Pingshan Service Team: held the first regular meeting and lion service training conference of 2017-2018

Pingshan Service Team: held the first regular meeting and lion service training conference of 2017-2018

On July 14, 2017, the firstservicebio regular meetingteam什么意思 and lion training conference of pingshan Service Team of Shenzhen Lions Club 2017-2018 was successfully held in Hall 29 of Piheldbackngshanupheld Leanju Hotel, Longgang District. Morregularly意思中文翻译e than 20 people attended the meeting, including Zhengfirsthand Yukuan, deputy secretary general of Shenzhen Lions Club for 2held怎么读的017-2018, Wang Daoming, chairman of Dservice是什么故障灯istrict 17serviceman, Wu Zechuan, captain of Plion的音标ingshan Service Team, Qiu Yuanming, Second vicheldene captaifirst青年电影展n, Huang Songyue, third vicheld过去式和过去分词e captain, Zhang Canmu and financial officer huang Ailan. The meetinmeeting的音标g was chaired by Wu Zechuan and zhang Canmu.

Zhang Canmmeeting的音标u, the third vice captain, introducfirst是什么意思ed the leaders who attended the regular meeting, aheld的中文意思nd Wu Zechuan, the captaiteam什么意思n, delivered the welcome speech. Zheng Yukfirstlyuan, deputy Secretary-Generaheld中文l of pingshan Service Team, mademeeting翻译 a sfirst怎么读英语peech, affirmitraining怎么读ng the achievementsregularization of Pingshan Service team, anregular的所有形式d hoped that Pingshan Service team wmeetingyou是什么意思ould actively participate in the ameeting是什么中文意思ctivities of the district council and promote the development of the service team. Wang Daoming said that he would take an active part in the activservice是什么意思中文翻译ities of pingstraininghan Service team and hoped that all lion friends would w坪山比亚迪怎么样ork together totraining是什么意思英语 enhance team cohesion and take an active part in various lion service activities.

Lion training conference, Su Youhua, Luo Junptrainingpeaksing as training lecturer. Su youhua introduced the origin of lions Club, organizationteams会议al structure, direction oregularly意思中文翻译f service activitfirst nameies and responsibilitiesmeeting的音标 of the service team, steam什么意思o thatregular什么意思 the new lions friends can fully feel the spiritual strength and cultural charm of lions Club, deepen the understanding of lions club. Later, Luo Junping explained how to hold good council平山病 meetingregular的所有形式s and regular meetings.

Captain Wu Zechuan reported the progress of raising funds for this year’s service and pingshan Service Team’s 2017-2lion复数018 work plan, and made a notice of the time, place, scale, source of funds an坪山比亚迪怎么样d form of pingshan Service teateam什么意思m’s transititeam是什么意思翻译on ceremony. Zhang Canmu, thregularlye third vice captain, introupheldduced tlionhe Ninlion复数glang Guangming Trip in detail, sayintraining是什么意思英语g that pingshan Service team would inve平山病st 100,000 yregular反义词uan, and contact ninglang County People’s Hospital of Yunnan to organize special medteamviewerical staff to lead the trip and mobilize the lion friends to sign up for it. Second Vice Captain Wong Sang Yue gave his opinion on this year’s activities and lion friends had a lively discutrainingpeaksssion afterwards.

Captain Wu Zechuan made a concluding speech, thanking all the leaders of the lions and lecturers for their efforts. After the meetiteams会议ng, we took a grouteamp photo, the meeting succinct and efficienregularityt ended.


Article/Contributed by Tuping Mountain Service Team

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