeting, including the sch星座运势edule of the red action, the constructioxinn of the publicity website of the Blue ateamsction, as well as the specific arrangemservice翻译ents of the Bright Action and The Embellish Heart action.

The first vice captain Liu Jun, the second vice captain Zhang Yuanyuan, the formmeetingseservice的名词r captain Gao Yuyun, Wu Wenkang, Zhao Yunpeng, secretary Lu Qin, financhold翻译ial le Haixian respectivregularly意思中文翻译ely to report the work of the post. Other particleadershipipants also shared their feelings about attending this regteambitionular meeting.

Hong Danni, a new member, said that新商盟 this regular meeting made her deeply feel the warmth of the new Ann Service te心居am family aregularizationnd understood the meaning of caring for lion friends.

Finally, Wen Xue-qing, chairman of the conference announced the end of the meeting, and all lion frien星座月份表ds took a group pleadershoto.


The text/liujun

Photo/Chen Weiteamming

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