Harvest sharing in Golden Autumn October -- The central District Service Team held the fourth regular meeting of 2020-2021

On October 30, 2020, the fourth regular meeting of shenzhen Lions Club Central District Service Team for 2020-2021 was held in Lion Friend52sharings' House, Meihua Villa Miautumn简谱rror Garden, Longhua New District. Shenzhen long XiaoXingPicentralizeng lion supervisharvest形容词ors, the thioctober手表rd li li, chautumn是什么意思airman ogolden手表f the zone, supervisors Xu Qiubin, central corps captain Xie Yan, the previous captain Zhang Xuwen, first deputy captain Wang Xiangbo, second deputysharing中文谐音怎么读 capt52sharingain vice captain Hou Qingkai Xie Zcentralizehou ling, third, former captacentralizedin Ma Wei, chue-fun Chen, jian-jun hu,team general secretservice怎么读ary Wang Hubdsharingiqing, sergsharing是什么手机卡eants-at-aservice是什么故障灯rms MoJianFang, More than 30 team members, includinteams会议g Dong Shiying, Zhan Hongjun and Hu Xin, attended the regteams会议ular meeting. Vice President of shenzhen lions first Gudistrict是什么意思英语o Yongyong, partition chairman Chen Xusheng 7, 8 partitions, chairman of the afterglow, bagua lingteams手机版 service captain zhang wei, Thailand to service captain li bin, nameplates, gooctober中文什么意思od product service cteams会议aptain Zeng Lijun, hua xiang GFS captainservice和serve的区别 Li Xiaofang, shun hing service captain Chen, such as future service captain Cao Mei show to attend the meetingharvest是什么意思英语. The regautumn音标ular meeting was presided over by Xu Qiubin, Zheng Yiwei and Jiang Haiyan.

At the regular meeting, Captain Xigolden手表e Yan explained the brightening action that will be carried out jointly with the Upstep Service team on November 9th, ancentral是什么意思d sudistrict和region区别mmarized the public trainindistrict的中文意思g activity of "Save by your Side" first aid knowledge carried out by the Central District service team on October 27th.

President Li Li shared with alxa public welfare waoctober手表ter-saving millet harvesautumnting activities. Zhang Xuwen, the former team leader, shared and summarized the situation of the central district servicsharing英语作文e team todistrict什么意思 carry out the libdsharingon Love Station prgolden翻译中文意思oject in HKU Hosdistrict的中文意思pital in September.

Finally, the participants celebrate the birthday ofautumn的同义词 the lion friends this month.

Wechat picture _202011061435013.jpg

Every regular meeting is a sharing, every regular meeting is a steambitionummary, every regular meeting is a gathering..autumn是什么意思.... In the sixteen glorious years of the central District service team, the lion friends conteamprotinue to learn, groctober怎么读ow and progress, andsharing是什么手机卡 become a family withoctober12th怎么读out blood ties.


Article/photo contributed by Ceoctober音标ntral District Service Team

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